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Why PEMF Therapy is the Best Option for Episodic Acute Stress

Why PEMF Therapy is the Best Option for Episodic Acute Stress

This month we’ve published articles on acute stress and chronic stress, but today, the article will discuss episodic acute stress.

While you may not hear the term often, you know all too well the symptoms that can come on resulting from this type of stress.

The worry and the feeling of what might happen if something does not change within the circumstances are not the only worries you have.

The more you worry about these things, the more likely you are to feel anxiety, inability to concentrate, mood swings, trouble sleeping, and of course, irritability.

When these things are evident in your life on a consistent basis, it is also evident that you need to re-evaluate your life and health to come up with a better solution.

Today, this article will share with you what episodic acute stress is, and why PEMF therapy is the best option for episodic acute stress.

What is Episodic Acute Stress?

There are three different types of stress, two of which have been discussed on this site already.

Today, this article addresses episodic acute stress, a term that you may not be familiar with.

The symptoms of this type of stress clearly identify what most folks believe to be stress including:

  1. Headaches
  2. Anxiety
  3. Problems with concentration
  4. Irritability
  5. Mood swings
  6. Trouble sleeping

There are many other symptoms that may occur with this type of stress disorder, but learning how to deal with stress in a healthy way is the key to overcoming any type of stress from onset.

Today, it isn’t uncommon for a manger to hear that 1 out of 5 employees is under work-related stress.

Acute stress is defined more along the lines of working in a position that has someone rushing to meetings, or rushing into travel situations.

Acute stress as it relates to your personal life is more along the lines of losing a loved one, and facing the sudden onset of stress due to a traumatic situation.

While these cases do exist, those who struggle with episodic acute stress are facing stress on numerous levels.

It seems as though it is merely circumstantial, but it can be related to something on the job while you are also facing stress from something in your personal life.

Emotional hardship and financial hardship can go hand-in-hand, and even if they don’t, they can still happen at the same time in someone’s life.

This makes for a very stressful period of one’s life. How can you overcome the feelings and symptoms of stress without medication?

PEMF therapy is extremely beneficial for those who are under stress short-term and long-term.

This is because PEMF’s have been proven to promote relaxation in addition to other things.

The reason for this is two-fold. PEMF’s will bring serotonin back into balance in the brain.

When serotonin is balanced, it reduces depression and feelings of anxiety. It is known as the “happy chemical”, responsible for a good mood and a healthy appetite.

PEMF’s also have an impact on the cortisol hormone, the hormone that is released when stress is in full force.

The problem with too much cortisol is that it can cause fatigue and can stimulate one’s appetite.

Over time, prolonged stress that impacts the production of cortisol can cause weight gain and impact emotions too.

Overall, the bigger picture is that stress can be bad for your health when it is not brought under control.

Using a PEMF device on a regular basis can aid in regulating the production of cortisol, as well as the balance of serotonin.

When you have the ability to use a device in the privacy of your own home, you can cope with stress in a healthy way.

Keep Episodic Acute Stress in Check with PEMF Therapy

There are many ways to keep your life in balance including exercise, a healthy diet, and getting plenty of rest.

Using PEMF therapy is a great way to enhance all of the other things that you are doing.

What makes PEMF therapy so effective is that it replicates the electromagnetic fields of the earth.

These fields have dissipated greatly over the last 15 years, resulting in an increase in depression as well as certain cancers and other diseases.

Getting daily exposure to these pulsed electromagnetic fields is important for your overall health.

Additionally, your mind and body will respond better during times of stress.

When researching PEMF devices online, take notes of the benefits of each device.

It is also important to make a note of whether or not the device you are researching is ideal for your lifestyle and budget.

A PEMF therapy mat is a great option for those who wish to expose the whole body to these electromagnetic fields simultaneously.

Once you find the device that is right for you, use it daily to avoid the side effects of “episodic acute stress”.

episodic acute stress

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