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PEMF Therapy For Energy

PEMF Therapy For Energy

As human beings, we have an incredibly energetic machine that is naturally structured to work in perfect synchronization to be able to enjoy the amazing miracle of life. Numerous organs, various systems, and trillions of cells operate in harmony to create the miracle of life. This complex system is driven by a powerful property that makes it all possible: Energy.  

For the human body, energy is the equivalent of gasoline for automobiles, that is to say, is essential for working. In the same way, only one kind of energy can be functional for the human body, this type of energy is created by chemical energy. The biological work is primarily boosted by Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), which is the result of the transformation of carbohydrates, fats, and protein ingested through the food.

All of this process occurs in the mitochondria of cells and is an aerobic process that needs oxygen to work. But what happens when the cell’s supply of ATP is low? In simple words, the body would suffer a breakdown and start presenting energy problems, in addition to other consequences.  Thankfully, there is a natural way to increase energy levels naturally and effectively.

PEMF Therapy And ATP Hydrolysis Mitochondria of Cells ATP Production for More Energy

One of the incredible benefits that Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF) or Photobiomodulation therapy provides is the possibility to upgrade the energy by means of mitochondria stimulation. From the right flows of the process that include this element, cells are in constant movement to complete different stages, one of these activities is ATP breakdown. The enzyme in charge of this process, named ATP hydrolysis, is known as ATP-asa.

Prof. Bryant Meyers (2016) expressed in his research that an important consideration of energy medicine is the fact that ATP synthesis by mitochondria is increased by exposure to weak pulsating magnetic fields that are delivered within certain biological windows. Pulsating magnetic fields do this by increasing ATPase activity [1]. Based on this affirmation, we can deduce the positive results of this method. Here is a video about how PEMF recharges your body.

PEMF: A Biological Booster

In his incredible book, Prof. Meyers explains why this therapy is an energetic way to improve your health. Research shows that weak PEMF signals in certain biological windows (0-30 Hz) increase ATP synthesis in the mitochondria [2]. Also, he highlights the fact that PEMF therapy enhances all the channels, pathways, and delivery of the essential elements needed to create energy in the mitochondria: oxygen absorption, hydration, assimilation, circulation, and energization of the cellular pump (TMP or transmembrane potential) [2].

ATP is the most intense storage of this biological battery in the human body, and for this reason, is so relevant to understand how the big promoter of energy works.


Effects Of PEMF Therapy On Energy

In summary, here is a list of the most relevant effects:

  • Your organs, tissues, and cells will work better.
  • If you have a specific health concern, the associated symptoms would improve considerably.
  • Your cells will have more energy.
  • You will feel better, more energetic, and more active!

It’s a fact that a car doesn’t work without a combustible or any kind of energy that makes it possible for it to run, as in the example, in the same way, is impossible that the human body acts without the chemical energy that is provided by the ATP function. Frequently, people talk about energy and its subject but is important to know how our body produces this powerful battery and what are the best treatments for improving our capacity to enhance vitality and, consequently, accomplish a better lifestyle.

This amazing cycle of taking, processing, and providing vivacity is a principal action that is present since the beginning of the earth, which means that it is a natural and biological pattern. PEMF Therapy takes advantage of the organic vigor and the ability of the body to heal itself with the essential elements of life. The simple fact of being able to count with higher energy levels can make a significant change in your routine, as well as help to improve any disease, condition, or problem.

Also, PEMF Therapy can help with other aspects necessary to accomplish a state of wellness. These features are able to influence the energy statement, too, such as providing better sleep, relieving pain, increasing oxygenation, upgrading circulation, and giving you more immunity.

Is important to highlight the fact that PEMF Therapy is a complementary therapy that can work in harmony with good nutrition and a great exercise routine, in that way, every effort to generate more vitality in the body will be exploited to increase the vitality storage progressively.

Of course, PEMF therapy is much more than an energetic increaser, it also offers benefits such as improving your sleep time, decreasing specific pain, and enhancing circulation. If your priority is to feel better and to improve your health and energy, PEMF is an effective complementary therapy.

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