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Month: August 2017

PEMF Therapy Reduces Inflammation from Implanted Prosthetics

Did you know that PEMF therapy reduces inflammation from implanted prosthetics during the adjustment period? The FDA approved the use of PEMF therapy for the healing of non-union fractures in 1979. This was great news for individuals who had experienced fractures. Many researchers felt that if this was possible, perhaps PEMFs could promote the healing and integration process of implanted prosthetics. Total joint replacement is also related to this because of the materials used in the joint replacement surgeries. In fact, those who have needed revisions for prostheses, have experienced a worse outcome. The reason for this is the...

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How PEMF Therapy Impacts Aging at the Cellular Level

Did you know that more research continues on how PEMF therapy impacts aging. Oftentimes, we describe aging as “getting older”. We expect age spots, slower walking, and wrinkles with aging. Those who are aging adults often say, “I’m getting older so I don’t think like I used to”. These facts and statements are all true but they are not true for every person. Aging occurs with each passing year of one’s life. Why do we age? A lot of activity happens behind the scenes when aging occurs. Just as all other processes start in the cells, so does aging. Looking ahead to September, we are dedicating this article to Healthy Aging Month. Today, we’ll be talking about how PEMF therapy impacts aging, and how using this therapy can improve your golden years. How PEMF Therapy Impacts Aging with Oxygenation of the Cells Chances are, you found this article while researching anti-aging online. Everyone wants to know the secret of how to age gracefully, or at least slow the process down. Aging is a normal process of life. However, it is important to take care of yourself and do what you can to be healthy as you age. Destructive habits like overeating, smoking, and drinking alcohol are still important to work on as you age. What you may not realize is that your cell are already aging, and bad habits like...

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How PEMF Combats Heart Disease

Did you know that the leading cause of death in the United States and Canada is heart disease (cardiovascular disease)? The heart is unique in that it is electrically dynamic. Health professionals and medical researchers believe this could be the reason that PEMF therapy is so effective for the heart. There are numerous causes for cardiovascular disease. How does PEMF therapy combat this killer in adults? Today, this article is discussing some highlights of cardiovascular health and why PEMF therapy is a great choice. Prevention and therapy after a firm diagnosis will both be discussed. Additionally, the research concerning...

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How PEMF Therapy Promotes Healthy Cell Function

Thousands of research studies have shown that PEMF therapy promotes healthy cell function. This is likely because PEMF therapy stimulates electrical charges, which is important for cell function. It is for this reason that cells appear to undergo repair during PEMF therapy. Additionally, new healthy blood cells can be created with the consistent use of PEMF therapy. Cellular health has everything to do with whether or not you age faster, or that you get sick on a frequent basis. Today, this article is going to share with you how PEMF therapy promotes healthy cell function, and why cell function...

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How PEMF Therapy Accelerates Wound Healing

Did you know that PEMF therapy accelerates wound healing? Diabetics often experience a delay in the healing of wounds. This may be related to poor circulation, also a common health problem among diabetics. Traditionally, the treatment of wounds has been dealt with by seeking care inside the hospital. Those who do not experience a standard of wound healing considered normal may seek care from a wound specialist. PEMF therapy is now giving hope to those who would not typically search an alternative solution for their care. This revolutionary therapy can aid in wound healing by increasing blood flow, but...

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