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Month: February 2017

Epidural Steroid Injections-Are They Too Risky?

Epidural steroid injections are as common today as drinking a glass of water. The reason for the common use of these injections is chronic pain. A vast majority of these injections are used by pain management doctors for patients that present chronic pain. Oftentimes, the pain is low back pain, but with so many common chronic pain conditions in the United States, steroids are often given for all types of chronic injuries. Is it possible to avoid these painful injections? There is a STRONG possibility that you will be able to avoid these injections in the future, and the risks that they present. One of the biggest risks being discussed today is the risk of fungal meningitis. Are the risks worth getting these injections? There are certainly more alternatives to fighting inflammation than there were 10 years ago, and one of those alternatives is PEMF therapy. If you could reduce your inflammation, swelling, and ultimately reduce or eliminate your chronic pain, would you do so if you could use this therapy at home? Today, we are going to share with you the risks involved in epidural steroid injections, and how steroids can negatively impact your body over time. We will also share with you how PEMF therapy can aid in helping you avoid these risks, and how you can access this therapy at an affordable rate. The Risks of...

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Talking to Your Doctor About PEMF Therapy

Talking with your doctor about PEMF therapy is the best place to start because this approach to treating pain is still new to many doctors in the United States. This therapy, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, is designed to take earth-based energy and aid the body in functioning better. This therapy is believed to work positively for the human body in reducing pain because the energy waves can alter how the body perceives pain. Pain medications alter the way the brain perceives pain, however, these medications can have negative side effects when they are given for long-term use. Could this...

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How PEMF Therapy Heals the Body

How does PEMF therapy work to bring healing to the body? Dr. Oz has done a great job of sharing his experiences with natural modalities throughout the course of his time on TV, and he continues to do so. Several years ago, Dr. Oz aired an episode about PEMF therapy and how it works, along with a few experts on his show. The best part of listening to a doctor share their knowledge is that it lends credence to the modality as well as those experts that use it in their practice every day. The biggest question patients have...

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Why Using PEMF Therapy Helps Build Trust with Your Patients

Would you be more likely to trust your chiropractor if they were to use PEMF therapy? PEMF therapy is now growing in popularity in chiropractic offices across the country as well as in medical offices. One of the most well-known doctors to use this therapy is Dr. William Pawluk, M.D. Dr. Pawluk isn’t new to PEMF therapy, and as a medical doctor using this therapy in his practice, it sheds light on his approach to treating the whole patient. He is now referred to as, “Your PEMF M.D.”, but this is a phrase that would lead us to believe he...

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Simple Steps Your Patients Can Take to Prevent Chronic Pain

As a chiropractor you are able to treat pain in your office, but what if you could help your patients prevent chronic pain? Preventative methods in medicine are always highly valued, but oftentimes these preventatives are only acknowledged in conventional medicine. Chiropractic medicine is preventative for injuries in that it helps to keep the body loose and fluid, but you may also share tips or ideas with your patients on how they can get well and stay well. Treating the whole person is the core concept of holistic medicine, and when a practitioner isn’t treating the whole person, they are failing in their practice. There are many important aspects of running your practice, including getting new patients and using relevant marketing, but when things begin to slow down it isn’t always about looking to your marketing first. Do patients feel valued when they come in for treatment? Do your patients feel as though they are working with the expert when they come to you for help? When you treat your patient as a person, you’ll begin to see your practice changing. There are numerous tips that you can offer to your patients so that they know how valued they really are. Prevent Chronic Pain by Giving Your Patients Tips When you have patients that have been coming to you for a number of years, you can be sure that...

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