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How PEMF Therapy is Reducing Fibromyalgia Pain and Flare-Ups

How PEMF Therapy is Reducing Fibromyalgia Pain and Flare-Ups

Are you wondering how PEMF therapy is reducing fibromyalgia pain? You may have been researching PEMF therapy online because you were recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia, and you’ve heard about this innovative, drug-free therapy.

Perhaps you think that you have fibromyalgia, and because you aren’t 100% certain, you are researching fibromyalgia as well as PEMF therapy. There is a wealth of information online for both topics, but it can be overwhelming to sort through it all when you aren’t sure what information is from a trustworthy resource.

The joint pain and flare-ups may be something you struggle with daily, and the mounting expenses from doctor visits and prescription drugs can be frustrating. When drugs are prescribed for joint pain or widespread nerve pain, the side effects can also be challenging.  Where does this leave you?

Whether you are familiar with PEMF therapy already, or you are just now learning something about this therapy, you’ve come to the right place. This article is intended to share with you how PEMF therapy is reducing fibromyalgia pain and flare-ups that can disrupt your life.

How PEMF Therapy is Reducing Fibromyalgia Pain-A Basic Understanding

Your doctor may have given you a lengthy explanation of what fibromyalgia is and how it affects you every day, and he/she most likely gave you a prescription for medication to help with pain.

There are numerous drugs on the market that are used to treat fibromyalgia pain, but they also have numerous side effects. There is no replacement for medical guidance from your doctor or other health professional, but consider for a moment that the purpose of prescription drugs is to reduce or only to keep symptoms “under control”.

The cost of prescription drugs each month can put a strain on your budget, but furthermore it is imperative that you learn more about the long-term effect these drugs can have on your mind and body.

Fibromyalgia is often described as, “generalized joint pain or chronic widespread pain caused by overactive nerves”. This widespread pain can dramatically impact your sleep habits which in turn can cause fatigue and depression. Here are some important questions you should ask your doctor if you have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

  1. What causes this widespread pain or overactive nerves?
  2. What can I do long-term to reduce pain as well as to continue my active lifestyle?
  3. What alternative methods are available for reducing my joint pain and reducing flare-ups?

Your doctor may be able to answer these three important questions, and it is important to learn more about how you can get relief from pain now while coming up with a long-term plan as well.

When you understand the cause of your pain it become easier to understand how PEMF therapy is reducing fibromyalgia pain as well as flare-ups.

What is the main cause of fibromyalgia?

Researchers aren’t 100% sure, but studies show that individuals with poor physical strength and those who endure a lot of stress are most likely to suffer from fibromyalgia. Additional research has suggested that individuals that suffer from “microtrauma”, or slight muscle or nerve damage fall prey to a vicious cycle of pain that is characterized as fibromyalgia.

This makes fibromyalgia appear as what many refer to as an “unproven condition”, yet there are groupings of things that doctors look for to issue this diagnosis. Those who suffer from this condition know that it is very real to them, yet it isn’t something doctors can see with their eyes.

Doctors can only see what it does to patients, and the affect it has on them. The generalization of symptoms can leave patients frustrated, overwhelmed, and still in pain.

This is where PEMF therapy has become a welcome change to the community of researchers as well as patients that are seeking alternatives to pain medications for both widespread joint and nerve pain, as well as intense pain from old injuries and arthritis.

Can PEMF therapy help you feel better, get more sleep, and improve your quality of life?

How PEMF Therapy is Reducing Fibromyalgia Pain and Improving Quality of Life for Patients

There are numerous individuals that have shared their stories of how pain medications helped them initially, but over time they felt as though they had built an immunity to those medications so they had to take more.

There are also patients that have been tossed around from one doctor to the next, only to be told, “I’m not sure, so I would like for you to see a rheumatologist.” The vicious cycle of making appointments with specialists can be frustrating because it takes time and money to make those visits as well as to get those prescriptions filled.

Here is how PEMF therapy is reducing fibromyalgia pain for many sufferers, and it could help you too.

