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Benefits of PEMF Therapy for Kidney Stones

Benefits of PEMF Therapy for Kidney Stones

Are there really benefits of using PEMF therapy for kidney stones?

Kidney stones are painful. Many women who have passed kidney stones have said that these stones are more painful than giving birth.

That is a pretty strong statement.

Pain medication and surgical procedures are often chosen to help eliminate these stones if they are too large to pass on their own.

Although PEMF therapy has not been approved to blast kidney stones like lithotripsy, it can help in other ways.

This article is going to share why PEMF therapy for kidney stones is a good idea at home, and how to cope with the process.

PEMF Therapy for Kidney Stones Brings Pain Relief

If you have ever had kidney stones, you know how painful they are.

The last thing a doctor will recommend to you for this problem is PEMF therapy.

Some doctors still have not heard of this therapy, and it has never been approved for the treatment of kidney disease by the FDA.

There are some research studies that prove PEMF therapy is helpful for healing the kidneys of various problems. In this case it is first all about the pain.

Generally, a dull ache may be felt in the lower back at the onset of kidney stones. It may soon progress to a pain similar to going into labor or worse.

Many have described this pain as the worst pain they have ever felt. Is PEMF therapy strong enough for pain like this?

The relief one experiences with PEMF therapy will vary from another.

There is no one right way to use a PEMF device for every condition.

Pain is a popular reason for seeking out a PEMF device. Using PEMF therapy for kidney stones may be beneficial for several reasons.

There is some research that indicates PEMF therapy is useful in dissolving kidney stones, (with magnetically treated water),and that it may help regulate the buildup of uric acid.

The elevated levels of uric acid are one of the most common reasons that kidney stones are formed.

It has also been proven that PEMFs can heal the inflammation inside the body as well as vital organs.

With this in mind, you can be assured that PEMF therapy is effective and it is now readily available for you to use in the comfort of your own home.

This also means that you could potentially avoid surgery for your kidney stones.

Lithotripsy, a procedure commonly used to help break up these stones, has now been considered dangerous by many doctors.

An interesting article published in the New York Times in 2006, says that lithotripsy may cause the onset of diabetes and high blood pressure.

The longest follow-up study in history was conducted on patients who had lithotripsy. Researchers and doctors discovered that these individuals developed diabetes  four times the rate of patients that chose other procedures.

Diabetes and high blood pressure often go hand-in-hand, and they are both dangerous conditions to develop.

The outcome was not related to the number of electric shocks, but it was related to the act of using electrical shocks.

Is it possible for a PEMF device to help break up kidney stones in a similar fashion?

We were not able to find anything stating this, except for a book in Google books that mentioned the use of magnetically treated water.

Certainly there is much research to be done on kidney stones and the use of PEMF therapy. The first priority for anyone with kidney stones is getting out of pain.

Once the pain is gone, PEMF therapy can continue to aid in relaxing the individual without medications.

PEMF therapy is not a cure for kidney stones, however, it may help significantly in the areas that we have mentioned.

Would you be willing to try PEMF therapy for kidney stones if you experience them often?

Using PEMF Therapy for Kidney Stones on a Daily Basis

There are now more opportunities to use a natural therapy for pain relief than there were ten years ago.

PEMF devices are now more readily available and they are now more affordable as well.

Finding the right PEMF device will take some time.

What is your immediate need? Do you need the benefits of PEMF therapy for several reasons?

Those who suffer from chronic illnesses have found that they benefit from a full-body mat in order to get the best results.

Everyone will experience different results, and you’ll want to compare devices before you make a final decision.

If you or someone you love has suffered from the pain of kidney stones, now is a good time to check out a PEMF device.

Daily use of “PEMF therapy for kidney stones” may make it easier for you to pass your kidney stones, and it may significantly reduce your pain.

PEMF therapy for kidney stones

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