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Evidence of Decreased Headache Activity for Migraines Using PEMF Therapy

Evidence of Decreased Headache Activity for Migraines Using PEMF Therapy

Did you know that studies provide evidence of decreased headache activity that may provide welcome relief for migraine sufferers?

Migraine headaches have been rated as the third most common health condition in the world, and finding reprieve from these headaches is often difficult beyond the use of prescription medications.

Although there are numerous medications on the market for migraines, many still struggle to find consistent relief or at least experience a decrease in the occurrences of these headaches.

Studies show that using PEMF therapy can in fact reduce the number of headaches one may experience, as well as continue to help an individual get more relief as they continue to use the therapy.

This article is going to share some statistics with you regarding a study that was conducted using PEMF therapy in a double-blind placebo-controlled study.

Please make sure that you read this article in its entirety so you can learn more about how this therapy may help you see decreased headache activity, while using this therapy in the comfort of your own home.

What is Needed to See Decreased Headache Activity in Migraine Sufferers?

Migraine sufferers know how painful these headaches can be, not to mention the other troublesome symptoms that can accompany these headaches.

Evaluating the effects of PEMF therapy in a controlled setting is necessary in order to prove the efficacy of the therapy, and the results from one particular study has proven just how effective it truly is.

The study included 42 participants; 34 women and 8 men.

Those who participated had to meet the criteria for the International Headache Society’s standards in order to be a part of the study

. Each participant kept a log for one month tracking their headache activity. This was done in order to track their pre-treatment history.

Once the study began, they were randomly given either actual therapy or they were given a placebo for treatment.

Therapy was for an hour per day, 5 days per week for 2 weeks.

A log was kept for follow-up a month after the therapy was given in order to determine the success of consistent use of PEMF therapy for migraines.

The results of that study are as follows:

During the first month of follow-up, 73% of those receiving actual exposure reported decreased headaches (45% good decrease, 14% excellent decrease) compared to half of those receiving the placebo (15% worse, 20% good, 0% excellent).

Ten of the 22 subjects who had actual exposure received 2 additional weeks of actual exposure after their initial 1-month follow-up. All showed decreased headache activity (50% good, 38% excellent).

Thirteen subjects from the actual exposure group elected not to receive additional exposure.

Twelve of them showed decreased headache activity by the second month (29% good, 43% excellent).

Eight of the subjects in the placebo group elected to receive 2 weeks of actual exposure after the initial 1-month follow-up with 75% showing decreased headache activity (38% good, 38% excellent).

In conclusion, exposure of the inner thighs to pulsing electromagnetic fields for at least 3 weeks is an effective, short-term intervention for migraine, but not tension headaches. (Courtesy of NCBI PubMed)

This study can be found by visiting the following link-

As always, studies should indicate follow-up therapy to be fair.

Those who are most successful with PEMF therapy use it daily at least twice daily.

Those who suffer from migraines will tell you that they have a trigger, whether it’s certain foods, caffeine, or even fragrances.

Every migraine or severe headache follows a different path, but these studies provide hope that PEMF therapy can be helpful for various types of headaches.

Although PEMF therapy is available in the offices of numerous chiropractors, there are other help professionals using these devices in their practice as well.

How can you access this therapy for your own personal use when you need it most?

How Can You Experienced Decreased Headache Activity in Your Own Home?

Migraines can strike at any time but calling your doctor to make an appointment may not come quickly enough when the migraine is at its height.

Statistics report that more than 2% of the world’s population experience headaches 15 days per month.

This is half of a month in pain and not feeling at your very best.

What if you could experience decreased headache activity in the comfort of your own home?

PEMF therapy has been shown to improve circulation which may also improve the function of the blood vessels in the head.

The medical community is still somewhat divided on what exactly happens during a migraine, although the larger percentage of doctors believe that the blood vessels dilate putting pressure on the skull.

When this happens migraine pain ensues.

Given that PEMF therapy stimulates the blood vessels and the cells, this therapy could potentially change the way these blood vessels, nerves, and cells operate.

The electromagnetic pulses delivered through this therapy restore balance to the body as a whole, causing the blood vessels, nerves, and cells to restore to good positioning, function, and overall health.

Using PEMF therapy could mean the difference between having more good days than bad.

Many chiropractors and naturopathic physicians can charge as much as $120 an hour for therapy.

There is good news!

You can now access affordable PEMF therapy and use it in the comfort of your own home when it’s convenient for you.

Once you make your investment you’ll save money by purchasing your very own device.

A PEMF therapy mat is easy to use and it is affordable for any budget.

If you suffer from migraines, or you know someone who could use migraine pain relief, please visit to learn more about this revolutionary therapy and how it can “decrease headache activity”.

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