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Month: May 2017

How PEMF Therapy May Play an Integral Role in Functional Medicine

More patients are researching their options with functional medicine as Americans face uncertainty about the state of our healthcare system. The ability to choose a doctor and choose a plan has become more difficult, and those who want to keep their doctor are hoping that they can keep their doctor and see a reduction in the price of policies and prescription drugs. Until that time comes it is wise to learn more about the natural remedies that currently exist and how to use them for their maximum effectiveness. Natural medicine was not widely accepted in North America until recently,...

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How PEMF Therapy Repairs the Damage from Lyme Disease

Did you know that the damage from Lyme Disease can have a long-term impact on your health? The infection can cause short-term damage and long-term damage as it settles into the tissues and organs. The goal is to knock out the infection before it spreads into the tissues and organs, but the infection is not always treated immediately. Oftentimes, someone that has been bit by a tick may not feel it, or they never see a bull’s eye shaped bite on their leg. When this happens, the individual is at risk for infection that may run out of control. As the infection grows and settles into the organs and tissues, inflammation and scarring occur, causing damage to those tissues and organs. The sooner the infection is treated the better the chances. Antibiotics are always the first course of action, and when those are not given early on the infection continues to grow. Antibiotics are often given intravenously for a more powerful effect, but there are cases in which the infection comes back at a later date. PEMF therapy is a viable option, and it can be just as powerful as the antibiotics, as well as when used in conjunction with antibiotics. This article is going to discuss how PEMF therapy can help to repair the damage from Lyme Disease, and how healing can begin from the inside out. Stimulation...

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Groundbreaking Therapy for Autoimmune Reaction to Lyme Disease

Did you know that another important aspect of chronic Lyme Disease is the autoimmune reaction to Lyme Disease? Recently, we’ve discussed this disease because May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month, and the number of diagnoses are climbing in the United States. Lyme Disease is misunderstood, and it still often goes undiagnosed. Previously, we published an article on the spirochete, and how the disease infiltrates the human body. We then discussed the second most important aspect of this disease, which is the active infection. The next aspect of this disease that is worth discussing is the autoimmune reaction to Lyme Disease. This reaction is what so many individuals face when battling diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and various connective tissue disorders. Chronic and long-term health conditions like autoimmune diseases are not only frustrating for the individual, but they are also frustrating for the physicians that cannot seem to offer long-term improvement with medications. Is there another therapy that is just as effective? PEMF therapy is a wonderful complimentary therapy to any treatment plan, and today’s article is going to share with you about how this therapy works, and how it can improve the health and life of those with chronic Lyme Disease. Impact of PEMF Therapy on the Autoimmune Reaction of Lyme Disease Lyme Disease, a tick borne illness, often becomes a chronic condition. It is believed that what happens in...

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3 Ways PEMF Therapy Can Impact Hidden Organisms In Cells

The previous article focused on the first major aspect of Lyme Disease, but this article will focus on the hidden organisms in cells, the second most important aspect of this disease. All disease begins in the cells, but there can be an external force that impacts those cells to initiate a diseased state. This is true of Lyme Disease as well, but initially most individuals are treated with antibiotics. While antibiotics can impact bacterial cells, many patients do not improve, or symptoms present again at a later date. Lyme Disease is deemed a chronic disease, and oftentimes, long-term use...

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How PEMF Therapy Impacts the Active Infection of Lyme Disease

May is Lyme Disease awareness month, and today, this article is going to focus on the active infection of Lyme Disease. Many go undiagnosed for years or individuals are misdiagnosed leaving them with constant frustration and hopelessness. While the disease seems easy to assess in terms of how one acquires this disease, it could be years before a patient shows a complete set of symptoms. Chronic pain is a common symptom, but when other symptoms do not rise to the surface immediately it can become difficult to detect. There are many tick borne diseases around the world, but Lyme...

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