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Effects of PEMF Therapy on Vascular Parkinsonism

Effects of PEMF Therapy on Vascular Parkinsonism

Although Parkinson’s is generally known as one disease, there are different aspects of the disease, like vascular parkinsonism.

This type of Parkinson’s Disease is also known as cerebrovascular disease.

One might consider the profile of this disease to be the same as an individual of mini strokes.

The identifying factor here is symptoms that fit the profile of a patient with Parkinson’s Disease.

Is PEMF therapy beneficial for those who exhibit these symptoms?

The answer to this is yes.

Today, this article will define how PEMF therapy can have a powerful impact on patients with vascular parkinsonism, and why it points to hope in the future for other Parkinson’s patients.

PEMF Therapy vs. Symptoms of Vascular Parkinsonism

There is no perfect treatment for Parkinson’s Disease. In fact, breaking down the disease into segments called “parkinsonism” can make it a bit easier to understand.

A little known type of the disease known as “vascular parkinsonism“, will shed some light on what actually occurs in the brain of someone who has the disease.

The medical community’s approach is that a series of small strokes causes death to cells in the brain.

Memory loss is the most common symptom, but problems with urination and the ability to walk with a normal gait are also problematic.

As with any neurological disease, although symptoms occur elsewhere, the beginning of the disease takes place in the brain.

The research in PEMF therapy has shown that PEMF’s stimulate the brain cells and initiate neuronal activity.

This is groundbreaking therapy for the Parkinson’s patient, their family members and caregivers.

Dr. William Pawluk, a medical doctor, is also a medical authority on PEMF therapy. Dr. Pawluk discusses what happens in the brain for those who are diagnosed with Alzhheimer’s Disease.

A large percentage of patients with Alzheimer’s show a major deficiency of brain cells that make norepinephrine, an anti-inflammatory agent in the brain.

This could be one of the same basic processes that occurs in the brains of those with Parkinson’s Disease.

Science teaches us that inflammation is at the root of all diseases and conditions.

At this time, there has not been any one perfect link as to what may prevent these neurological disorders.

However, there are many truths about PEMF that indicate the power of this revolutionary therapy to prevent such conditions and diseases.

PEMF therapy has the ability to do the following:

  1. Strengthen the immune system
  2. Repair damaged cells while creating new healthy blood cells
  3. Stimulate all calls and neurons
  4. Improve blood flow
  5. Reverse tissue damage and reduce inflammation

As inflammation is reduced in the brain, other processes in the brain return to normal.

This means that cognitive function improves for those with Parkinson’s and other neurological conditions.

Ultimately, where Parkinson’s patients with vascular parkinsonism would experience most of the benefit would be:

  • Increased blood flow
  • Repair of damaged cells and development of new healthy cells
  • Repair of damaged tissue and reversal of the process by which tissues become damaged
  • Healing of blood vessels as new blood vessels form
  • Formation of new and healthy capillaries

Extremely weak pulsed electromagnetic fields, as indicated in the study by Dr. Reuven Sandyk, are the most effective for those with neurological conditions like Parkinson’s Disease.

It is now a question of how patients can access this therapy enough to make a difference in their lives.

Daily Use of PEMF Therapy for Vascular Parkinsonism

Using PEMF therapy daily is the best way to improve any condition.

While PEMF therapy is not a cure for any disease, consistent use is important for seeing and experiencing results.

The number of PEMF devices available today call for thorough research from those who desire to purchase a PEMF device.

Those who wish to benefit from therapy for the whole body should consider using a PEMF therapy mat.

This will ensure that one can get direct therapy to the brain as well as for the entire body.

Stimulation to the head for the brain alone is great for stimulation of the brain cells, but overall good health will improve quality of life for those who have any type of neurological disease.

Consistent use of PEMF therapy can strengthen the immune system, making the healing process much easier.

Make a checklist for the one you love today to ensure that you are purchasing a high-quality device to combat “vascular parkinsonism”.

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