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How PEMF Therapy Can be Beneficial for Acute Stress

How PEMF Therapy Can be Beneficial for Acute Stress

Stress is something that far too many people carry with them, and acute stress is one of the most problematic.

Although this type of stress refers to short-term circumstances, the inability to cope with a traumatic event can cause long-term stress.

Severe anxiety can strike due to a traumatic event, but working through this stress in a healthy way as quickly as possible is important.

How can PEMF therapy benefit those who are suffering from acute stress?

Today’s article will discuss one of the many types of stress known as acute stress, and the role PEMF therapy can play to heal stress naturally.

Symptoms of Acute Stress and How it Affects the Body

Stress is one of the primary reasons individuals seek out a PEMF device.

There are many sources of stress including family matters, stress in the workplace, health problems, and even personal relationships.

Regardless of the source of your stress, you must take it seriously.

Traumatic events are often the culprit behind acute stress. This means that it’s completely circumstantial.

Some common examples of this stress include:

  • Loss of a loved one
  • Miscarriage
  • Loss of limbs or movement from a car accident

Anything sudden and traumatic like the events listed above could be the source of immediate stress.

When sudden traumatic events like this occur, it can cause deep emotional scars, but when coping with it  in a healthy way is often challenging.

The first course of action is typically for a doctor to send someone to a counselor or a therapist.

Along with this comes a prescription for medication.

One of the most medications given for anxiety and stress is Xanax and Valium.

In 2016, CBS News posted an article on their website that shared some startling statistics regarding anxiety and the medications that are being prescribed.

This includes those individuals who are working through acute stress. Today, doctors have now labeled it as “acute stress disorder.

This label is referring to those who have not been able to work through their traumatic situation, still struggling with anxiety and depression related to the incident.

With nearly 21% of adults on anti-anxiety medications, the United States surpasses other countries.

PEMF therapy is becoming more popular in the United States, and it is important to understand how PEMF therapy can change your life for the better.

The state of relaxation that many experience with the use of a PEMF device is evidence that it can be used as therapy for those who struggle with anxiety and depression.

The key take away for you today is this: use the PEMF device for stress before it gets out of control.

There are some valid concerns within the mental health sector, most of which is now focused on how long it takes a patient to get in with a therapist on their insurance plan.

General practitioners could write a prescription for their patients at one time while the patient would attempt to find a mental health professional on their insurance.

Today, the guidelines for anti-anxiety medications and psychotropic drugs are much more stringent.

Herein lies the problem of an individual finding help within an acceptable time-frame.

You can now take matters into your own hands in a healthy fashion.

The FDA approved the use of PEMF therapy to treat depression in 2006. It is unheard of to find a patient that has ever received a prescription for PEMF therapy.

There are still many doctors who do not know what this therapy is or how to use it.

There are numerous studies that make it easy to understand how PEMF therapy works, and why it would be beneficial to those who suffer from “acute stress.”

Dr. William Pawluk, a highly respected M.D. and expert in PEMF therapy, has written about the effects of stress and how PEMF therapy devices can be a great tool for those need to work through it.

Stress for long periods of time is unhealthy, and ultimately can cause other health conditions like high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke, and death in some cases.

There are numerous areas in which PEMF therapy can benefit immediately including:

  1. Stimulating production of healthy blood cells, both red and white
  2. Strengthening the immune system
  3. Regulating cortisol, a hormone that can rapidly increase with stress and cause health problems
  4. Increasing one’s sense of well-being

There are thousands of studies on PEMF therapy and how it has impacted the human mind and body.

PEMF’s have also been proven to increase the level of serotonin in one’s brain.

When depression strikes, the levels of serotonin plummet. With 30 days of consistent exposure to PEMF’s, an individual will be able to clearly see a difference.

Stress can cause depression and other poor health conditions when it is left uncontrolled. What can you do today to reduce stress and live a healthier lifestyle?

Relieve Acute Stress with Daily Use of a PEMF Therapy Device

Stress can be dangerous, and it can be a killer.

The sooner you can deal with stress in a healthy manner, the sooner you can get your life back.

Think about all of those who depend on you including your parents and children, other family members, your employer, and many more.

Do not let stress take control of your life or your health.

The daily use of a PEMF therapy device can help to ensure that you not only have healthy blood cells to build your immune system, but you can handle life’s challenges with more grace.

Those who use PEMF therapy daily have reported the following benefits:

  • Enhanced focus
  • Increased clarity
  • Increased production
  • Peak performance as it applies to athletes
  • A state of relaxation with better sleep and awakening the next day feeling refreshed

The benefits are endless with PEMF therapy.

If you have been working through some challenges in your life, consider that purchasing a PEMF device may be the best way to deal with acute stress, while finding a counselor or therapist to help you work through it.

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