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Benefits of PEMF Therapy for Frozen Shoulder

Research in orthopedic medicine indicates that PEMF therapy for frozen shoulder may be a better option than surgical correction.

Many individuals who research PEMF therapy do so because they suffer from inflammation and pain on a regular basis.

Old sports injuries or new ones, depending up their severity, can lead to a consult with orthopedics.

This article will discuss the outcomes of specific studies that show promising results.

Most importantly, PEMF therapy for frozen shoulder may be a better, less invasive option than surgical intervention.

Why PEMF Therapy is Effective for Frozen Shoulder

Recently, some orthopedic doctors have been willing to try PEMF devices.

Frozen shoulder is a condition that affects many people of varying age groups.

The only option for decades has been surgery.

Frozen shoulder means just that; it’s as if the shoulder is in a block of ice, unable to move.

Symptoms associated with this condition include pain and decreased mobility of the shoulder.

PEMF therapy is beneficial to the entire body.

Additionally, it energizes the cells and creates a healing environment using the body’s natural processes.

When gentle pulses from a PEMF device are used, the cells receive gentle stimulation.

Consequently, it promotes regeneration of healthy cells and tissues.

Research Shows:

An independent study published in Pub Med, proves the efficacy of stimulation of tissues for frozen shoulder.

The goal of this particular study was to determine if using electrotherapies to stimulate the cells would work as well as a placebo.

The second goal was to determine if it stimulation in conjunction with physical therapy had better results.

The results:

This study included 1,249 participants. There were nine trials total for this group. 75% of participants reported pain relief of 30% or more with PEMF compared with 0%of participants receiving placebo. 55%  of participants reported total recovery of joint function with PEMF compared with 0%  of participants receiving placebo.

The results are impressive. PEMF therapy is a great complementary therapy to add to your current treatment plan.

It is always best to consult with your doctor before starting to use a PEMF therapy device.

It opens up the dialogue of a more natural approach to therapy.

Using PEMF Therapy for Frozen Shoulder

PEMF therapy is best for routine, daily application for the most optimal results. 8-10 minutes twice a day is suggested for general health and wellness.

Frozen shoulder is often the result of poor healing after surgery, or severe pain that discourages the individual from moving their arm.

Physical therapy and PEMF therapy are most effective when they are used together.

You’ll soon discover that using “PEMF therapy for frozen shoulder” could mean a complete recovery, and help you to avoid surgery.

PEMF therapy for frozen shoulder

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