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Affordable PEMF Therapy Produces Viral Suppression in Those with HIV

Affordable PEMF Therapy Produces Viral Suppression in Those with HIV

Conversations are swirling around how PEMF therapy produces viral suppression in those with HIV.

HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) has long been regarded as “the one disease that no one talks about.”

Clinical trials have been conducted to prove the efficacy of this therapy and its powerful impact on such a disease.

Numerous studies have also been conducted in order to learn more about how electromagnetic field therapy can improve and support immune function.

Interest in this therapy has been growing, and it’s mainly because this treatment has not been known to render any harmful side effects.

The purpose of this article is to examine how PEMF therapy produces viral suppression in those with HIV, and how PEMF therapy could be effective in combating a weak immune system.

How PEMF Therapy Produces Viral Suppression Naturally

PEMF therapy stimulates cells, causing them to work properly.

When cells are damaged, they no longer have the ability to function as they should. This means that cells fail to remove carbon dioxide and transport it to the lungs.

Too much carbon dioxide in the blood means that eventually it can lead to organ failure. Organ failure eventually leads to death.

A low oxygen level and a high level of carbon dioxide are a recipe for disaster.

This one simple fact sheds light on how PEMF therapy begins to heal the body from the inside out.

The question we want to answer today is how PEMF therapy produces viral suppression naturally.

How is HIV Contracted?

Many believe that HIV is only contracted through sexual contact.

However, some cases have been reported of HIV being contracted through blood transfusions.

This is evidence that HIV is in the blood. This is where it all starts.

The immune system of the body becomes infected, making it nearly impossible for the human body to fight off disease.

White blood cells known as CD4, are what rise in number when there is an infection inside the blood. Additional ways that HIV can be contracted include:

  1. Sharing needles by which tattoos were made.
  2. Sharing needles for body piercings.

All it takes is a very small amount of blood from an individual infected with HIV to spread the virus to someone else.

Those who already have a chronic illness or sexually transmitted disease are more at risk.

It is also important for women to know that if they have HIV, they are likely to spread this to their unborn baby.

How then can PEMF therapy make a difference if you have HIV?

Studies using PEMF therapy for chronic illnesses as a whole are shedding light on how this may be so.

Using PEMF’s over time, has shown researchers that electromagnetic fields can improve inflammatory response.

This is because scientific studies have shown that PEMF’s can:

  • Repair and renew damaged cells.
  • Create healthy new cells.
  • Increased oxygen levels in the blood and in the tissues.
  • Decreases the growth-rate of bacteria.

The study of electrical fields dating back to 2750 B.C. have shown that from a very early time electrical fields were known to mankind.

It wasn’t until much later that it was being investigated as a means to healing.

During the 70’s and 80’s, an orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Robert Becker observed that electrophysiology represented an astounding connection between the cells, fibers, and the connective tissue.

This meant that all of them ran on a direct current of electricity.

If this is true, wouldn’t it mean that healing for the cells would mean healing for joint and muscle fibers, and then healing for the tissue surrounding them is evident?

Low voltage no doubt can aid in the healing of the mind and body, and thus it may also occur in the immune system.

PEMF Therapy: Stimulates the Cells

How PEMF therapy produces viral suppression is through the initial stimulation of the cells.

Ultimately, everything around those cells becomes stronger.

This means that the immune system ultimately becomes stronger, preventing illness and in this case, improving one’s quality of life.

This does not mean that an individual should have unprotected sex, and PEMF therapy is not a cure for HIV.

Research has merely shown that the possibility of lessening the impact of this virus is possible.

Whether or not it can prevent HIV has not been proven.

What we do know about how PEMF therapy can work on behalf of the cells, is to either repair them or make them stronger is good news.

It brings hope to medical research, and the experts that want to further pursue the possibilities.

How PEMF Therapy Produces Viral Suppression Through Consistent Use

Those who use PEMF therapy once may not get a good result.

This therapy is intended for consistent, daily use in order for it to be effective.

While PEMF therapy is not a cure, it will still provide stimulation to the cells, and improve one’s quality of life over time.

Many who have used this therapy while suffering from chronic illnesses like cancer, lyme disease, and others, have found that they feel a little better, and have fewer “sick” spells as the result of using a PEMF device daily.

Those who report the greatest amount of success say that they use their PEMF mat or other device twice each day. Those who have HIV may want to learn more about “how PEMF therapy produces viral suppression” before use.

how PEMF therapy produces viral suppression

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