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Using a PEMF Therapy Device for Localized Therapy

Using a PEMF Therapy Device for Localized Therapy

A PEMF therapy device is a great way to get full body therapy for pain and many other ailments, but a PEMF ring is a great choice for getting localized therapy.

Oftentimes, injuries occur that may be difficult to reach with a fully body mat.

This is where a PEMF ring becomes an important piece of the puzzle.

Orthopedic doctors have put PEMF therapy to the test for fractures, injuries to the ligaments and tendons, and now that we have a ring available, it is even easier to deliver gentle therapy to those hard to reach areas.

Regardless of your age or size, a PEMF ring can be an easy and effective way to help your body heal when an area is hard to reach.

This is why it is imperative that you fully understand how this ring can help you, and how you can heal faster by opting for localized therapy for specific injuries.

Please read this article in its entirety, so that you can gain a deeper understanding of how this ring can help you and someone you love, just by using it for a few minutes each day.

At the end of the article, we will give you some valuable information to help you make an informed decision about PEMF therapy, and whether or not this is right for you.

Why Use a PEMF Therapy Ring?

Why would you want to use another PEMF therapy device when the mat gives you therapy for the whole body?

There are numerous injuries that you could treat better with a ring over the mat, and it just means that you can get therapy that is more localized. Consider the nature of many sports injuries including:

  1. Torn ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament). This is a common injury among athletes, especially basketball players, football players, tennis players, and cheerleaders. The torque on the knee can cause wear and tear when it is continuous, and falls along with hard impact can cause injury. The surgeries that are done to fix these problems are not just costly, but they are invasive to the body. The surgical instruments that go into the body alone are invasive, but there are numerous other aspects to surgery that can cause difficulty in the body. The anesthesia can cause long-lasting effects, and it can cause nausea, fainting, and while the chance is small it can also cause sudden death. Every surgical procedure is a risk, and even if you opt to have the surgery, the healing can be improved with the help of a ring. In fact, what if your healing time could be cut in half?
  2. Fractures of the kneecap (Patella). While this may not happen often, a fracture of the kneecap can be quite painful and it can cause further injury to the area surrounding the knee. Fractures can be complex, and studies have shown that PEMF therapy is effective in the healing of fractures, oftentimes trimming the healing time by as much as half.
  3. Meniscal tears. Tears of the meniscus are also quite common, and outside of the ACL tears, these are the most common. One of the biggest benefits of PEMF therapy is the regeneration of the cells and the healing of soft tissue. Cartilage regeneration has also been noted in these studies with PEMF therapy. The healing process for any tears of the tendons or ligaments has been noted and can be easily obtained with the use of the OMI PEMF therapy ring. The ring can be slipped over the foot and up to the knee where it can be worn comfortably. Anyone can use this while reading, watching television or just laying in bed. The ring was designed for this reason, and it is one of the most affordable products on the market today for PEMF therapy.

There are still more injuries that the ring may assist in healing for the ankles as well as the shoulders and elbows. Some of the most common injuries to the ankle include:

  1. Sprains and strains. Two of the most common injuries to the ankle are sprains and strains, and this can happen with hyper-mobility issues as well as with athletic activity. Athletes that play basketball, baseball, football, tennis, volleyball, or perform in cheer-leading, wrestling, and even dancing are all subject to sprains and strains on the ankles. Quick movements and torque can affect the ankle as much as they affect the knee. The ankle plays a big role in one’s ability to walk, which means that the faster the healing process, the better the outcome.
  2. Tears in the ATL (anterior talofibular ligament). This ligament plays a key role in the movement of the ankle, just as the ACL plays a key role in the movement of the knee. This ligament is also the first source of injury when it comes to an ankle sprain. This ligament can easily sustain a tear when the proper direction of the ankle has been altered, or in other words inverted.
  3. Tendinosis. Stress on the tendons of the ankle is never good, and when there are multiple microscopic tears over time they cause weakness and instability of the tendon and the surrounding area. A collection of the microscopic tears is called tendinosis, and it’s painful. Healing with PEMF therapy can help cut down on healing time and can improve the health of the surrounding soft tissues and ligaments.

More than 1 million patients that go to the ER each year are there for sprains to the ankle.

That is a lot of sprained ankles! There are still numerous injuries that the ring can be used for.

The shoulders and elbows are tender areas, and they are most certainly prone to injury. How can the ring be helpful in the healing of the shoulder and elbow?

Using a PEMF Therapy Ring for Shoulders and Elbows

The shoulders and elbows can be difficult to treat with a full body PEMF therapy mat, but a PEMF therapy ring is a great choice for both of these areas.

The ring can be easily slipped over the shoulder and elbow to treat a wide variety of injuries including:

  1. Tendonitis. Tendonitis may occur in every shoulder at some point due to lifting babies, heavy objects, as well as repetitive motions required by certain jobs. The soreness and limited range of motion that accompany tendonitis can be painful and frustrating. It happens, but outside of physical therapy and ice packs, PEMF therapy may speed up the healing process. When the blood cells are healthy and they flow freely to the injured area, the tissue will heal much faster. As the inflammation is reduced, the pain will begin to diminish.
  2. Dislocation of the shoulder. Did you know that dislocations of the shoulder occur often? Dislocations are common for athletes, but they can also be troublesome for those who work in high-risk jobs such as policemen, fire-fighters, and those in the military. Soreness and any further injury resulting from a dislocation of the shoulder can be improved with the help of PEMF therapy.
  3. Tear of the rotator cuff. Oftentimes, surgeons encourage their patients to have surgery when the rotator cuff is torn. This type of injury can cause long-term damage to the shoulder, and even if surgery is what the doctor tells you is your only option, you’ll want to consider using PEMF therapy to help you heal. The ring can be easily slipped over the shoulder while you are watching television, laying in bed, or even traveling in the car on a road trip. This cuff is made up of muscles and tendons, so the regeneration of healthy cells and tissues is essential for the quick healing of the rotator cuff. This can easily happen when using the “PEMF therapy ring”.

These same injuries can occur with the elbow, and the ring can be easily worn over the elbow as well.

As long as the ring is not being crushed or under your weight, the ring will be fine.

Please be careful when using the ring not to put too much pressure on it, otherwise, the copper rings inside and the overall structure of the ring could be damaged and may malfunction as well.

Keep in mind that the ring is also ideal for treating headaches and injuries of the neck.

PEMF therapy is helpful for healing in all regards, but be sure that you talk to your doctor before you try this new therapy.

We would also encourage you to do your own research online as you walk this journey for the healing of your body.

If you have more questions regarding your injuries, and how you can use a PEMF therapy ring,  please visit for more information.


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