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3 Ways PEMF Therapy May Heal Inguinal Hernia

3 Ways PEMF Therapy May Heal Inguinal Hernia

Did you know that PEMF therapy may heal an inguinal hernia?

A gentleman that refers to himself as “The Hernia Coach” published some interesting facts regarding his use of magneto-therapy for the treatment of this type of hernia.

Although the information he published was focused on this hernia, he also mentions his use of magnet therapy for other types of injuries.

Today, this article will discuss his findings on the 3 ways PEMF therapy may heal inguinal hernia.

The findings of his research may be applicable to other types of hernias, as well as other injuries you are suffering from today.

How PEMF’s Can Positively Impact Inguinal Hernia

A hernia can be quite painful, and it can occur in men and women.

An inguinal hernia occurs when intestinal tissues or fatty tissues push through the abdominal wall.

This happens when the abdominal wall is weak, and it can occur on the right and left side where the inguinal canal is located.

When a hernia doesn’t resolve on its own surgery is recommended.

PEMF therapy may be helpful, based upon some research conducted by “The Hernia Coach”.

His use of magnetic therapy is quite similar to the use of a PEMF device.

This is because a PEMF device replicates the electromagnetic fields that protect the earth from solar flares.

How does this therapy work to aid in reducing symptoms and pain associated with an inguinal hernia?

  1. It acts as a vasodilator. Magnets and magnetic fields alike will quickly aid in dilating the blood vessels. The increase in size of the blood vessels means that proper blood flow is what follows.
  2. Improved circulation. Although this is mentioned above at the end of the last sentence, it is important to note that improved circulation is sustained when a PEMF device is consistently applied to the affected area. If you use a PEMF device once, it will not produce the long lasting results you need for proper healing. Although these revolutionary devices are often effective immediately, it is important that they are used often for best results. They are not a cure, and they are not a miracle tool.
  3. Proper circulation aids in the removal of toxins from the site of injury. The first action is the dilation of blood vessels, and the second action is that circulation improves. Thirdly, because of the oxygenation of the tissues and blood, waste can now be carried away from the site of the hernia. This means that anything sustaining the hernia, like lactic acid, toxins in the body, and carbon dioxide will be carried away from the site of injury.

Why does it matter that dilation of the blood vessels is so important here? Simply put, you have an intricate system of capillaries in your body.

Capillaries can become damaged when there is not a sufficient supply of oxygen to the blood. This is where healing begins in the body.

Cells, tissues, capillaries and nerves all become healed through this gentle stimulation from the pulsed electromagnetic fields.

These electromagnetic fields go deep inside the body and penetrate through your skin, muscles, joints, and other tissues and organs.

This is important for the healing of an “inguinal hernia”.

The key when using magnets, according to “The Hernia Coach”, is to use the magnets that penetrate 5 to 10 inches deep.

Because these pulsed electromagnetic fields pass through your body, they can be instrumental in your healing for many types of ailments.

The organs and tissues that are involved in this type of hernia need this deep penetration from those electromagnetic fields to improve circulation so that the tissues can heal and regeneration can take place.

There is no question then that the consistent use of a PEMF device would be necessary in order to achieve the desired outcome.

Heal Your Inguinal Hernia With a PEMF Device

Choosing a PEMF device can be a daunting task these days.

There are hundreds of devices on the market.

How can you choose that one, perfect device? The first step is to conduct your own online research.

Once you spend some time researching devices and the manufacturers that created them, you’ll be able to determine which one is right for you.

Should someone contact you about purchasing a PEMF device beware. It’s important that you can identify a reputable company, and that you have a toll-free phone number that allows you to contact customer service.

PEMF therapy can be an ideal way to reduce pain, swelling, renew energy, and improve your circulation. If you are suffering with an inguinal hernia, talk to your doctor today find out if PEMF therapy could be right for you.

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