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How PEMF Therapy Changed the Game for a Body Builder

How PEMF Therapy Changed the Game for a Body Builder

PEMF therapy has changed the lives of many.

Some who have encountered dramatic change are athletes, including body-builders.

What makes this therapy so unique for them?

Why is it, that athletes are fully realizing the benefits when many others only catch a glimpse of what it can do?

This article is going to discuss how top-athletes, like body-builders can recognize the smallest changes in their body, and how PEMF therapy changed the game for one body-builder as she has aged.

Why This Body-Builder is Using PEMF Therapy in Her 40’s

Body-builders often choose to make a career out of their sport. There are also some that don’t.

Those who don’t, often choose a different career path that is more settled.

Perhaps they want children and more traditional lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean that workouts become less important or less strenuous.

This was the case for a woman in her early 40’s that we will call “Lynn”.

Lynn uses the PEMF therapy mat, and though she has not followed the same strenuous workouts for quite some time, the aches and pains still exist.


Her case is a bit unique. Multiple injuries over the years due to instability of the muscles and joints have slowed her down just a bit.

However, she continues to workout and noticed that after about one month of using the PEMF therapy mat, her workouts improved.

Just when she thought she was done, she discovered the following to be true about her workouts.

  1. Movements that are taught to be “explosive”, like accelerating back up after squatting, or accelerating upward while doing bench-press, were easier than they were prior due to better joint and muscle condition.
  2. Recovery days were better and more productive.
  3. Workouts were smoother because she had more energy, and her rest periods were back to normal.

There are many things that athletes of all types notice when using PEMF therapy, but it’s interesting in this case that Lynn had been suffering from a degenerative condition for many years.

A few problems that were identified upon a visit to the rheumatologist included degenerative arthritis in the SI joint and low back, but also a severe case of osteoarthritis.

There are still some unanswered questions for regarding her health, but with such strenuous workout routines, it’s interesting that she was able to go back to completing the same level of workouts and push hard again.

Osteoarthritis is painful enough, but research has shown that PEMF therapy is the only therapy known to man to regenerate articular cartilage.

This cartilage is what lies in between the joints. When that cartilage is gone in the knees, the bones rub together.

As you can imagine this is quite painful for Lynn and all those who suffer from it.

Arthritis pain can be very painful for various individuals, depending upon age, past or current injuries, and whether they live an active lifestyle.

Currently, Lynn is 41, has a 3 year old daughter, and works from home.

This may sound ideal, but the pain from an erosive form of osteoarthritis is painful at all times.

Using PEMF therapy has changed her life for the better. Lynn said in a short interview with us that, “If anything, using the PEMF mat has improved my quality of life.I have less flareups and my mobility is better. It’s important to me as a mother that I can play with my daughter and be there for her. I felt like that was being taken away from me.”

Everyone responds differently, but Lynn was seeing better results within one month of using her PEMF.

Thankfully, PEMF devices are easy to acquire, and they are now much more affordable.

Using PEMF Therapy in Your Home

There is no better path to wellness than consistent use of “PEMF therapy” in your home.

Ten years ago, PEMF devices were well over $10,000 and only available to chiropractors and health professionals. Today, anyone can purchase a device of their choosing.

This is great news. The FDA began approving this therapy for specific reasons more than 30 years ago, but PEMF therapy was not widely accepted in the United States.

There are now numerous devices on the market, ranging in price from $1250 and up.

Do you need relief from arthritis pain, osteoarthritis, high blood pressure, depression, or diabetes?

Could you benefit from having more energy in the morning when you wake up?

Countless individuals are now using this revolutionary therapy and getting results. You could be one of them.

Learn more today about how PEMF therapy can help you improve your health and quality of life.

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