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How PEMF Therapy Impacts Macular Degeneration

How PEMF Therapy Impacts Macular Degeneration

Did you know that scientific studies have shown that PEMF therapy impacts Macular Degeneration positively?

Many people know that PEMF therapy is a great way to reduce inflammation and pain.

New research shows that it is effective for treating diseases of the eye.

Macular Degeneration is an eye disease that is caused by deterioration of the retina.

As the retina deteriotes, vision becomes progressively worse. The worse cases of Macular Degeneration lead to loss of vision

There is a significant amount of research convincing leading experts that Earth-based frequencies can positively impact many health conditions.

How can one device have such a tremendous impact on the human eyes?

This article will discuss how PEMF therapy affects macular degeneration.

Evidence That PEMF Therapy Impacts Macular Degeneration

Researchers and scientists are claiming that the earth’s magnetic field has decreased by 95% in the last 200 years.

With illness and chronic conditions on the rise, they are desperately searching to find a solution to the increasing population of chronically ill.

The environment that we live in is full of harmful radiation and electrosmog (EMFs).

Many feel that the increase in electrosmog is causing a decline in health.

PEMF therapy replicates the Earth’s magnetic field.  Magnetic Fields encourage healthy cell growth using the body’s natural processes.

PEMF Therapy causes the tiny blood vessels in the body to dilate, improving blood flow.

Magnetic currents assist with circulating oxygen and nutrients to the tissues throughout the body.


When the pulsed electromagnetic fields stimulate the eye muscle, the blood vessels surrounding the tissue dilate.

As the blood vessels expand, the blood flow to the eye muscle improves.

PEMFs have been shown in several research studies to have a positive impact on eye conditions.

Greater benefits are seen when PEMF Therapy is administered in earlier stages of of the Macular Degeneration.

Electromagnetic fields  decrease inflammation, improve circulation, and help to stimulate repair of the nerve damage within the retina.

Russian researchers were the first to focus on how PEMF therapy impacts eye health.

An independent research study has proven the efficacy of PEMF therapy on eye health.

The results of the study have been a pleasant surprise to ophthalmologists.

What Type of PEMF Device is Suitable for Providing Therapy to the Eyes?

Pulsed electromagnetic fields recharge and stimulate the cells.

Daily use of PEMF therapy aids in the protection from harmful EMFs that we encounter daily from wireless internet, cell phones, towers, and more.

The eyes are affected by the same dangers as the rest of the body.

The use of a PEMF ring, PEMF glasses, or a PEMF mat can easily be used for the purpose of repairing the eyes.

If you or someone you love has Macular Degeneration,  share this valuable information with them.

The research is compelling,  “PEMF therapy postively impacts Macular Degeneration”.

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