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The Top Secret Way to Heal Shin Splints for Good

The Top Secret Way to Heal Shin Splints for Good

Have you found that conventional therapies used to heal shin splints aren’t effective for you?

Ice and rest have long been the recommendations for those who suffer from shin splints.

The challenge is that this does not work for everyone.

There are a few medical terms for shin splints including, “periostitis”, and “tibial plateau”.

These terms are what you may hear when you meet with an orthopedic regarding your symptoms and therapy.

Shin splints are painful, but when conventional therapies and over the counter medications don’t help, what can you do?

Research suggests that you can turn to PEMF therapy.

This article is going to share some valuable information regarding how these form, and how PEMF therapy can be effective in reducing your symptoms.

You will want to read this ENTIRE article.

At the end, you’ll find some important information regarding your condition and how you can find relief and heal shin splints for good!

Why You Cannot Heal Shin Splints with Rest and Ice Alone

If you were diagnosed with shin splints you are not alone.

Millions are diagnosed with this condition each year, but all too often a large portion of those millions of people continue to suffer after using rest and ice.

The recommendation to heal shin splints sounds cliche, and it is for those who can’t just take time off from life.

There aren’t too many people that can just sit in a recliner and use ice packs for a month.

These two recommendations are certainly warranted, but it is impossible to heal shin splints with rest and ice alone. Here’s why.

  1. This condition can be chronic or acute. Either way, it needs attention to reduce inflammation.
  2. Intense pain can interfere with daily life. Walking, the most natural activity you do each day now becomes too painful. You start using the elevator or eliminating activities from your list because they include more walking.
  3. When inflammation is not addressed at the root cause, it can turn into an infection. This may also lead to swelling of the tissue around the bone.

This list may sound more serious than what your doctor describes.

Although shin splints are common, there are many individuals that cannot recover with rest and ice.

Total rest is difficult to achieve for the average American.

Those who work on assembly type jobs, retail jobs, nurses, and others that stand on their feet for long periods of time will not be able to take the type of rest they really need.

Icing shin splints is helpful, and the cold does help bring blood flow to the site of injury.

However, those who are in these types of jobs have little to no time while at work to use ice.

PEMF therapy is now readily available to Americans on any budget. This means that devices can be purchased and use in the comfort of your own home.

The ability to use ice packs while on the job is difficult and cumbersome.

PEMF therapy is something you can use before you head into work and later in the evening once you arrive home.

The gentle, low-frequency pulses can aid in reducing the inflammation and swelling of the tissues around the bone.

This can bring welcome relief for those who suffer from painful shin splints.

Runners often fall victim to shin splints because of the overuse of the joints and muscles. It all depends on the runner, the distance they run, and the pace.

Those who have not been exercising regularly and start running or working out at a fast pace with treadmills or stair machines, are also candidates for this condition.

Resting is ideal, but resting is difficult for anyone to do long-term.

The use of a PEMF ring or mat can be helpful for getting natural pain relief from shin splints.

What type of frequency and timeframe are you looking at?

Research suggests that using a PEMF device for about 20 minutes at 6Hz may bring relief.

Low-frequency is always best, and a gentle setting is ideal for bringing relaxation to the tissues, muscles and joints surrounding the site.

Please note, every individual is different, and this is merely a recommendation.

PEMF therapy is NOT a cure, but there are thousands of research studies that have proven the efficacy of this therapy for numerous conditions.

Additionally, tibial stress fractures may also improve with the consistent use of PEMF therapy.

PEMFs have been shown to increase blood flow, and repair damaged cells.

This means that the end result is the healing or tissues, joints, muscles, and bones.

There are some cases in which infection in the bones has occurred.

The sooner you can begin to utilize PEMF therapy the more likely you are to have success and “heal shin splints” before further issues arise.

How can you start today?

Heal Shin Splints with Consistent Use of PEMF Therapy

There are numerous disease and conditions in the United States that have been healed with the use of PEMF therapy.

There are also many individuals who have experienced a reduction in symptoms with consistent use of this therapy.

Again, it is important to note that PEMF therapy is NOT a cure, but those who have experienced the most success use this therapy daily.

There are numerous PEMF devices on the market today.

It is wise for you to do your own research online before you make a final decision.

You will want to consider how your device will fit into your lifestyle as well as your budget.

Feeling better is a big priority, and improved overall wellness is an added benefit that many experience.

What is causing your pain today?

Do you suffer from arthritis, frequent headaches, or some other chronic condition?

There are numerous diseases and conditions that have responded well to this revolutionary new therapy.

You can learn more about how PEMF therapy may heal shin splints and other maladies when you visit today.

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