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How PEMF Therapy Reduces Symptoms of Lung Disease

How PEMF Therapy Reduces Symptoms of Lung Disease

Did you know that PEMF therapy has been shown to reduce symptoms of lung disease?

Although opinions differ among patients, the medical community has said that lung disease is any form of disease within the lungs.

There are three main types of lung disease that have been confirmed.

The struggle for patients is often finding relief from symptoms of this disease.

Nearly 12 million adults have some form of this disease that has not been given a proper diagnosis.

Those who suffer from this disease often feel frustrated, while family members and friends also struggle to help them find help.

Today, we want to share with you some good news.

PEMF therapy has been shown to reduce symptoms of lung disease. How does this therapy work to reduce the symptoms?

Please read this article in its entirety to learn what has been discovered so far, and what we can expect in the future from PEMF therapy.

How Low-Frequency Therapy Reduces Symptoms of Lung Disease

As with most diseases, inflammation is the root cause of lung disease.

There are three main types of lung disease including:

  • Diseases of the airway
  • Diseases of the lung tissue
  • Diseases of circulation in the lungs

Regardless of which type of lung disease you have, inflammation could be the root cause.

PEMF therapy has been the salvation for many looking for relief from inflammation.

There are numerous types of inflammation that PEMF therapy can reduce including:

  1. Joints and muscles
  2. Tissues and cells
  3. Nerves and blood vessels
  4. Capillaries

All of these can occur in any part of the body because blood vessels are in every part of the body.

Inflammation of the lungs is problematic because it’s how we take in air.

Diseases that affect the airway, like asthma, COPD, and bronchitis, can cause the airway to become narrow.

As the airway becomes more narrow breathing becomes difficult.

Diseases that impact the tissues in the lungs can cause scarring and further inflammation.

As scarring continues, it causes the lungs to become constricted.

Last but not least, diseases that cause poor circulation within the lungs can cause the blood vessels to become inflamed and blood clots to occur.

PEMF therapy can reduce the symptoms of lung disease when it directly impacts the tissues, blood vessels, and capillaries.

PEMF therapy has been shown to improve circulation for diabetics.

This is because high blood sugar can greatly affect the function of blood vessels, capillaries, and even the veins.

Gentle, low-frequency pulses are best for diseases of an inflammatory nature.

This is true for many reasons. Inflammation begins to break down surrounding tissues over time.

PEMF therapy will stimulate the cells, repairing them as well as creating new healthy cells.

The secondary benefit of this therapy is healthy blood flow that brings life and healing to the tissues.

As you use the therapy consistently and circulation continues to improve, you’ll see the difference throughout your entire body.

This includes your lungs as well.

The tissues in the lungs will begin to heal along with the inflammation of the lining of the lungs.

Reducing inflammation is the key to bringing greater healing to lungs and ultimately the entire body.

How can you access PEMF therapy?

Consistent Therapy Reduces Symptoms of Lung Disease

Those who have reported the greatest success with PEMF therapy are those who use it consistently.

It is also important that you speak with your doctor.

Knowing your official diagnosis is helpful in determining whether or not you should use PEMF therapy, and the type of research you should be reading online.

There are thousands of studies and double-blind studies that have been conducted in Europe and in the United States using this therapy.

The FDA began approving PEMF devices as early as the 70’s, but these devices were not widely accepted until now.

Those who were part of a study including 165 humans with lung disease, showed a significant difference in symptoms versus those who did not use the PEMF devices.

It is also vital that you research the options for PEMF devices before you make a decision.

This article does not take the position that PEMF therapy is a cure, however, there is plenty of evidence based research that has proven its efficacy for many diseases and conditions.

The earlier you can begin using PEMF therapy, the more likely you are to see results.

Would you like to learn more about how you can improve your sleep and have renewed energy throughout your day?

If you would like to read and hear more testimonials, and learn more about how PEMF therapy reduces symptoms of lung disease, please visit today.

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