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Talking to Your Doctor About PEMF Therapy

Talking to Your Doctor About PEMF Therapy

Talking with your doctor about PEMF therapy is the best place to start because this approach to treating pain is still new to many doctors in the United States.

This therapy, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, is designed to take earth-based energy and aid the body in functioning better.

This therapy is believed to work positively for the human body in reducing pain because the energy waves can alter how the body perceives pain.

Pain medications alter the way the brain perceives pain, however, these medications can have negative side effects when they are given for long-term use.

Could this therapy work for you? Could it work for your spouse, your parents, your elderly loved ones, or even your children?

This is the resounding question that everyone asks, but doctors are still learning and still thinking about better options for their patients.

Could PEMF therapy be right for you?

In this article, we’ll share with you some valuable information regarding the FDA approval of PEMF therapy wellness devices, and what treatments they were actually approved for.

We’ll share with you what this therapy can do, and what studies have shown time and again to be true regarding this therapy and how it works.

You’ll have a better understanding of what this therapy is, and how could impact your life if you choose to use it.

Talking to your doctor is the best thing you can do before you try any new therapy, and this includes PEMF therapy.

A Basic Understanding of PEMF Therapy

Ever heard of Dr. Dillard?

He has nothing to do with Dillard’s the department store, but he does know quite a bit about pain and how to treat it.

Dr. Dillard uses PEMF therapy mats, and it’s important to know that these mats are not FDA approved, nor are they made in the United States.

However, the FDA has recognized them as wellness devices, and they are registered as wellness devices.

This is tremendous step forward because alternative medicine has never been well received in the United States.

While these mats and other devices are not given under medical supervision, it is important that you talk to your doctor in-depth about this therapy and how to use it before you try it.

We do not dispense medical advice, nor do we prescribe specific treatments.

There are time frames and frequencies that may be suggested based on previous research for the same condition, but everyone is different and will respond differently to treatment.

There are some devices that you can now wear while you walk, and there are some that are considered to be patches that can be worn at optimal times throughout the day.

In the past, you could never find a PEMF therapy mat for less than $6,000, however, most companies often range between $2.000 to $6,000.

Today, you can find PEMF devices that are more affordable in various sizes.

A PEMF mat delivers gentle, electromagnetic pulses, and it’s more affordable than the competitors.

This mat delivers the same therapy that other devices deliver, without the extra like heat and pillows.

Everything that you need to get the right therapy is present when using this mat. What else should you know?

Ask Your Doctor if PEMF Therapy is Right for You

It’s amazing to think that there is a therapy out there that works without the risks of negative and long-term side affects.

Those who have used this therapy know that the risks are few or not present at all.

It is wise to make a note of light-headedness or dizziness if it occurs, and always talk to your doctor about the possibility that your body is just adjusting to something new.

It is not unusual that an individual may feel dizzy for a few days while trying out a new prescription medication.

What causes you pain or discomfort? Could you use a boost in your energy, or perhaps you want to do your best to cut back on using your prescription medication.

There are many possibilities where PEMF devices are concerned. Would you like to give it a try?

You have the option to purchase these devices, or you may also explore the option of a rental with PEMF Supply.

If you are interested in starting your own journey on PEMF therapy, please visit today at to learn more.

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  1. Samir Singhal

    If pemf is, so good then why don’t recommend it.
    Any answer for it

  2. Samir Singhal

    If pemf is, so good then why doctor don’t recommend for it.
    Any answer for it


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