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PEMF Therapy – Waveform, Frequency and Intensity

PEMF Therapy – Waveform, Frequency and Intensity

PEMF therapy has the ability to accelerate healing and improve overall health and wellness. Want to know more? Let’s take a look at PEMF therapy and what makes it so effective for improved health.

There are three primary components to PEMF

  • Waveform
  • Frequency
  • Intensity


Waveform is a term used to describe the shape of a pulse. There are a variety of waveforms found in nature, in the body, and in PEMF therapy devices. The most commonly used waveforms found in PEMF devices are the square and sine waves. Sine waves are similar to the waves naturally emitted from the body.

The square wave was studied by NASA as a way to improve health in aerospace. Their research found that the square wave was best for accelerated healing and regeneration of healthy tissues. It was found to be particularly beneficial for the repair of nerve cells. Both the Sine and square waveforms have been proven effective at enhancing the natural processes that occur within the body.


The speed of the pulse is called the frequency. Frequency is commonly measured in Hertz (Hz). Did you know that your body naturally runs on different frequencies? PEMF devices enhance the frequencies naturally found in the body, giving energy to the cells. Cellular energy is important for restoring restricted ion flow and stimulating the body’s regeneration process.

  • Beta: (12-38 Hz) The brain emits Beta waves during the waking state. Beta frequencies are important for problem-solving, focus, alertness, and decision-making.
  • Alpha: (8-12 Hz) Alpha waves are present during times of relaxation and quiet. This range of frequencies is particularly important during learning, times of calm, and coordination.
  • Theta: (3-8 Hz) Theta waves are present during times of deep meditation and sleep. Theta frequencies are essential to vivid dreams and even nightmares during deep sleep.
  • Delta: (0.5-3 Hz) Delta frequencies are emitted during the deepest phases of meditation and dreamless sleep. These frequencies are particularly important to the healing and regeneration of the body. Without deep, dreamless sleep, the body cannot enter the state of healing required for optimal health.

When using PEMF therapy, many refer to frequency reference materials for guidance on settings that are best to use during their therapy session. The basis of most frequency reference guides is the Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta frequency ranges that are naturally emitted by the body.


Intensity is another term for the strength or power of the magnetic field. Low-intensity PEMF therapy devices are safe to use in the home. In low-intensity PEMF devices, the intensity is represented by MicroTesla or Gauss. 1 Gauss is equal to 100 MicroTesla.

The cells in the body naturally communicate at a low intensity. Therefore, low-intensity PEMF therapy is very effective in encouraging improved cellular function. Low-intensity PEMF therapy is most effective when used twice daily.

Regardless of the frequency and waveform, low-intensity PEMF therapy offers many health benefits and provides direct stimulation to the cells so that they may work more efficiently. If you are interested in a natural way to improve your overall health and wellness, try PEMF therapy today!

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