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Why Whole-Body PEMF Devices are Recommended for MS

Why Whole-Body PEMF Devices are Recommended for MS

This month has been centered around multiple sclerosis, and today this article will discuss why whole-body PEMF devices are recommended for those with MS.

There are some who have a theory as to why this is the case, but many who have tried a PEMF therapy mat have concluded that they got better results with a mat than a ring or other device.

Why is this the case?

One woman shared her story with us recently, and was stunned with her results after one month of using the mat daily.

She was quite skeptical, but now she is a believer too, that whole-body PEMF devices are the best option for those who suffer from MS.

Whole-Body PEMF Devices Changes This Woman’s Opinion

A woman that spoke with one of our marketing specialists, shared her in-depth testimonial about what it was like to use a PEMF therapy mat.

We will call this woman “Liz”, so as to reveal her true identity.

Liz was diagnosed with relapsing/remitting MS 4 years ago. Upon a bad falling incident at work, she was taken to the hospital for x-rays.

Her spine looked a bit strange, and it appeared there were tiny fractures along the spine.

An MRI revealed that there was some nerve damage, but even more puzzling was the fact that a fractured spine was not the outcome.

The doctor chose to do a brain scan simultaneously, showing lesions on the brain.

The type of lesions that are associated with MS and the wearing down of the myelin sheath.

There are a few reasons that doctors often order an MRI for the spine and the brain, but what matters most is a firm clinical diagnosis that is correct, and that a long-term plan is put into place that patient and doctor agree on.

Liz was started on physical therapy and Gilenya.

When Liz went back for her follow-up with her neurologist to see whether or not lesions were shrinking or new ones were forming, there was good news.

The lesions had actually shrunk.

When the winter season came around the following year, muscle spasms would increase and balance was a consistent challenge for Liz.

She was walking with a cane to aid in her stability.

Liz said that the toughest part was not only realizing that she was using a cane, but that she really needed one in her mid-40’s.

When spasticity increased, she became frustrated.

It seemed as though the medication was no longer helping. At least in her mind it should have had a stronger affect.

A friend suggested that she try PEMF therapy. In fact, her friend had a whole-body PEMF device. She tried a PEMF mat.

Within one month, Liz discovered that the spasms occurred less frequently, and they were less severe.

Her ability to fall asleep and stay asleep improved, and when she woke up in the morning she had no brain fog.

This was all a new concept for her.

She was thrilled, but she was also surprised.

Liz was really skeptical of trying something like this and she did not expect to gain anything from it.

Her eyes were opened to a more holistic approach, and she began to research online reading more stories and studies of the positive outcomes of those with MS.

Liz was now sharing this outcome with her neurologist and other friends about her new love affair with this whole-body PEMF device.

Why is PEMF therapy effective for those with chronic illnesses?

Research and Compare Whole-Body PEMF Devices

The whole body benefits from PEMF therapy.

Scientific research has shown us that the human body responds to frequencies of 0-30 Hz. This is a natural response as the body sends off it’s own magnetic fields.

The heart is the most powerful organ that we have, running at 30Hz.

With all of the valves, arteries, blood vessels, muscles and nerves, it is no surprise that the heart would benefit from a good dose of PEMF therapy on a consistent basis.

The entire body benefits, but MS patients benefit from the stimulation of the nerve cells.

The healing of the myelin sheath is a positive outcome for MS patients, and because the damage of the myelin reveals damaged nerves, this brings welcome relief for those who experience the balance problems and muscle spasms.

This is where PEMF therapy comes into play.

This revolutionary, natural therapy, calms nerves, and bathes them in these electromagnetic fields.

These fields bring balance to the body’s systems, nerves, and muscles, helping those who suffer from MS to overcome their symptoms.

PEMF therapy has also been shown to strengthen the immune system.

This is good news for MS patients.

Those who suffer from relapsing MS are prescribed Gilenya, because it is believed to help prevent lymphocytes from attacking the brain.

While it is still under debate whether or not MS is a true auto-immune disease, there is no doubt that the daily use of a “whole-body PEMF device” will greatly benefit MS patients, just as it did for Liz.

Why Whole-Body PEMF Devices are Recommended for MS

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