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Month: December 2016

Treatment for Sleepwalking with the OMI Mat

Chances are you found this article today because you have been researching online for more information regarding treatment for sleepwalking.  This sleep disorder can be troublesome for those who struggle with it and are unable to find a solution. Much research has been conducted on sleepwalking, and we know that the disorder originates during the deepest part of sleep known as REM cycle. We also know that there are many more reports of sleepwalking with children than there are adults. While it’s uncertain as to why this occurs, it’s clear that sleepwalking is all too common of a problem....

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Therapy for Narcolepsy with the OMI Mat

Therapy for narcolepsy generally consists of the same therapy that conventional medicine uses, like prescription drugs and clinical trials to find out what triggers the bodies of individuals to respond otherwise. Clinical trials are often referred to as sleep studies or sleep trials in this case, with sleep centers ranking high when it comes to the number of treatment centers available. The medical community has stated that nearly 25% of those with narcolepsy have either not been diagnosed or they have been misdiagnosed. This may not seem like a lot of people, but for those who suffer from this...

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Using Your OMI Mat for REM Sleep Behavior Disorder

A lack of sleep seems to be a prevalent issue in America, and REM sleep behavior disorders ranks at the top of the list. There is no replacement for a good night’s sleep, and the quality of sleep is just as important as the fact that you can fall asleep and wake up feeling rested. Restorative sleep can make a world of difference for the human mind and body. Restorative sleep has been deemed as the key to optimal focus, concentration, and productivity. It is no surprise that REM sleep has become the focus of sleep studies in centers...

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Therapy for Restless Leg Syndrome with the OMI Mat

The standard for therapy for Restless Leg Syndrome in America is to write a prescription, and maybe along the way a sleep study will be ordered by the doctor. However, most folks do not benefit long-term from these prescriptions. Restless Leg Syndrome or RLS, has been officially documented in two categories by the medical community. One category is the Central Nervous System as well as Sleep Disorders. While both are true of this condition, it can be frustrating for the patient before they get an official diagnosis. There are numerous studies on this condition and how it can impact...

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Use the OMI Therapy Pad for Targeted Therapy

Using an OMI mat is great for full-body therapy, but when you need localized therapy for smaller problem areas you can get what you need with the OMI therapy pad. The OMI pulse pad is convenient enough to take with you anywhere you go, and it’s small enough to fit into a large handbag, and it is battery operated. While the pad only has one frequency it operates on, this pad is ideal for those who need to treat small, isolated areas. There are millions of Americans that suffer from nagging pain caused by inflammation and tendonitis in the hand...

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