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Month: November 2016

Natural Treatment for Epilepsy-How PEMF Therapy Could Help

Natural treatment for epilepsy has often been judged harshly by those who know very little about it, but alternative therapies for common diseases and conditions are changing the way we look at medicine. This isn’t to say that there is no use or validity for conventional medicine because there certainly are good reasons to use it. However, there are many conventional treatments that appear to be invasive and come with numerous side effects. A large population of those being treated for epilepsy are being treated with the use of medications known as anti-convulsant. Doctors generally choose a medication based...

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Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis-is PEMF Therapy an Option?

The symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis often don’t rear their ugly head for some folks until later in life, but when they do, it’s not always easy to know that the disease present is MS. This disease is one of the trickiest of all to diagnose because it seems to mirror the symptoms of many different diseases. Those who get a medical diagnosis in early stages should consider themselves fortunate in that doctors can prescribe medications to help slow down the progression of this disease. While this disease is no respecter of persons, it certainly has shown its presence boldly...

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Treatment for Alzheimer’s-is PEMF Therapy an Option?

Treatment for Alzheimer’s generally includes a combination of prescription medications as well as behavioral therapy, but now there is hope as PEMF therapy emerges as multiple drugs have failed to slow down this disease. Alzheimer’s is a disease that requires all family members to have hands on deck because the symptoms of Alzheimer’s are life-changing. Imagine, that you are out walking around and you wake up in a completely different location. This is how some doctors describe this disease. It’s as if you are lost in your own body, and for many, they often forget who their loved ones...

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Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease-How PEMF Therapy Can Help

Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease can sometimes be difficult to spot early on, but as the disease begins to progress the individual suffering with the disease may become frustrated as they worsen. Oftentimes the symptoms may be dismissed as being associated with some other condition or illness, but it’s important to note that when similar symptoms appear and get better in a short period of time, they are most likely not Parkinson’s at all. This disease can be mysterious at onset, but it can be frustrating for the patient as it progresses along with what seems to be a deadening...

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Scleroderma Symptoms-Finding the Right Therapy for You

One of the most mysterious of all rheumatic diseases is one with scleroderma symptoms. This disease didn’t get any recognition until Sharon Monsky, a patient suffering from this disease took matters into her own hands and founded an organization to raise money for the research. Monsky founded the Scleroderma Research Foundation in 1987, and at the time she was the only organization dedicated solely to the research for this disease. As a businesswoman, Monsky was determined to learn more about this disease and how she could help those in the future who might get this diagnosis. Growing up, Monsky...

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