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Natural Pain Relief-Is PEMF Therapy Right for You?

Natural Pain Relief-Is PEMF Therapy Right for You?

Natural pain relief is one of the hottest topics in medicine today.

With fibromyalgia, joint pain, and lower back pain following right behind it, this means millions are suffering from chronic pain.

It’s no surprise that this would be the case at a time when the cost of healthcare is climbing.

Many are struggling to get relief from chronic pain, and are desperately searching for a viable option outside of narcotics.

There are numerous causes of pain, but those listed above are the most common.

An article published in 2011, stated that pain problems had surpassed challenges with diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer.

Needless to say, treating pain in America has become problematic.

According to another article on, there are more than 100 million Americans being treated for pain.

The state of Ohio was one of the first to crack down on the issue of prescription pain-killers, and now governing bodies in Ohio have seen positive change.

Some sources say that this has also halted a dangerous habit of doctor shopping when patients keep seeking new doctors in order to get a prescription for pain treatment.

This gives us tremendous insight into how medicine is changing, and how a more conservative treatment would fit in well with the trend towards controlling the problem with pain management clinics.

There are now so many pain management doctors in the United States, that there is a governing body just for that area of medicine.

This American Academy of Pain Management sheds tremendous light on what is happening in America.

With more than 200 million pain prescriptions issued as of 2011, the number could have become more staggering, but positive change came to the medical community around 2012 and into 2013.

Are you frustrated because you have been living with chronic pain for many years?

Are you tired of being in pain around the clock when it seems there is no solution?

You are NOT alone.

You are one of the many millions of Americans that face this every day. You may have swelling and joint pain, or you may struggle to get out of bed in the morning due to stiffness and discomfort.

If you are the mother of a young child, you know the toll that this takes on your body as you go about your daily duties of caring for your child, housecleaning, and still holding down a job.

There is now compelling research behind PEMF therapy and it’s effectiveness in easing the pain.

Thousands have been searching for relief, yet so few have been able to get the pain relief they need and deserve with only prescription medications and some physical therapy.

Could PEMF therapy be right for you?

Today, we will share with you how PEMF therapy works to help reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation.

Please read this article in its entirety, and reflect on how you feel, and your personal struggle with pain.

The purpose of this article is to share valuable information with you about the widespread problem of chronic pain and how you may be able to get welcome relief without a prescription.

Once you gain a deeper understanding of how PEMF therapy works to aid in reducing pain, you will have a greater vision of how this therapy could change your life.

Natural Pain Relief-What Causes Your Pain?

There are numerous causes for chronic pain.

Perhaps you have some injuries that are related to playing sports during your high school days.

You may have been in an accident that caused multiple broken bones, torn ligaments or tendons, or maybe you aren’t sure why you are experiencing widespread pain.

Natural pain relief is well within your reach.

If you have never been to a pain specialist, it may be worth making an appointment.

Identifying the root cause of pain enables you to treat the pain at the source, rather than the symptoms.

The goal of PEMF therapy is to treat inflammation at the source.

Pain management clinics generally see patients once they have been to their family doctor or a specialist that refers them.

This is now the process for individuals that cannot seem to get adequate relief from prescriptions they have already tried.

Many states do not permit pain management clinics to prescribe opioids unless they are extreme cases.

Most states now abide by the following process:

  1. The patient visits their family physician or a specialist that refers them to a pain management doctor for the purpose of treating their pain.
  2. Physical therapy is often prescribed for their unique situation.
  3. Steroid injections or other drug-free modalities are utilized to reduce pain prior to prescriptions being issued.
  4. Non-narcotics are prescribed and the dosage may be reduced over time.

This isn’t to say that all states are the same.

However, it’s public knowledge that pain and the prescriptions that treat pain have come under fire for problems with addiction as well as related deaths.

The search for natural pain remedies has become more prevalent since 2011, and there are some physicians that have prescribed a combination of both conventional and holistic treatments as a win-win for both the doctor and the patient.

If you have a diagnosis, then you are now at a place where you can begin your own personal research.

Educating yourself about your pain and what causes it is the first step.

The second step is trying new therapies, new modalities, and in your case this may also mean a new medication for the time being.

Before we share with you how PEMF therapy can reduce your pain, you should know that it is best to speak with your doctor first before you try this therapy.

Let them know that you are considering PEMF therapy, and ask for their feedback.

In the section below, you’ll find more insight into how PEMF therapy can reduce swelling, inflammation, and ultimately your pain before you make your final decision.

Natural Pain Relief-How PEMF Therapy May Curb Pain

Natural pain relief is now more accessible than it was ten years ago, and the interest in natural pain therapies is growing.

There are now more doctors like Dr. Mehmet Oz, coming forward and discussing natural remedies on a more frequent basis.

As you know, Dr. Oz is a well-known cardiothoracic surgeon in New York, and his TV show is now one of the most popular daytime shows today.

Dr. Oz has become a pioneer for wellness over the last few years, and his background in medicine as a surgeon lends credence to his recommendations.

It wasn’t too long ago that Dr. Oz featured Dr. William Pawluk, a well-known physician, and promoter of PEMF therapy.

His explanation of why PEMF therapy is necessary and what it does is simple; the growth of healthy cells is critical, and keeping those cells healthy and vibrant will slow down the aging process as well as prevent further damage to those cells.

The daily use of a PEMF therapy mat can deliver this therapy to the body within minutes.

Imbalances in the body always go back to cellular health. There are numerous uses for this therapy including:

  1. Reducing stress, inflammatory response, and what Dr. Oz refers to as platelet adhesion.
  2. Increased energy, circulation, oxygenation to the tissues, and detoxification down to the cellular level.
  3. Improved immune function.
  4. Relaxation.
  5. Accelerate the healing process for bones and tissues.

Inflammation has been linked to many problems in the body including cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

While you may associated inflammation with joints and muscles, it can affect your entire body.

The science behind how PEMF works is based on the study of energy.

Energy is evident in the electromagnetic fields in the Earth, and science has proven this.

This is why the body responds to electromagnetic frequencies.

When you don’t spend time working in the Earth, or enjoying the outdoors, you begin to lose touch with those fields.

As the world continues to grasp all things digital, exposure to electronic devices has a powerful impact on your health.

This means that using a PEMF therapy mat is essential to replicate the natural frequencies that are good for your body and cell stimulation.

What ails you?

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