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PEMF Therapy Can Promote Water Absorption

PEMF Therapy Can Promote Water Absorption

Everyone may wonder “what is the connection between water absorption and PEMF therapy?”, although it seems hard to believe, these two have more things in common than people could imagine. As we all known, water is one of the most important elements of life, and is completely indispensable for the human body, the majority of systems and organisms depend on hydration. Even when eating any type of food, we are consuming the water compressed in them.

Some functions of the vital liquid are to transfer oxygen and nutrients to cells, balance body temperature, helps to lubricate joints, flush out waste products through kidneys and liver, dissolve mineral and nutrients, and take care of tissues and organs, among others. That’s why everyone repeats constantly (and insistently) “drink more water”. Here is a summary of the benefits of  drinking enough water.

The goal of this article is to explain the close relationship between hydration and PEMF. Better hydration increases the benefits of a PEMF therapy sessions and enhance the effects of this innovative treatment.

A Better Water Absorption Increase PEMF Therapy Benefits

One of the greatest benefits that PEMF therapy has is the ability to work as a natural booster for the human body, in relation, we know that water is one of the essential elements for the existence of all living beings, with other components indispensable for the right development of the humanity. 

The human body is made up mostly of water, an average of 70% of the body is made of water. This powerful element oversees an important function in the organism, technically a person can’t still alive stay for long without water. Under this hypothesis, we can conclude that the more water our body consumes, the better all our systems will work. 

The expert in PEMF Therapy, Prof. Bryant Meyers, explains in his research the relationship between the vital liquid and this therapy, emphasizing increasing the capacity to get better hydration. Meyers expresses that natural earth-based PEMF therapy can help energize, oxygenate, alkalize, and lower the surface tension of water making healthy and hydrating [1]. When an individual drinks water, the body absorbs it through the intestines and next to this, has a respective cycle throughout inside to supply the cells and take away waste material. 

In simple words, when a person drinks more of the vital liquid, the PEMF Therapy session will be more effective, because of its ability to make a real change in this process and develop a better wellness state in all health areas. The human body is an incredible machine, which takes advantage of any good opportunity to make itself healthier, and this kind of therapy isn’t an exception. 

PEMF Devices For Increase Water Absorption

Other Benefits Of Water 

The daily amount of water is really important for many functions in the human body, generally, experts recommend drinking enough water to improve overall health and body function. liquids are not the only way to obtain water, it is also is present in some foods such as fruits and vegetables.  In Summary, here are some benefits that you can enjoy if you improve your water intake:

  • More water, more physical performance

Water is also energy, and the body needs the energy to act. Hydration is essential for physical effort, in daily life, but this fact has more relevance if a person practices a high-intensity activity or is considered an athlete. Some important studies, like one of Barry M. Popkin and others (2010) affirm that the effects of water on daily performance and short- and long-term health are quite clear. [2] PEMF also helps with the oxygen levels of the body.

  • Hydration is vital for brain function

The levels of water in the body influence concentration and general brain function. In addition, poor hydration increases the probability of suffering common headaches. Concerning this, Lawrence E. Armstrong and others (2011) realized research with a group of young women and concluded that mild levels of dehydration result in adverse changes in key mood states such as vigor and fatigue as well as increased headaches and difficulty concentrating, without substantially altering key aspects of cognitive performance. [3]

  • Water enhances metabolism and helps weight loss

In addition to the big number of benefits that water has,  it can also be a great ally in weight loss. This conclusion is based on some investigations, as an example, Vinu A. Vij and Anjali S. Joshi (2013) explain in their study that water drinking induced thermogenesis is an important and unrecognized component of daily energy expenditure. [4]. Thermogenesis is the process by which one body burns calories.


Water + PEMF therapy = excellent results

As a vital element, water works in harmony with pulsed electromagnetic fields to boost a better wellness state. The combination of a PEMF therapy device with an excellent hydration routine could result in an incredible change in the health of an individual. Here are some PEMF therapy devices available for use use in the comfort and tranquility of your home.


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