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How PEMF Therapy May Prevent Strokes

How PEMF Therapy May Prevent Strokes

During the month of May, we wanted to discuss how PEMF therapy may prevent strokes.

This site has published articles before about using PEMF therapy for stroke patients.

While most of the focus is on what happens after a stroke, it is easy to forget about how this therapy can be utilized for prevention of a stroke.

There are several factors that can lead to a stroke.

Today, this article will discuss the risk factors of a stroke as well as other health problems that can lead to a stroke.

You’ll also learn how PEMF therapy may prevent strokes by reducing these risk factors.

PEMF Therapy May Prevent Strokes by Reducing Stress

It has been said that stress is a popular cause of stroke, but some doctors still argue that there isn’t sufficient evidence to support that claim.

They do believe that the driver behind this statement is that stress can cause high-blood pressure, and ultimately uncontrolled blood pressure may cause a stroke.

There are other factors involved in what can cause a stroke to occur including:

  1. Diabetes
  2. Smoking
  3. Lack of activity/dormant lifestyle
  4. High cholesterol
  5. Carotid artery disease
  6. Excessive use of alcohol

The good news is that PEMF therapy may prevent strokes for those who battle many of the most common risks.

One of the primary reasons individuals seek help from PEMF therapy is to reduce blood pressure.

PEMF therapy has been shown in numerous studies to act as a vasodilator, healing blood vessels, capillaries, veins, and more.

Ultimately, the oxygenation that is induced through PEMF therapy aids in the healing of tissues as well.

When blood vessels that are damaged become repaired, and they function properly along with capillaries and veins, the healthy boost in tissue can add more benefit than you can imagine to those who suffer from high blood pressure.

Using PEMF therapy daily may improve blood flow throughout the entire body, thus aiding in the healing of any problems with your blood vessels and capillaries from head to toe.

Consider this last point before moving onto the second point here about this therapy. Diabetics are at risk for poor circulation.

There are many who have used PEMF therapy and felt better, and have been able to reduce their intake of medication when using PEMF devices.

Secondly, although smoking is a personal choice, there is some research being conducted on smoking cessation with the use of PEMF therapy.

A study was documented using 115 people that were smokers, that opted to use PEMF therapy to help with smoking cessation.

Magnetic brain stimulation has been extremely beneficial around the world for numerous ailments.

The good news is that research continues, but the outcome for this particular study showed that more than third of those treated with magnetic stimulation stopped smoking for at least six months.

That eliminates one risk of stroke!

Diabetics, as mentioned above are no doubt subject to the risk of stroke.

The challenge for those with diabetes is two-fold. They tend to have more fatigue, as well as problems with blood pressure.

The answer for blood pressure was addressed in the previous paragraphs, but an important fact to point out here for those who are diabetic is fatigue.

Fatigue is a natural part of life for many, but those who suffer from diabetes, whether Type I or Type II, struggle with fatigue often.

One of the main benefits that people enjoy when using PEMF therapy is renewed energy.

Improved sleep at night and better energy during the day are common among those who use PEMF therapy.

Having more energy will encourage those who are less active to feel more apt to go walking or engage in some form of exercise.

Sleeping more soundly overnight and waking up refreshed make a world of difference for the individual who struggles to get their day going and stay active.

Using PEMF therapy may prevent strokes, when used in combination with a healthy diet filled with whole foods and getting regular exercise. Isn’t it worth trying?

PEMF Therapy May Prevent Strokes When Used Regularly

Now that you have read this article on how “PEMF therapy may prevent strokes”, are you willing to do some research?

Learn more on your own about how beneficial PEMF therapy can be for your overall health, and how it could prevent certain ailments. The key with anything healthy is to remain consistent.

If you have not tried PEMF therapy, now is the time.

There are now more PEMF devices on the market than ever before. This amazing revolutionary therapy is helping thousands to millions around the world.

The growing interest in this therapy within the medical community is referred to magnetic stimulation.

It is essentially the same thing, but how this therapy is administered is their personal choice.

If you learned something new today about PEMF therapy, and how PEMF therapy may prevent strokes, please share this article with others and leave a comment below.

PEMF therapy may prevent strokes

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