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Simple Steps Your Patients Can Take to Prevent Chronic Pain

Simple Steps Your Patients Can Take to Prevent Chronic Pain

As a chiropractor you are able to treat pain in your office, but what if you could help your patients prevent chronic pain?

Preventative methods in medicine are always highly valued, but oftentimes these preventatives are only acknowledged in conventional medicine.

Chiropractic medicine is preventative for injuries in that it helps to keep the body loose and fluid, but you may also share tips or ideas with your patients on how they can get well and stay well.

Treating the whole person is the core concept of holistic medicine, and when a practitioner isn’t treating the whole person, they are failing in their practice.

There are many important aspects of running your practice, including getting new patients and using relevant marketing, but when things begin to slow down it isn’t always about looking to your marketing first.

Do patients feel valued when they come in for treatment?

Do your patients feel as though they are working with the expert when they come to you for help?

When you treat your patient as a person, you’ll begin to see your practice changing.

There are numerous tips that you can offer to your patients so that they know how valued they really are.

Prevent Chronic Pain by Giving Your Patients Tips

When you have patients that have been coming to you for a number of years, you can be sure that they trust you.

When people know you, like, you and trust you they are more willing to do anything that you suggest for them.

Here are some wellness tips that you may want to suggest to your patients that may also help them prevent chronic pain.

  1. Try a stretching or exercise routine first thing in the morning. Stretching our or doing some yoga or walking is a great way to start your day. When you start off the day with activity, you are more likely to feel as though you can move well and be on top of your game the rest of the day. Exercise, yoga and stretching have been shown to improve circulation as well as increase energy levels.
  2. Suggest diets that promote anti-inflammation. Every diet out there is geared towards a specific purpose, and there is a diet that can fight inflammation. Most of your patients come to you for chronic pain, and they need to eat accordingly. Research tells us which foods make inflammation worse and which ones help to reduce that inflammation. Caffeine, breads, pastas, and dairy are super-inflammatory. Making changes in your diet is never easy, but sacrifices will need to be made in order to maintain better health. Every chiropractor or medical doctor should suggest to their patients that they need to eat a diet rich in omega 3’s and good fatty acids to reduce inflammation.
  3. Suggest good nutritional supplementation. Many chiropractors offer nutritional supplementation in their office, and one of the best sources recommended by chiropractors is Standard Process. Every chiropractor should spend some time getting to know more about nutrition and what is essential when patients lack valuable nutrients in their diet. The central nervous system can suffer tremendously when nutrition is poor and lacking in what the central nervous system needs.
  4. Suggest massage and essential oils. Massage and essential oils go hand-in-hand, and it’s no surprise that most chiropractors have a massage therapist that works in their office. Massage is great for warming up muscles as well as increasing circulation to localized areas. Trigger point, a very popular form of massage works well for those who suffer from nerve pain. Massage can help relieve pain and soreness in the joints and muscles, and using essential oils that are geared towards pain relief are helpful in warding off pain.
  5. Suggest and use PEMF therapy in your office. Many chiropractors are now using PEMF therapy in their offices on a regular basis, and if you have been using the Magnawave you know how effective this therapy is. This therapy uses gentle, electromagnetic field pulses to the body to stimulate nerves, cells, tissues, and increases circulation and the healing process of the body. This therapy aids in reducing inflammation, swelling, and healthy formation of new blood cells, and it repairs damaged cells. Most importantly, this therapy delivers oxygenation to the cells and has been shown to help fight cancer.

There are numerous tips that you can give your patients to help them lead productive lives while maintaining their wellness.

Have you considered adding PEMF therapy to your practice to aid with your current treatment plans?

If you would like to learn more about using a PEMF therapy mat and helping your patients prevent chronic pain, visit, and click on the dealer tab.

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