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3 Ways PEMF Therapy Can Help Your Child

3 Ways PEMF Therapy Can Help Your Child

Are you aware that PEMF therapy can help your child?

Children may experience bumps, bruises and broken bones ,but they may also be working through emotional issues as well.

Each child is unique, and they will each face their own giants during the course of their development. When a family is faced with emotional distress or behavioral disorders, medication is often the first course of action.

Research has indicated that PEMF therapy may aid in reducing symptoms of emotional distress and bring calm to your child’s life.

Today, this article will share some valuable insight into how PEMF therapy can help your child regardless of age, gender, or current treatment plan.

PEMF Therapy Can Help Your Child Through Rough Patches

Everyone will experience a “rough patch” in life.

It could be the loss of a parent, spouse, job, or even the loss of a home. Inevitably, when an adult faces problems these problems often impact their children.

An adult may not realize the impact of their emotional distress on their children. Additionally, they may not realize the pressure a child feels to put on their happy face when things aren’t going so well.

Children often experience their own tough times at a young age, and for them it’s very real and very difficult. What can you do as a parent to ease this adjustment and change?

PEMF therapy can help your child during:

  1. Emotional distress. These days, it seems the toll of emotional distress on children is high.Some of the reasons children experience such distress is due to divorce, loss of a loved one, alcoholism in the home, child abuse, learning disabilities, frequent relocation, peer pressure and even bullying.
  2. Temper tantrums/hyperactivity. Temper tantrums may be strong as children go through their toddler years. PEMF therapy may reduce the severity of these tantrums when used on a low setting. Hyperactivity may be related to ADD or ADHD, and perhaps somewhere on the autism spectrum. PEMF therapy show promising results for these challenges. Early in life children go through phases, many of which may be accompanied by temper tantrums. Research has shown that using a PEMF mat on a “low setting” (3Hz) can bring calm to an upset child within 5-10 minutes. It should also be noted that this setting is often effective for those having trouble sleeping.
  3. Physical injuries. Many who seek pain relief or quick healing for fractures turn to PEMF devices for help. The same is true for children. Most children when healthy, can heal rapidly. PEMF therapy has been shown to increase healing time from bruises, broken bones, and in some cases sore throats.

The list is voluminous but these are some of the most common reasons children may benefit from the use of a PEMF device/

It is healthy for your child to express their emotions, but when they are ongoing and destructive it’s time for a change.

There are also cases in which individuals have reported using PEMF therapy for children with Asperger’s Syndrome.

Children with Asperger’s are characterized as experiencing sensory overload, and in many cases struggle with communication on many levels.

Additionally, these children may also experience hyperactivity at times. It all goes back to using the right settings. Using a low setting at 3Hz, is generally recommended for calm and relaxation.

Some have likened their experience to “feeling ready for a nap”, or “taking a muscle relaxer”. The mind and body can become more relaxed, bringing calm to a child’s thought processes.

Hyperactivity can be abated in many cases, and with calm in your home it is more likely to come to a resolution. No two children are alike, nor will they respond to this therapy the same way.

It’s worth researching for your own benefit and peace of mind if you are seeking a more natural approach. What can you do to help determine if PEMF therapy can help your child?

PEMF Therapy Can Help Your Child With Consistent Use

Those who report the best results with a PEMF device, use it twice daily.

PEMF therapy is a more natural approach to healing the mind and body, but it is not a cure. There are many who testify about their personal experience of healing from all types of conditions and diseases.

Every adult and every child may respond differently to PEMF therapy.

There is promising evidence in research that PEMF therapy may well benefit children on the autism spectrum. There is still much research to be done.

What can you do as a parent?

Always talk to your child’s doctor. PEMF therapy is often utilized as a welcome addition to conventional therapies and treatment plans.

Research more online about how “PEMF therapy can help your child”, and once you have the facts in front of you, you’ll be able to make a sound decision.

PEMF therapy can help your child


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