  1. PEMF therapy increases blood flow. Many individuals that suffer from fibromyalgia pain present with poor circulation. PEMF has been shown to increase blood flow as well as to increase oxygen levels in tissue. Additionally, most individuals experience relief from chronic fatigue as well when pain is reduced. Using low-frequency PEMF therapy has been helpful for these individuals in treating the symptoms associated with fibromyalgia, and this has been documented in thousands of clinical research studies.
  2. PEMF therapy can improve the lymphatic system. The blood vessels act as a delivery and waste removal service for the blood vessels and lymphatic system. Blood vessels deliver oxygen to the cells, but they also remove waste. This intricate system of the body provides oxygen to the tissues when it works properly. When tissue does not get the proper oxygenation, it dies causing necrosis of the tissue. When using PEMF therapy, the blood vessels are stimulated and carry plenty of oxygen to the cells and tissues, resulting in a properly functioning circulatory system that reduces swelling and pain. This process results in healthier cells which results in better overall cell function and motor function.
  3. When PEMF therapy reduces pain, you sleep better. Anyone suffering from pain lacks the ability to get a night of good, restorative sleep. When sleep is disturbed the body is unable to heal itself. When pain has been reduced, you are more likely to get good, restorative sleep.

There are numerous ways to reduce pain and swelling, but ice packs and pain medicines are not enough for the long-term well-being of your body. Pain medications can have adverse effects on the body when they go beyond the short-term use they were designed for.

Treating the source of the pain is the primary goal. Therefore, it is by increasing blood flow and proper circulation that reduces inflammation, swelling, and ultimately reducing the intake of pain medication that can improve the patient’s quality of life.

Most doctors would agree that the long-term use of pain medication is not advised and that the use of physical therapy and other rehabilitative methods is encouraged. Therefore, PEMF therapy has become a primary choice among complementary therapies.

If you suffer from fibromyalgia, you need answers about how to get relief from your pain and restore your peace of mind. It could be that you are doing this research for a loved one that has been struggling with inflammation and pain that is believed to be the result of fibromyalgia.

The mechanical benefit of PEMF therapy will be evident through the consistent use of PEMF therapy over time, and now you can use these products with an affordable investment in the comfort of your own home with the products that are available to you through PEMF Supply.

If you would like to learn more about “how PEMF therapy can reduce your fibromyalgia pain” and flare-ups, please visit
how pemf therapy improves circulation


  1. Kimberly hayess

    Has if June I has my 22nd surgery the 1 in June was on my left knee and the 21st was on my right knee. It seem now that I had the surgery’s the flbromyalalgai is worst.

    • Tammy Coffin

      Hi Kimberly,

      Thank you for your comment. Have you spoken with your surgeon about this?

      PEMF Supply

  2. Bethany Padgett

    Please. E mail me more info on pefm therapy. Thanks. Bethany

  3. Wendie lashenick

    OK for the past week and a half my skin has felt like it’s on fire like I’ve been out in the desert for 3 days with absolutely no clothes on my joints hurt my ankles and my knees Jumanji I understand things already I suffer from PTSD I’m a 911 Survivor when I went to the emergency room they told me it was an anxiety attack by no means was this an anxiety attack I know the difference all I know is that my skin feels like it’s on fire and I’m going to spontaneously combust they gave me a shot of the dilation yes it helped take the pain away temporarily but that was it it was temporary

    • Tammy Coffin

      Hi Wendie,

      We are so sorry to hear about this. Have you spoken with your doctor about this? Always consult with your doctor first before trying any new therapy. It sounds like you could be experiencing nerve pain? Again, please sure to talk to your doctor first. PEMF therapy can aid in reducing nerve pain when consistently used over time.

      Many thanks,
      Staff at PEMF Supply

  4. Sandra

    What exactly is PEMF? And how does it work? I have more severe fatigue than pain could this help give me more energy and motivation ?

