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How PEMF Therapy Impacts Macular Degeneration

How PEMF Therapy Impacts Macular Degeneration

Did you know that scientific studies have shown that PEMF therapy impacts macular degeneration positively?

While PEMF therapy has been touted as a great way to reduce inflammation and pain, new research has shown that it is effective in treating diseases of the eye.

There has been a rapid increase in numerous diseases, including eye disease.

There is a significant amount of research that points leading experts in PEMF therapy to believe this is due to the decrease of the earth’s magnetic fields.

How can one device have such a tremendous impact on the human eyes?

This article will discuss how PEMF therapy impacts macular degeneration, and how this therapy addresses challenges with the optic nerve and more.

Evidence That PEMF Therapy Impacts Macular Degeneration

Researchers and scientists have stated that the earth’s magnetic field has decreased by 95% in the last 200 years. The uptick in neurological diseases and certain cancers speaks volumes about the correlation.

The earth’s electromagnetic fields protect the earth from solar flares and harmful rays from the Sun. Without the earth’s magnetic fields the human body is directly impacted.

PEMF therapy replicates this magnetic field, renewing the cells and bringing proper oxygenation to the blood and tissues in the body.

Russian researchers were the first to focus on how PEMF therapy impacts eye health. An independent study proves the efficacy of PEMF therapy on the optic nerve.

Research on the effects of PEMF therapy for glaucoma are promising, with evidence that this therapy can improve the condition of the muscle.

When the pulsed electromagnetic fields stimulate the ciliary muscle, the blood vessels nearby are also stimulated, improving blood flow to the eye muscle.

This results in better eye health as well as improving the flow of “aqueous humor“. This is what is supporting the eye lens, similar in nature and consistency to plasma in the blood.

This is critical because the lens does not have a direct blood supply. The same principles that apply to improving circulation also apply to improving eye health.

Improving circulation in the area around the eye brings an improved blood supply to the muscles, nerves and tissues around the eye, causing the body’s natural ability to heal itself to kick in.

The research behind how PEMF therapy impacts macular degeneration and overall eye health has been a pleasant surprise to opthalmologists.

What type of PEMF device is suitable for providing therapy to the eyes?

PEMF Therapy Impacts Macular Degeneration with Daily Use

PEMF therapy is now becoming more essential in the realm of holistic medicine. This is because modern day researchers have studied the earth’s magnetic fields and how they impact human life.

Without the proper protection from the earth’s magnetic field, human beings are at risk due to the increase in solar flare activity.

Researchers also believe that it is through the daily use of a PEMF device that individuals experience the best results.

Pulsed electromagnetic fields renew the cells, and daily use aids in the protection from harmful electromagnetic fields that we encounter daily from wireless internet, cell phones, towers, and more.

The eyes are subjected to the same dangers as the rest of the body.

The use of a PEMF ring, much like the OMI PEMF therapy ring can easily be used for the purpose of healing the eyes.

Wearing the ring around your head while lying down, while the ring is placed over the eyes can ensure that the path of the PEMF’s is directly in front of the eyes.

If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with macular degeneration, you’ll want to share this valuable information with them.

The research is compelling, and many experience how “PEMF therapy impacts macular degeneration”.

PEMF therapy impacts macular degeneration

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