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3 Ways PEMF Therapy Can Help Your Child

3 Ways PEMF Therapy Can Help Your Child

Are you aware that PEMF therapy may be helpful for your child?

Children develop quickly. Their mind, emotion and physical body are constantly changing.

Each child is unique and will respond and react to these changes differently.

Children often react by acting out, exhibit increased hyperactivity, and other behavioral cues.

This could be a sign that the child is having trouble with emotional and behavioral regulation.

Research has indicated that PEMF therapy may aid in reducing symptoms of emotional distress and bring calm to a child’s life.

Today, this article will share some valuable insight into how PEMF therapy can help your child .

PEMF Therapy Can Help Children with behavior and emotional stability.

Children are impacted by emotions, hormones, environmental changes, and physical changes.

Sometimes adults may not realize the impact that these changes can have on a child’s emotional stability and behavior.

What can you do as a parent to ease this phase of adjustment and change?

PEMF therapy can help your child during:

  1. Emotional distress. Emotional distress can effect children at a young age. Some of the reasons children experience emotional distress is due to divorce, loss of a loved one, child abuse, health conditions, peer pressure and even bullying.
  2. Temper tantrums/hyperactivity. Temper tantrums occur as children go through various stages of life. PEMF therapy may reduce the severity of these tantrums when used on a low setting. Hyperactivity can be related to various medical conditions, diet or circumstances in the child’s environment.  PEMF therapy show promising results for these challenges. Early in life children go through phases, many of which may be accompanied by temper tantrums. Research has shown that using a PEMF mat on a “low setting” (3Hz) can bring calm to an upset child within 5-10 minutes. Regular use of PEMF Therapy may help to reduce the occurrence of tantrums and hyperactivity.
  3. Physical injuries. Many who seek pain relief or quick healing for fractures turn to PEMF devices for help. The same is true for children. Most children when healthy, can heal rapidly. PEMF therapy has been shown to increase healing time from bruises, broken bones, and in some cases sore throats. This is because Pulsed magnetic fields work at the cellular level and penetrate through even the bone layer.

It is healthy for a child to express their emotions but when repeated tantrums with hyperactivity become disruptive, PEMF therapy is a non-invasive therapy that may be helpful.

There are also cases in which individuals have reported using PEMF therapy for children with Asperger’s Syndrome.

Children with Asperger’s sometimes experience sensory overload and struggle to communicate how they are feeling.

Hyperactivity and disruptive behavior is the child’s way of saying that they do not feel well or that they are uncomfortable with a situation and cannot express it.

Using a low intensity PEMF Therapy device at 3Hz may calm and relax the child.

Some have explained that the PEMF Therapy has a calming effect, relaxing to the point of wanting to fall asleep, and it acts as a destressing tool for the times when they feel out of control.

The mind and body can become more relaxed, bringing calm to a child’s thought processes.

Hyperactivity can be abated in many cases.  Could your family benefit from the relaxation that a PEMF Mat can bring?

We hope that you find PEMF Therapy helpful for your child, your family, and for yourself.

PEMF Therapy Can Help Your Child With Consistent Use

Those who report the best results with a PEMF device, use it twice daily.

PEMF therapy is a more natural approach to relaxing the mind and body. There are many who testify about their personal experience of relief from all types of conditions.

Always talk to your child’s Primary Care Physcician.

PEMF therapy is often utilized as a welcome addition to conventional therapies and treatment plans.

Research more online about how “PEMF therapy may help your child”.

PEMF therapy can help your child

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