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Can PEMF Therapy Reduce Symptoms of ADHD?

Can PEMF Therapy Reduce Symptoms of ADHD?

Is it possible that PEMF therapy could reduce symptoms of ADHD?

That is what many parents want to know.

Research has been conducted in many areas using PEMF therapy, but ADHD is one area of interest that may encourage more studies to be conducted.

There are many types of testing that naturopathic doctors use that conventional doctors do not use for testing for ADHD.

Could these tests be a better indicator of a true diagnosis? Are these doctors more likely to use a PEMF device?

This article is going to define what the symptoms of ADHD are, and answer some questions for you in regards to how naturopathic doctors approach this mental health disorder.

Additionally, this article will highlight how PEMF therapy may reduce symptoms of ADHD, and improve a child’s chances are for success in this world.

Reduce Symptoms of ADHD Naturally

ADHD has been a hot topic for decades, causing a firestorm of debate and argument among families, schools, and within the medical community.

At this time there seems to be no comprehensive treatment plan within conventional medicine that includes room for holistic modalities.

The position that this article will take, is that at the very least, PEMF therapy should be considered on a trial basis.

The reason for this is simple; give families the opportunity to make the decision on what is best for them, and allow them to treat the whole person/child.

The history of the diagnosis of ADHD and the standard treatment plan is generally based upon the use of prescription medicine and programs within the child’s school.

In discussing this challenge with parents that have purchased PEMF therapy for other reasons, the diagnosis they discovered was incorrect down the road.

Here are some commonly misunderstood symptoms of ADHD:

  • Problems with sleep
  • Mood swings
  • Problems with school work
  • Depression and anxiety

There is a lengthy list, but these are the top 4 that make the list in most clinical settings.

These situations and symptoms could present parents with other challenges like:

  1. Clinical depression
  2. Bi-polar disorder
  3. Learning disabilities
  4. Dyslexia

If you were to look at the list of primary reasons that individuals seek out the use of PEMF therapy, you’ll find that some of these overlooked symptoms line up with them.

Those primary reasons for seeking help through PEMF therapy include:

  • Improved sleep
  • Improve clarity and focus
  • Reduced anxiety and depression

Can you see the similarities?

Learning disabilities and dyslexia may lead to a great deal of frustration for students, which in turn may cause them to be over emotional or act out.

It would only be natural for children to do so if they feel ashamed of their struggle with reading or understanding concepts.

This is not to say that ADHD is not real, as many parents have had this struggle and it is well within their right to find the help they see fit for their children.

The naturopathic view is truly designed to eliminate frustration, and perhaps take a more “health-based” approach if you will.

If you look at the testing used by naturopathic doctors and practitioners to assess for ADHD, you’ll see the stark difference.

It is intended to eliminate the high-risk of self-diagnosing or guessing at the problem.

This is where PEMF therapy given as a trial, even when used in conjunction with a conventional treatment plan may well offer the best outcome to a child and their parents.

There is no right or wrong answer here.

The goal is to reduce or eliminate the need for medication, first by offering a way of assessing the entire child’s mind and body and treating the whole person (the goal of holistic medicine).

The assessment that naturaopaths like to utilize involved testing for allergies, testing for neurotransmitter levels with or without BrainSPECT, an imaging tool.

This gives everyone a glimpse into the prefrontal cortex for a more accurate picture of what may be happening inside the brain.

If the prefontal cortex is not working properly, it may drive up the need for conflict or excitement.

There are also very valid questions that you should ask yourself. “What is your child eating? Is your child consuming too much sugar?”

There is sugar in everything including breads, and ingredients in diet products that turn to sugar inside the body.

Foods like pizza, hot dogs, and other processed or fast-food items add up in additives and preservatives, while eliminating the nutritional value of food.

A body that is nutrient deficient will automatically present with poor overall health and challenges with focus and concentration.

What about blood flow? Improper blood flow in the brain will also lead to problems with focus and concentration.

PEMF therapy aids in the improvement of blood flow, helping many individuals that suffer from diabetes and high blood pressure.

With so many benefits from PEMF therapy, it is surprising that more doctors aren’t using this to help their patients. PEMF therapy is not a cure, but it has helped thousands to feel better and improve their quality of life.

Reduce Symptoms of ADHD with a PEMF Device

Although there is still a need for more research to be done, the research thus far on depression and anxiety, as well as how PEMF therapy stimulates the brain indicates promising results.

Those who have tried PEMF therapy find it to be relaxing, and use it daily for best results.

It is best to speak with all doctors involved in the treatment plan for any child or adult struggling with ADHD.

Everyone is unique, and those who try a PEMF device may experience different results.

Some may respond within a few weeks while others may respond within a few days.

PEMF therapy is not a cure, but there are now countless thousands who have tried it for various conditions and diseases, and they have had tremendous success.

There are several PEMF devices on the market today, so choose wisely.

Conduct your online research diligently, and have a list of questions ready when you call various manufacturers to inquire about their offerings.

The need is great for learning how to heal the mind and body naturally, and PEMF therapy has shown sound promise to reduce symptoms of ADHD.

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