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Month: January 2018

How PEMF Therapy Reduces Symptoms of Cushing’s Syndrome

Although it is rare to hear someone say that they have symptoms of Cushing’s syndrome, it is a very real condition. Many of the symptoms may be experienced by individuals with other syndromes or conditions. Previous articles have discussed endocrine glands and hormones, all of which play a role in Cushing’s syndrome. If you or someone you love exhibits symptoms of this syndrome, or they experience any of these symptoms, please read this article in its entirety. This syndrome is rare, with only 10 to 15 per million being affected each year. This article will share with you the symptoms...

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Could PEMF Therapy Improve a Child’s Growth?

Studies on PEMF therapy and endocrine glands have led to an interest in whether or not PEMF therapy can improve a child’s growth. The pituitary gland, another endocrine gland, is often referred to as “the master control gland”.  It’s amazing that a pea sized gland, just below the base of the brain could manage so much in the human body. What happens when the pituitary gland isn’t working? Anything it manages will also begin to malfunction, and for pre-teens and other children this could mean lack of ability to grow. The good news is that research indicates that PEMF...

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How PEMFs Unlock the Secret to the Function of the Cell Membrane

You have probably heard that PEMF therapy is good for overall health, but this is because it stimulates the function of the cell membrane. All good health, healing of illness and disease all leads back to the cells and their condition. What is the secret to good cellular health and ongoing repair and regeneration? Studies show that PEMFs truly unlock the secret to the function of the cell membrane. This article will tell you why, and what can happen as a result. You will also learn why this therapy is so effective for so many conditions and diseases. Why...

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Balance Your Endocrine System with PEMF Therapy

Did you know that one of the primary benefits of PEMF therapy is that it can balance your endocrine system? Your endocrine system is your key to vital health. The ability to unlock its power lies within the energy your endocrine glands have. Illness or other signs like fatigue, trouble sleeping, unexplained weight gain, and reproductive problems all point to an endocrine system that is out of balance. How can PEMF therapy help you? This article is dedicated to sharing valuable information with you about your endocrine system, why it is vital to your health, and how PEMF therapy...

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