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How PEMF Therapy is Changing the Lives of Osteoporosis Patients

How PEMF Therapy is Changing the Lives of Osteoporosis Patients

Osteoporosis patients are now discovering that there is hope with the use of PEMF therapy devices.

Until now, most adults believed that their only option was to get a bone density test and get a new prescription upon their confirmed diagnosis of osteoporosis.

Statistics show that there are nearly 9 million fractures per year attributed to this disease.

To give you a clearer picture of how prevalent this is, there are fractures occurring every three seconds related to osteoporosis.

The aging population has fallen victim to this disease.

The worst part is that this disease is impacting the country in many ways.

Today, this article will focus on this aspect of musculoskeletal disease, and how PEMF therapy may impact the healing of this disease.

What Osteoporosis Patients Need to Know About PEMF Therapy

PEMF therapy, or pulsed electromagnetic therapy is duplicating the earth’s natural electromagnetic fields.

The earth’s magnetic field has been decreasing significantly over the last 15 years.

It is no surprise that there is more disease and illness present now than there was at that time.

Osteoporosis also seems to be attacking women as they age, leading to numerous fractures in various parts of the body.

Fragile bones are the cause and now more women are encouraged to keep up with their bone density test before they reach age 60.

One in three women are affected, and for men the statistics are one in five. Osteoporosis patients often experience:

  1. Pain
  2. Disability
  3. Loss of independence
  4. Shortened life span

There are numerous risk factors that can add to the disease, including diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension. Bone density begins to wear down by age 30.

This is eye opening for women that don’t realize the importance of the bone density test.

Hormones can greatly affect the formation of women’s bones, and ultimately estrogen can become too high bringing a rapid onset of the disease.

Although most women believe this disease is linked to calcium deficiency, this isn’t the only cause for osteoporosis.

While drugs for osteoporosis are the most common treatment, PEMF therapy is now getting more notoriety.

This is because the FDA approved the sale of PEMF devices in 2015.

Therapy was approved in the late 70’s for the healing of nonunion fractures, but it is almost never used by physicians.

Now that the number of fractures of osteoporosis patients have had a dramatic socioeconomic impact on the U.S., doctors are researching this therapy and how it is being used.

The only thing these prescription drugs are designed to do is slow down the rate at which bone begins to degrade.

This medication does not relieve pain and inflammation, nor does it impact healing at the cellular level.

If PEMF therapy is able to work on the cells, molecules, and aid in increasing bone density over time, why not try a natural approach over a medication that may have ill side effects?

These prescription drugs only have one function.

PEMF therapy has been known to repair cells, bones, joints, tissues, and even muscles. Why not try this instead?

This is the pressing question that chiropractors and naturopathic physicians have been asking patients.

PEMF therapy is the ONLY therapy that can promote osteogenesis, or the re-growth of bone is possible.

Additionally, PEMF therapy has also been shown to stimulate osteoblast activity and enhance bone mineralization in patients with osteoporosis.

When defects in the process of bone mineralization begin, this means that the bones are starting to degrade.

If you knew that building healthy new bone was available to you with the use of a natural therapy wouldn’t you try it?

Osteoporosis Patients Can Have Hope with PEMF Therapy

There is no doubt a sigh of relief for any man or woman that finds a natural solution for their battle with osteoporosis.

It has already been proven through scientific research that PEMF promotes the repair of cartilage, including articular cartilage which is unable to regenerate or repair itself.

This makes a strong case for PEMF therapy.

The strongest case is also that initial studies, or at least a majority of them show that PEMF accelerates bone repair and growth.

This occurs because PEMFs accelerate extracellular matrix synthesis and the healing of tissues.

Starting at the cellular level, PEMFs stimulate bone repair from the very beginning of the healing process.

Although there are many chiropractors that offer this therapy in their office, those who desire to obtain the benefit of healing for osteoporosis will need to use PEMF therapy daily.

Without sound bone formation and structure you won’t be able to function in daily life.

Don’t rely on prescription drugs for bone strength and repair.

If you are one of the millions of “osteoporosis patients” that is looking for more than a prescription to aid in overcoming this disease and regaining quality of life, please visit for more information.

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