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Month: June 2017

Can PEMF Therapy Heal Gout?

Can PEMF therapy heal gout? Gout is one of the most common forms of arthritis, and it has plagued individuals of all ages for centuries. The pain associated with gout is often described as intense, but it is one of the most understood medical conditions. Most individuals do not know that this is in fact a very specific form of arthritis, and the nature of how this arthritis develops is also unique. While many have turned to over-the-counter medications for relief from gout, there is now a better way approach getting relief from this painful form of arthritis. This...

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Therapy with PEMF for Post-Traumatic Headaches After TBI

Did you know that therapy with PEMF for post-traumatic headaches can be just as effective for those who have headaches following traumatic brain injury (TBI)? Traumatic brain injury includes events like concussion, and even strokes are referred to as TBI. This is because cell death occurs where there is an injury to the brain. The biggest challenge individuals with TBI face is the long-term outcome. It is never the same for two people while the therapies used for specific injuries are the same. This may limit the ability for patients to improve when the scope of their therapy options...

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3 Ways that PEMF Therapy Benefits Alzheimer’s Patients

Alzheimer’s Disease is one of the most frightening diseases aging adults face, but revolutionary research has shown that PEMF therapy benefits Alzheimer’s patients. The research for PEMF therapy has shown tremendous promise for improving the quality of the lives of these patients, and it is possibly helping to prevent the loss of precious memories in some cases. Consider this. Have you ever been the victim of a robbery? Alzheimer’s is just like a thief, in that it creeps into the mind and steals the memories that the mind has built over the years. Sadly, statistics have revealed that more...

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Can PEMF Therapy Reduce Pain for Occipital Neuralgia?

Migraines are painful and troublesome, but many have asked whether or not PEMF therapy can reduce pain for occipital neuralgia? Research has shown that PEMF therapy is effective in stimulating nerves, tissues, muscles, and overall blood flow as well. While this has proven to effective in reducing the number of migraines an individual gets, and it has been shown to reduce pain in headaches for many, occipital neuralgia is a very different type of headache. These headaches follow a unique pain pathway, and they are just as painful as a migraine headache. What you may not know about occipital...

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Evidence of Decreased Headache Activity for Migraines Using PEMF Therapy

Did you know that studies provide evidence of decreased headache activity that may provide welcome relief for migraine sufferers? Migraine headaches have been rated as the third most common health condition in the world, and finding reprieve from these headaches is often difficult beyond the use of prescription medications. Although there are numerous medications on the market for migraines, many still struggle to find consistent relief or at least experience a decrease in the occurrences of these headaches. Studies show that using PEMF therapy can in fact reduce the number of headaches one may experience, as well as continue to...

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