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How PEMF Therapy Increases Cellular Metabolism

How PEMF Therapy Increases Cellular Metabolism

Regardless of the ailment in the body PEMF therapy increases cellular metabolism.

The cells need a boost when they are defective.

There isn’t any therapy today that has shown to increase cellular metabolism except for PEMF therapy.

When cells are diseased they can make a comeback with the help of PEMF therapy.

There is a tremendous amount of scientific research behind this to prove that this is in fact true.

One factor discussed in previous articles is the reduced amount of Adenosine Tri-Phosphate or ATP.

How does PEMF therapy impact the production of ATP and increase cellular metabolism?

Today, this article is focused on the one missing link for many ailments, and how PEMF therapy increases cellular metabolism.

PEMF Therapy Increases Cellular Metabolism and Produces Dramatic Results

The word metabolism is often associated with losing weight and having energy, but there are numerous forms of metabolism in the brain and the body.

Cellular metabolism is a different concept altogether.

This is where the science of PEMF therapy becomes critical.

PEMF therapy increases cellular metabolism and it can dramatically change the condition of the body.

Where illness and injury reside it can no longer take up residence once cellular metabolism has increased. Your nerve cells are stimulated by a potassium pump.

When that pump isn’t working, cells begin to die, nerves begin to show injury and damage, and the body begins to feel ill.

Scientific research tells us that when the potassium pump has malfunctioned, edema is present.

This means that swelling may begin to show up around the ankles, or other extremities.

Additionally, it is this break down of cellular strength that can aid in the growth of cancer cells.

Research has shown that PEMF therapy can play a key role in the healing and repair of cells as well as the healing of nerves.

This boost to the cells through PEMF therapy may aid in the prevention of cancer and other diseases where cells are concerned.

The strengthening of cells may also give the immune system the boost it needs to resist illness. This is because:

  1. PEMFs stimulate the cells and bring oxygenation to the cells. When this oxygenation is present it means that the body is able to aid the body in producing its own energy source. Cells can then begin to create new healthy cells as well as eliminate toxins.

There are numerous functions of the cells, and these are just a few.

When the defense is down free radicals can take their toll on the body. This is why the use of sound nutritional supplementation is always advised.

Preventing the entrance of free radicals, or at least strengthening the body’s natural defenses to fight them off is vital to your health and wellness.

When free radicals do enter into the cells, they can cause the proliferation that causes cancers and other diseases to form in the body.

How was the impact of an electromagnetic field discovered?

It was in 1976, 41 years ago that research was conducted that proved that diodes only send electricity in one direction.

The cells in the body absorb this electricity. The body has its own pattern with voltage.

The human body, operating at 0-30 Hz is a clear indicator of why the body responds so well to PEMFs.

These electromagnetic fields are vital for maintaining good health and preventing illness and disease to creep in.

The end result is that cells are stimulated for the production of ATP. This ATP is essential for cell health and nerve health.

A previous article on epilepsy shared that low amounts of ATP have been consistently indicated in patients with epilepsy.

When the cells are healthy and energetic, nutrients can be supplied properly to the organs, bones, tissues, and nerves in the body.

Cell repair is without a doubt essential for the benefit of the body.

You can be rest assured that when circulation is poor or other defects in the body have occurred, that PEMFs are needed.

This is because healthy cells measure anywhere from 70-100 millivolts.

How PEMF Therapy Increases Cellular Metabolism Daily

Using PEMF therapy is essential for good health and for preventing disease.

However, medical doctors do not use this therapy in their practice. It is up to each individual to choose whether or not it is right for them to use a PEMF device.

There are several PEMF devices on the market today, but only one of them is right for you.

It is wise to do your own online research and comparison prior to purchasing your own PEMF device.

The human mind and body are truly a mystery, but staying in good health does not have to be guesswork anymore.

There is absolutely a way to get healthier and remain in good health.

Learning how PEMF therapy increases cellular metabolism is vital to your overall health, and the studies associated with cellular metabolism shed ample light on how beneficial it would be to purchase your own device today.

how pemf therapy increases cellular metabolism

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