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PEMF Therapy For Better Oxygenation

PEMF Therapy For Better Oxygenation

There is a simple and repetitive act that for the most part, happens without thinking.  All living beings need to do this to continue living. This elemental process is called breathing and is responsible for supplying air to our bodies. It’s impressive to think how a basic action can be indispensable in providing the capacity to live. It’s important to understand how to increase our oxygenation.

First, the process of breathing happens through the respiratory system, a biological structure in charge of exchanging gasses, more specifically, bringing oxygen to the lungs and exhaling carbon dioxide. Oxygenation occurs when this element is provided to the body, including tissues and organs, that makes possible the right work in the way. What happens when the correct distribution is affected for any reason? Health problems start to appear.

Commonly, it manifests in several ways when the respiratory system has some kind of difficulty. As a result, not only is respiration affected but also the circulatory system is influenced by the stretched relationship between these two. Here you can see how PEMF therapy can help you to improve your success absorption and in the same way, increase your circulatory health.

Cardiovascular And Respiratory System

These two networks work in harmony to ensure the right development of one of these, and the other one needs to be in excellent condition too. The exact exchange involves small cells localized in the lungs named alveoli and capillaries present as red blood cells. PEMF can be useful for both systems by optimizing ATP production and as a result, more energy.

Respiratory System Alveoli


PEMF can help oxygenation in other specifics ways:

  • Increasing Oxygenation Capacity

When an individual experiences PEMF, this helps to open the alveoli and at the same time, expand the quantity of blood that interacts with the lungs to increase oxygen flow and obtention. This important action is directly related to the amount of this element in hemoglobin.

Based on the research of PEMF Expert Prof. Bryant Meyers (2013) after studying this effect, he concluded that benefits clearly show even after just 8 minutes on a PEMF therapy mat. This helps to optimize your body’s ability to take the air you breathe and extract the life-naturing oxygen from it, releasing toxic carbon dioxide as a waste product in the process. [1]

  • Improved Nitric Oxide Production

Nitric Oxide (NO) is one of the most essential oxides of nitrogen and is a vital element related to many areas of health, modulating blood pressure and accelerating blood flow. It performs like a vasodilator and moderates the blood vessel muscles. According to Elizabeth Culotta and Daniel Koshland (1992), the use of magnetic fields and radio waves to track changes in blood flow and blood oxygenation is a real success. They state that it’s become quicker and easier all the time. [2]

PEMF therapy stimulates nitric oxide production in the body which greatly increases the oxygenation of the cells, amplifies the work of the heart, and promotes better circulation.

  • More ATP = More Energy

ATP production is primarily an aerobic (which means it requires oxygen) process, a reduced number of 2 molecules of ATP are produced without this element in front of the 38 molecules with it, based on one unit of glucose.

PEMF therapy can improve the quality of ATP formation as a result of increasing the capacity of oxygenation and giving more energy to the body!


Preventing Poor Oxygenation 

Of course, bad oxygenation activity in the body has several results on health. This could lead to intense symptoms such as headaches, shortness of breath, restlessness, confusion, and others. These symptoms could be signs of serious oxygenation deficiencies and in a critical case, could trigger a condition called hypoxemia, which appears when a body shows lower-than-normal levels of oxygen in the blood.

Furthermore, it is important to say that people with low blood oxygen levels must make relevant changes in their lifestyle, such as creating exercise habits and increasing proper nutrition. These alternatives combined with PEMF therapy sessions will provide enhanced health.  

Can you imagine how PEMF Therapy is capable of making a real difference in your health? We know that it is hard to believe that a simple fact like that is able to improve general wellness and increase your life quality. With the fantastic possibility of enhancing your oxygen levels, this therapy helps in specific areas related to the correct movement of this essential chemical element. One of the most important side effects is the increment of efficient cerebral blood flow, which consist of the delivery of arterial blood directly to a capillary to supply tissues.
If the previous process does not work fluently, several problems could be present in the body, and this insufficiency expands the risk of stroke and presents symptoms such as loss of balance, confusion, spinning sensation, loss of vision, and more. The good news is that by using PEMF, you can prevent these kinds of diseases connected with oxygen circulation and progressively accomplish a better active and vital state.

Along the same lines, extra oxygen is a pro for dealing with common problems such as depressive thoughts, restlessness, sleep apnea, and bad concentration. As we have been in this article, oxygen is translated as energy for the body, and for this reason, we can conclude that the more oxygen there is, the more energy you will feel.

PEMF therapy is an excellent supporting strategy to increase the capacity to absorb pure oxygen. Combined with a frequent exercise routine, healthy nutrition, and medical care can guarantee better performance of your respiratory and circulatory systems. Of course, one of the advantages of using any PEMF device is the fact that you can adapt your sessions according to your time from the comfort of your home. These types of devices are characterized by being practical, effective and simple to use.



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