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Can PEMF Therapy Heal Cataracts?

Can PEMF Therapy Heal Cataracts?

Can PEMF therapy heal cataracts?

This is a great question.

In fact, it’s a question that numerous folks have been asking since we published our article on the effects PEMF therapy on glaucoma.

Cataracts are a different challenge altogether.

Glaucoma means that pressure has increased behind the eye, and blindness ensues over time.

Cataracts are cloudy spots over the eye lens.

Vision is compromised due to the clouding of the eye lens.

The clouding of the lens limits the amount of light that can pass through, thus resulting in blurred vision.

Surgery for both conditions is often the first recommendation, but could it be avoided?

This article is going to address cataracts, and whether or not they can be eased with PEMF therapy.

Additionally, this article is going to discuss another natural therapy for weak eye muscles.

It just might surprise you!

PEMF Therapy Can Heal Cataracts with Early Detection

Did you know that more than 24 million Americans are affected by cataracts by age 40?

This number is staggering as well as the age of early onset.

The bigger challenge is that many individuals pass blurred vision off due to fatigue or because they are too busy.

Getting to the eye doctor can make a huge difference.

Early detection with any matter of health is the key to successful treatment.

Most cases of cataracts are related to age.

This means that nearly half of all Americans will be diagnosed with cataracts by the age of 75.

Glaucoma is less prevalent than cataracts, but surgery is recommended for both.

Although surgery is not truly a cure, it is always the first recommendation.

There is no doubt that many people put off seeing the eye doctor until it gets worse. This is because most people believe that surgery is the ONLY option.

Can PEMF therapy heal cataracts?

Research on PEMF therapy indicates that using this therapy at early onset could make a huge difference.

This is because the root cause of cataracts can improve with this therapy.

Here are the causes of cataracts, and how PEMF therapy can benefit in these areas.

  1. Injury to the tissues
  2. Genetic disorders
  3. Diabetes
  4. Other eye conditions

PEMF therapy is especially helpful for diabetics.

This therapy has been shown to improve circulation as well as stimulate nerves.

Many diabetics suffer from nerve damage.

PEMF therapy can stimulate nerves, and work down to the cellular level to repair damaged cells and create new healthy cells.

This may heal the tissues behind the eye when injury does occur, and it may improve the symptoms for diabetics due to the reasons just listed.

Nerves are important in the body, but the optic nerve is the focus for eye health.

The human optic nerve has anywhere from 750,000 to 1 million nerve fibers.

This is where the nerve stimulation and repair comes into play for your eye health.

A few genetic disorders like Lowe syndrome or Nance Horan syndrome can cause cataracts.

PEMF therapy is not a cure for these disorders or for cataracts, but research indicates that symptoms may be reduced with the use of PEMFs.

The impact of PEMF therapy may also be different for the type of cataract. The types of cataracts include:

  • Partial
  • Complete
  • Soft
  • Hard
  • Stationary
  • Progressive

Have you been diagnosed with one of these types?

If you have diabetes or hypertension (high blood pressure), you’ll want to keep tabs on your eye health.

There isn’t much research directly related to PEMF therapy and cataracts at this time.

The key here is understanding how PEMFs can impact the underlying causes of cataracts.

Many diabetics have given their testimonials on what the consistent use of this therapy has done for them.

Those with high blood pressure can also attest to the fact that their health has improved due to the use of PEMFs.

Are opthamologists using PEMF therapy in the United States?

No. However, you can now easily access this revolutionary therapy in the comfort of your own home.

Can PEMF Therapy Heal Cataracts with Consistent Use?

It is important to note that PEMF therapy is not a cure for any disease or condition.

There are thousands of research studies found in Europe and in the United States that give us insight to how it can impact those underlying conditions mentioned above.

While research still continues in the United States, it is important that you know how easy it is to access PEMF therapy for your own use at home.

Can PEMF therapy heal cataracts?

It is not a cure, but certainly it is worth it to note the progress on a case-by-case basis.

The same is true of any disease or condition for which individuals choose to use PEMF therapy.

Everyone will respond to this therapy differently. Each case is just as unique as the individual.

Those who report the greatest success with this therapy use it twice a day every day.

There is still research to be done regarding the use of PEMF therapy and eye health.

Numerous individuals that have experienced blurred vision due to a health condition have noted a reduction in symptoms while using this therapy.

That is a great indication it is effective on many levels.

Additionally, those who experience challenges with their vision as they age have also tried Active Shade Glasses.

These glasses are designed to train the eye and strengthen weak eye muscles.

Developed in Europe, the aging population has turned to these glasses before turning to procedures for their eye muscles or a stronger prescription for eye glasses.

What if you were able to use PEMF therapy and the Active Shade Glasses at the same time?

You can. It’s time to improve your vision and your life as you age.

A big part of expressing gratitude for your eyesight is being proactive.

If you have noticed that reading in low light conditions is becoming more difficult, or you have blurred vision, it’s time to give the Active Shade Glasses a try.

You’ll also want to check out the various PEMF devices available for your entire body as well as your eye health.

It is exciting to watch the advances made in PEMF therapy as conventional healthcare costs increase.

If you would like to learn more about PEMF therapy and Active Shade Glasses, as well as how “PEMF therapy can heal cataracts” and other health conditions, please visit today.

pemf therapy heal cataracts


  1. dennis miesowicz

    what settings would I use for eye problems and or do I use the ring device

    • Tammy Coffin

      Hi Dennis,

      Thank you for your question. You could certainly use both devices. We are not physicians, therefore we cannot give you any medical advice. However, there are some cases in research which suggest that since the optic nerve is affected, you could potentially use the same setting that can be used to calm nerve pain. For example, some users of the OMI mat have discovered that using the mat or ring at 7Hz for 10 minutes is effective for nerve pain. Therefore, you may want to try this setting to see if it works. An article by Dr. William Pawluk that you can find at this link, may help you understand this a bit better. He does not specify an intensity or time frame, but lower is usually better. He also says that the sooner you begin using this therapy, the better. You may also want to try 3Hz for 10 minutes, which is often used for relaxation. This may calm the optic nerve and slow down the process, just a hunch.

      Many thanks,
      The Team at PEMF Supply

  2. Mike Bell

    PEMF therapy is well known for pain relief. But also it can heal cataracts. This blog is really very good blog on Pemf therapy. Thanks for this essential post.

    • Tammy Coffin

      Hi Mike,

      Thank you for your comment. Yes, some have stated that their cataracts improved.

      The Team at PEMF Supply


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