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Evidence that PEMF Therapy Reduces Pain for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Patients

Evidence that PEMF Therapy Reduces Pain for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Patients

Studies have indicated that PEMF therapy reduces pain for those who suffer from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, or CRPS.

This disease, previously known as sympathetic reflex syndrome and causalgia, is now getting more attention in medical research.

Chronic pain patients have been giving PEMF therapy a try when nothing else works.

Those who have tried various medications or have had cortisone injections are growing weary of invasive procedures.

This natural approach to chronic pain and inflammation is now sought after by those who suffer from CRPS.

What is it, and how does PEMF therapy work to reduce pain for these individuals?

This article will discuss the new findings on CRPS, and what one individual had to say about her trial with a PEMF therapy mat.

PEMF Therapy Reduces Pain and Convinces a Suffering Woman

When an individual can witness healing and reduced pain from a new therapy, it’s a big day for them.

Individuals who find pain relief from therapies they are skeptical about feel as though they have been given their life back.

Unfortunately, PEMF therapy is still not widely accepted in the United States, and is generally only utilized by chiropractors or naturopathic physicians.

A woman who purchased a PEMF mat became a believer within days of using her mat for the first time.

Here is what she had to say about the mat, and how PEMF therapy reduces pain for her consistently.

“I have suffered from chronic pain for man years, but it wasn’t until I had my thyroid removed that I began to notice the difference. It seemed more frequent, and a medication that the doctor gave me to help was no longer working. I had taken Effexor for years with tremendous relief from chronic pain, but this was no longer working once my thyroid was removed. My wrists, hands, shoulders, knees, and ankles hurt constantly. I could not utilize over-the-counter medicines like Advil or Motrin, although they worked well. I would develop ulcers after the first dose, swell up and break out into hives. It seemed that there was no answer for me. I was discouraged and depressed, desperately willing to try any natural therapy that came my way. When I purchased the  last year, I began using it right away. Within two days I could not believe the difference. My fatigue was the first thing to disappear. The next morning I woke up without brain fog, and within about 4 or 5 days, my pain had been reduced dramatically. I felt like a totally different person, and I began to tell everyone I knew about the mat and how it helped reduce my pain. What a miracle.”

Doctors do not use this therapy and so few are willing to give it a fair trial in their office. Those who have had numerous surgeries may understand this.

Just as this woman had suffered from pain, only to have doctors slap a different diagnosis on it each year, there was no relief in sight.

One day, she went to see the neurologist and noticed that he had marked her diagnosis has Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

What? This was a new name. Another new diagnosis. This is when she decided to try alternative therapies. The winner is PEMF therapy.

The search for information on CRPS was easy, but recently, we came across some interesting information regarding this syndrome.

The statistics on CRPS in the United States were over-reported, with nearly 5 to 6 million individuals receiving the diagnosis of CRPS.

Now, this disease is being documented as rare by the National Organization of Rare Diseases (NORD). This is big news because this means that many have been misdiagnosed.

Peripheral nerve injury and injury to the central nervous system are the key here to CRPS. This means that pain is almost ALWAYS related to a previous injury (in rare cases it is not).

This is where research on PEMF therapy provides hope to many. Those who suffer from diabetic nerve pain are seeing the results they hoped for when using PEMF therapy.

This disease is also now one of the most misunderstood, because patients are rarely informed of the two classifications.

The two classifications of CRPS are listed below.

  1. CRPS-I- This is the classification without a confirmed nerve injury.
  2. CRPS-II- This is the classification given to those who are given a confirmed diagnosis of nerve injury or entrapment.

There is no concrete documentation from the medical community regarding whether or not this disease will be given two separate classifications, but at this time it helps individuals to see what type of diagnosis they may get.

This woman is a believer.

Although she wishes to remain anonymous, she is a major advocate now for PEMF therapy for patients who suffer from chronic pain.

Experiencing nerve pain from the sciatic nerve in both sides of the body, she was also able to use PEMF therapy to find relief.

This woman was experiencing how PEMF therapy reduces pain in the joints as well as the nerves.

PEMF therapy is now believed to be a win-win situation for all who try it. Are you suffering from CRPS or other chronically painful conditions?

PEMF Therapy Reduces Pain for Most Chronic Pain

There is no doubt that thousands have experienced the relief that can come from PEMF therapy.

Whether you suffer from CRPS, fibromyalgia, or other chronic condition, PEMF therapy may be effective. Those who experience the best results use their mats daily.

PEMF therapy studies have shown that PEMFs reduce inflammation, swelling, and ultimately pain as a result.

There is a ton of hope for the future for those who suffer needlessly from painful conditions.

Physical therapy can be a great way to increase mobility, and using PEMF therapy in conjunction with physical therapy is a great way to also increase your range of motion.

What causes you pain?

Don’t suffer when you can now access PEMF therapy for use in your own home.

If you would like to learn more about PEMF therapy reduces pain for arthritis, nerve injuries, CRPS, fibromyalgia and other painful conditions, please visit today.

PEMF therapy reduces pain

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