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How PEMF Therapy Heals Pins and Needles Sensations

How PEMF Therapy Heals Pins and Needles Sensations

Research in magnet therapy may lend credence to the fact that PEMF therapy heals pins and needles type sensations for those who suffer from multiple sclerosis (MS).

The one specific symptoms that researchers found to have the best response to magnet therapy is the “pins and needles” feeling (paresthesia) that MS patients experience in their arms and legs.

This feeling is different for every patient, ranging from “not-so-bad” to a “complete nuisance.”

Whatever the feeling is like for you, you can be sure that MS patients have come to understand how beneficial PEMF therapy can be.

As electromagnetic field therapy continues to research the impact it has on the lives of MS patients, medication and physical therapy are not to be stopped.

The purpose of this article is to educate you on how PEMF therapy heals pins and needles, and why it may heal other symptoms just as well.

PEMF Therapy Heals Pins and Needles with Gentle Pulses

The use of magnets for therapeutic purposes dates back to 3000 B.C.

Initially, there was only one option when it came to magnet therapy. That one option was to use just one static magnet.

The modern method of using magnets for healing purposes today, is the use of pulsed electromagnetic fields.

Pulsed EMFs can be given in specific measurements of time, whereas static magnets cannot.

Static magnets today are found in bracelet form, and sometimes they are found in shoes.

What is it about PEMFs (pulsed electromagnetic fields), that causes them to heal the body? It is their ability to penetrate the tissues in the human body.

Additionally, PEMF therapy can stimulate ions and molecules, and it ultimately it works on the cells. Most importantly, for the MS patient, it works on the nerve cells.

This is the real game changer for those with MS.

The peripheral nerves are damaged, causing multiple sclerosis.

As nerve cells, ions, and electrolytes are stimulated in the human body, circulation begins to improve, and ultimately nerve function improves.

This is how PEMF therapy heals pins and needles sensations.

There are many different types of devices, ranging from hand-held devices to full-body mattresses.

Many who suffer from MS say that the full-body mats give them the best results with daily use.

Static magnets are not believed to be effective, but PEMF therapy has been proven through thousands of scientific studies in Europe and in the United States.

A fact that MS patients may find encouraging, is that the FDA approved the use of PEMF devices for treating migraine headaches.

Those who are diagnosed with MS are twice as likely to encounter migraines on a frequent basis.

The consistent daily use of PEMF therapy will aid in the oxygenation of tissues in the body, bringing healing and proper blood flow where it’s needed most.

PEMF therapy heals pins and needles sensations in the body, but in previous articles we also discussed how this therapy can benefit those who suffer from balance problems and fatigue.

The good news is that you can now access these devices much easier than in times past.

PEMF Therapy Heals Pins and Needles with Daily Use

Those who use their PEMF mats daily experience the most success with this therapy.

The mats seem to be most effective for those who suffer from MS, and others who are suffering from chronic illnesses.

Choosing a PEMF device can take time, so it’s important to do some research before you make your purchase.

It is up to you to research and compare benefits as well as prices.

Before you begin your research, ask yourself a few questions.

“What are my health needs?”

“Do I travel frequently?”

“Do I need to address multiple health problems?”

These are all good questions to ask, and it will help you narrow down your options before purchasing your PEMF device.

There are many practical applications for PEMF therapy for chronic conditions and their symptoms. Most importantly, “PEMF therapy heals pins and needles” for those who suffer from MS.

PEMF therapy heals pins and needles

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