    • Tammy Coffin

      Hi Sandra,

      Thank you for your comment! PEMF stands for pulsed electromagnetic fields. The Earth emits natural electromagnetic frequencies, and our bodies absorb those when we walk barefoot in the sand, work with the Earth in the garden, and spend time outdoors. The body pulses 3 to 5 times per minute, but as we age the body only pulses once a minute. Those who are diabetic pulse maybe once every ten minutes. The pulses that you get work like “relay stations” to help push blood flow through the body. If you have not had the chance to check out our FREE book on PEMF therapy, here is the link for your convenience. You will be able to read this at your convenience, and of course, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us directly.

      Many thanks,
      Staff of PEMF Supply

  5. Delaine D King

    I have had 8 back surgeries and now have a spinal cord stimulator implant. I injured my back 20yrs ago and have been fused from L4-S1 and right SIJOINT fusion as well. I have nerve damage in my right leg from this old injury. Then last year I was in an accident and broke my R tibial plateau, broke both the tibia and fibula in half and fractured it three ways going up the tibia in addition. I had a plate and 9 screws placed but in 3 1/2 was after the injury I had a staff infection settle in my hardware. After 5 months my internal hardware was removed and was placed in external fixation of 4 halos, 8 bolts and 4 pins, I had this another 5 months. After a total of 5 surgeries on my leg my break has completely healed. So with my residual pain from my break in my leg and my old back injury I hurt 24/7. I’m under the care of a neurosurgeon and a pain management Dr as well. I take Cymbalta, tizanidine, neurontin and narco everyday, I hardly ever sleep more than 2hrs at a time from the pain. I use ice packs to help with the pain daily. I never not hurt, could your PEMF Therapy possibly help with my type of pain. I’m desperate to try anything that could possibly help me.

    • Tammy Coffin

      Hi Delaine,

      So sorry to hear about everything you have gone through and that your pain is constant.

      PEMF therapy has been beneficial to many in reducing pain. As always, talk to your doctors before you try anything new, including PEMF therapy. They know your medical history. I would imagine that using the therapy over time consistently a few times a day would help both with nerve pain and any other pain you are experiencing. PEMF therapy has been shown to improve cell health and regenerate healthy tissue and nerves. Talk to all doctors involved in your care, and please let us know if you have any further questions about the mat, ring, or therapy pad.

      In gratitude,
      PEMF Supply

    • Tammy Coffin


      The implant could be a problem because of the nature of the implant. However, you could potentially use the ring for your leg and avoid the rest. Talk to your doctors to be sure.

      Many thanks,
      PEMF Supply

  6. Janice Lyle

    I strongly suggest consulting a homeopath for gentle natural healing. You can begin a search for one with the National Center for Homeopathy at You will be amazed with the results.

    • Tammy Coffin

      Hi Janice,

      Thank you for your comment. It’s always wise to consult with a homeopath as they offer tremendous insight.

      Thank you,
      PEMF Supply

  7. Emily Plummer

    I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia around 6 years ago although I’m certain I have had it much longer than that. I have suffered from sleeplessness, joint stiffness, severe pains, depression and fatigue. My neurologist prescribed duloxetin 40mg daily (Given as 20mg twice daily), although it did relieve some of the pain, I still suffered from joint stiffness and extreme fatigue. Finally, i started on Fibromyalgia herbal formula i ordered from NewLife Herbal Clinic, this herbal formula did the magic! almost immediately i started usage, i started noticing a general reduction of symptoms including the very severe pains and fatigue. 9 weeks into usage, the disease has totally succumbed to this herbal treatment. The whole pains and terrible fatigue has seized and i am now able to function fully well again. (Visit www .newlifeherbalclinic . com ) I’m able to get out of bed in the morning and have more energy to go about my daily activities.

    • Tammy Coffin

      Hi Emily,

      Thank you for your comment! I am so glad to hear that you have been able to experience some relief. It is frustrating when you are on a constant search to find something natural to help with pain. Something we know all too well that we hear from those who have gotten great relief from our OMI mat and ring. Thanks again for stopping by. Be well.



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