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Could PEMF Therapy Improve a Child’s Growth?

Could PEMF Therapy Improve a Child’s Growth?

Studies on PEMF therapy and endocrine glands have led to an interest in whether or not PEMF therapy can improve a child’s growth.

The pituitary gland, another endocrine gland, is often referred to as “the master control gland”.

It’s amazing that a pea sized gland, just below the base of the brain could manage so much in the human body.

What happens when the pituitary gland isn’t working?

Anything it manages will also begin to malfunction, and for pre-teens and other children this could mean lack of ability to grow.

The good news is that research indicates that PEMF therapy stimulates the pituitary gland, and it has the potential to help children grow.

This article is going to tell you how it happens, and why this could be a great option over corrective surgery for the pituitary gland to improve a child’s growth.

Improve a Child’s Growth Naturally

Chances are, you may have found this article while searching online for natural solutions to help your child with their ability to grow.

Correcting an imbalance with the pituitary gland is important early in life, if a problem has been detected. However, problems with growth aren’t so easy to detect.

The pituitary gland manages so many different processes of the body, so it usually isn’t until the pre-teen or teenage years when a child recognizes they are shorter than everyone else.

Outside of the emotional challenges and peer pressure a child may face over their height, it can be tough on the parent to console their child.

This isn’t the typical hurt over why another child doesn’t like them, but a biological process they have no control over.

How does PEMF therapy play a role in improving the chances with growth?

The most basic answer is that PEMF therapy stimulates the pituitary gland. At the core of PEMF therapy is the knowledge we have that it stimulates the cells, down to their molecules and neurons.

Here are some potential problems you could face as a parent when it comes to your child’s ability to grow.

  1. A tumor on the pituitary gland. There are numerous types of tumors that can grow in the body. They can show up on the pituitary gland. Every individual is different, but it can affect your child’s ability to grow properly.
  2. Other problematic conditions. The brain, lungs, and kidneys may also have an impact if they are negatively affected. Any serious health condition with these organs could be the cause.
  3. Chromosomal abnormalities. One of these disorders is Down’s syndrome, but there could also be an odd number of chromosomes, causing problems with growth in your child.

How can you improve a child’s growth with PEMF therapy?

If you were to break down this list, you’ll soon discover that most of them are directly related to the function of the pituitary gland.

The pituitary gland isn’t the only gland that matters when it comes to your child’s height.

However, in many cases, when a child is otherwise healthy, doctors will be quick to investigate your child’s pituitary gland.

It could be that the output of the human growth hormone, or HGH, is not in the proper range.

Your thyroid is also an important endocrine gland that produces thyroxine.

When levels of this hormone are low, this may also stunt a child’s growth.

PEMF therapy can stimulate the adrenal and endocrine glands, all which produce the hormones vital to growth.

There are numerous studies on these glands with PEMF therapy that show promise in this area.

We know this because as one study pointed out, PEMF therapy when applied to thyroid nodules could cause them to shrink if not disappear.

This is because the imbalance of the hormones is corrected, thus the nodules go away and the individual begins to see the changes that thyroid disease brought about.

There are also issues that come with an imbalance of the hormone thyroxine, that PEMF can improve including:

  • Fatigue
  • Dry skin
  • Peeling nails
  • Loss of hair
  • Always feeling cold

These hormones in the endocrine system are all targeted when your child has problems with growth.

If your child has problems growing, any of these challenges could respond well to consistent use of PEMF therapy.

This natural, non-invasive therapy can renew energy, improve skin health, and improve circulation.

All of these side effects are directly related to hormonal problems that PEMFs can heal down to the cellular level.

Once the cells are given the energy they need, they can begin to let the proper nutrients into the body.

Additionally, the cells will get back to their perfect state, which means they will also be able to eliminate waste.

When PEMF therapy is used daily, it could improve a child’s growth and overall health.

Improve a Child’s Growth with Consistent Use of a PEMF Device

Now that you know more about what PEMF therapy does, and the role it can play in your child’s growth, isn’t it worth a shot?

There are numerous treatments in conventional medicine, but they can be costly and they can be painful and invasive.

Doctors may recommend HGH injections, or even surgery if they feel that a corrective surgery for the pituitary gland is the best option they have.

Why not try PEMF therapy?

Whether or not you choose to use conventional treatment, PEMF therapy can still be utilized.

It is non-invasive, and it has been shown to work as a wonderful complementary therapy to other treatments.

There are a myriad of PEMF devices on the market today. How do you know which one is right for you? It all starts by doing your own online research.

Research and compare all devices and consider your lifestyle to determine which is right for you and your family.

There are thousands and thousands of scientific research studies available on PEMF therapy. The research still continues.

Keep in mind that PEMF therapy is not a cure, however, many have given testimonials that it has “cured” them. It is up to you to determine what is right for you.

It’s okay to take your time, and most importantly, it’s okay to study natural therapies to “improve a child’s growth” before you decide to take other actions.

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