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3 Ways that PEMF Therapy Benefits Alzheimer’s Patients

3 Ways that PEMF Therapy Benefits Alzheimer’s Patients

Alzheimer’s Disease is one of the most frightening diseases aging adults face, but revolutionary research has shown that PEMF therapy benefits Alzheimer’s patients.

The research for PEMF therapy has shown tremendous promise for improving the quality of the lives of these patients, and it is possibly helping to prevent the loss of precious memories in some cases.

Consider this.

Have you ever been the victim of a robbery?

Alzheimer’s is just like a thief, in that it creeps into the mind and steals the memories that the mind has built over the years.

Sadly, statistics have revealed that more than 5 million Americans may have Alzheimer’s.

While the clock is ticking along with the increase in the population of aged adults, it seems conventional therapies have failed so far.

This leads the adult children of patients to continue their search for answers.

If your parents were suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease what would you do? Would you do further research on the options available to you and your parents?

Most likely you would.

This article is dedicated to sharing vital information with you about a revolutionary therapy and how it is helping aged adults experience a better life with the use of PEMF therapy.

PEMF Therapy Benefits Alzheimer’s Patients in Simple Ways

PEMF therapy has been studied extensively in Europe and research continues now in the United States for a wide variety of diseases and conditions.

Alzheimer’s Disease is among those diseases that make the list, but the money spent on research for this disease is still significantly less than research for HIV/AIDS, heart disease, and cancer.

Coming in at a low $480 million, versus billions spent on therapies and finding a cure for other diseases, Alzheimer’s has a tremendous impact on the last years of a person’s life as well as their family and friends.

This is why researchers and health professionals interested in the study of PEMF therapy for Alzheimer’s are committed to seeing the research through to the end, in hopes of improving quality of life and overall function.

As a holistic modality, the approach is quite different in that the goal is to treat the whole person.

Holistic medicine is aimed at a collective effort, and at the helm of dramatic change is PEMF therapy.

This revolutionary modality is not a cure, and it is not intended to replace other therapies under any current treatment plan, but, it is important that this therapy be given an opportunity to see what impact it can have for each individual.

There are 3 simple ways in which PEMF therapy impacts those suffering from Alzheimer’s:

  1. Oxygenation. PEMF therapy has been shown to improve the oxygen levels in blood and tissue, and in this case specifically, we are studying the oxygenation of the brain. Where proper oxygen flows disease cannot thrive. While this may not be as evident in an individual who is well-advanced into Alzheimer’s, it is certainly true and evident in those who are in the early stages.
  2. Increased circulation. Circulation is the process by which the blood flows through the entire body, and proper circulation to the brain means an improved cognitive function. Poor circulation becomes a problem as adults age and head into the category of what we refer to as “elderly”, and this is especially true of those who have been diagnosed with diabetes. The functions of the brain can easily improve with PEMF therapy aiding with increased circulation. Studies on peripheral neuropathy in diabetics shows promise for those who suffer from Alzheimer’s, and research will continue.
  3. Improved sleep. Disrupted sleep is detrimental to the health of any individual, and yet so little credit is given to sleep when it comes to the study of diseases. While you sleep, any proteins that were active during the day essentially become waste while you sleep. If the waste continues to build it is no surprise that it can slow the progression of normal thought patterns and other healthy brain function. Improved sleep can slow down the progression of disease, and that is the main focus for studies on individuals with Alzheimer’s. Studies already completed have shown that those patients that were given PEMF therapy had improved sleep, resulting in less agitation and improved cognitive function.

One study, specific to sleep for Alzheimer’s patients, was targeted to sleep patterns.

The goal was to find a way to improve and restore balance to the disruption of circadian rhythms in these individuals.

Animals were also researched in the same way, showing that disruption of sleep also altered their ability to think and reason as usual.

Cognitive processes improve with restful sleep, as well as sleeping during the proper times.

Studies that were completed using PEMF therapy for individuals with Alzheimer’s used frequencies ranging between 5 and 8 Hz.

The results of this study showed and improvement in visual memory, in other words, this memory relates to visual experiences.

When you see something you may remember it more than just talking about it.

This is why photographs and images are so powerful in the memory of an individual.

Seeing an animal, a car, or a play are often the first memories to be recalled in a day.

Researchers suggested that the functions impact could also potentially improve other functions of the brain including judgment, overall mood, and one’s social interaction and responses.

This is welcome news for the adult children and other family members and friends of those with Alzheimer’s.

Now that PEMF therapy is more affordable you can use it in the comfort of your own home.

PEMF Therapy Benefits Alzheimer’s Patients in the Comfort of Their Own Home Today

Now that you know more about the research that has been done, and that the research will continue, the current study shows tremendous promise for those who suffer from Alzheimer’s.

PEMF therapy has been utilized in the practices of many health professionals, but the devices used are often geared towards the proper setting in a doctor or chiropractor’s office.

Now you can access PEMF therapy at an affordable investment to use in the comfort of your own home.

You can easily use the therapy when it is convenient for you, and you can help your loved one get the therapy they so desperately need.

Why not give it a try?

If you would like to see how PEMF therapy benefits Alzheimer’s patients today, and how you can use it in your own home for a wide variety of health conditions, please visit today.

pemf therapy benefits alzheimers patients

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