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How PEMF Therapy Impacts Aging at the Cellular Level

Did you know that more research continues on how PEMF therapy impacts aging.

Oftentimes, we describe aging as “getting older”.

We expect age spots, slower walking, and wrinkles with aging. Those who are aging adults often say, “I’m getting older so I don’t think like I used to”.

These facts and statements are all true but they are not true for every person.

Aging occurs with each passing year of one’s life.

Why do we age?

A lot of activity happens behind the scenes when aging occurs. Just as all other processes start in the cells, so does aging.

Looking ahead to September, we are dedicating this article to Healthy Aging Month.

Today, we’ll be talking about how PEMF therapy impacts aging, and how using this therapy can improve your golden years.

How PEMF Therapy Impacts Aging with Oxygenation of the Cells

Chances are, you found this article while researching anti-aging online.

Everyone wants to know the secret of how to age gracefully, or at least slow the process down. Aging is a normal process of life.

However, it is important to take care of yourself and do what you can to be healthy as you age.

Destructive habits like overeating, smoking, and drinking alcohol are still important to work on as you age.

What you may not realize is that your cell are already aging, and bad habits like these can accelerate the aging process.

Research has shown that PEMF therapy can slow down the aging process at the cellular level. Here is what we know through research about how it works.

  1. A weakness in brain cells was discovered that sheds light on the aging process. There is now a ton of research dedicated to the function of the brain as well as research on brain cancer. During this time, researchers discovered that proteins once again are critical to health. This research gives us a clue as to what causes the brain to deteriorate as we age. As the proteins deteriorate toxins are absorbed into the nucleus. Whatever gets to the nucleus gets into the body. When this cellular aging or “senescence” occurs, it can initiate the process of dementia. This in turn can lead to Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, and other diseases associated with aging adults.
  2. Stem cell theory may play a role. Based upon what researchers have discovered about stem cells, this could also be a clear link to aging. When stem cells fail to replenish tissues with the appropriate nutrients organs can fail to function. This is also another sign of aging. When kidneys fail or the liver fails, we tend to say things like, “Well, he/she is getting older so it’s only a matter of time.” Aging cells impact the functionality of organs.

How PEMF therapy impacts aging is quite clear in terms of what we know about what PEMFs do for the body. The following have been proven through research about PEMF therapy.

  1. PEMFs reduce oxidative stress. This oxidative stress that occurs in the body as cells age can be reduced with the use of PEMF therapy. The gentle pulsed electromagnetic fields that you experience with this therapy increase oxygenation in the tissues and cells. This reduces oxidative stress that occurs from outside pollution, overuse of medications and bad habits like smoking and drinking alcohol.
  2. PEMFs aid in the creation of new healthy cells. Damage to cells causes disease, but PEMF therapy has been shown to repair damaged cells as well as create new, healthy cells. This means that there is an increased task force in the body, ready to come to the aid of the tissues and organs when an imbalance has occurred.
  3. PEMFs bring natural EMFs into balance. When diseases is present there is an imbalance in the body. Each tissue and organ has its own signature electromagnetic field. When those fields are poorly emitted, this is when damage to the cells creeps in. PEMFs trigger the bioelectromagnetic field and bring it up to speed to correct that imbalance. Health will return to the tissues and cells, and over time symptoms of a disease will be reduced or diminish altogether. The earlier one begins to use PEMF therapy the sooner results may be noted.

Many health professionals are now seeing the value in PEMF therapy and have begun to incorporate it into their practice.

How can you use this therapy consistently?

How PEMF Therapy Impacts Aging with Consistent Use

Did you know that will daily use of PEMF therapy your overall health could improve dramatically?

Many chiropractors now incorporate this therapy into their practice, but booking a session for this can be expensive in an office setting.

Going to the chiropractor’s office just to get this therapy can be quite expensive. Why not use it at home when it’s convenient for you?

There are now multiple PEMF therapy devices available to choose from. Every device is different and may be used for specific needs.

Would you like to learn more about how PEMF therapy impacts aging?

You can now access PEMF therapy at an affordable investment for you and your family. It is easy to use and no training is required.

You can now get the therapy you need for improved overall health and improved cellular function when its convenient for you.

Please take a moment to visit and review the options. You’ll find several devices you can choose from, and you’ll also see a Learning Center tab where you can find videos and testimonials about PEMFs.

Don’t wait to lay claim to improved health and slower aging.

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how pemf therapy impacts aging


  1. Steven Moon D.C.

    I find it interesting that you mentioned Chiropractors.
    I find that using the PEMF mat is very compatible with the treatments in my office, and is very helpful for patients. I offer the PEMF mat to my patients for purchase or to use in my office. If my patients are on one of our Special Treatment Plans, the per visit cost is lowered and the PEMF mat treatment is included at no extra charge. It’s a big WIN for our patients!
    Dr. Steven Moon D.C.

    • Tammy Coffin

      Hi Dr. Moon,

      Thank you for your comment. Chiropractors often turn to us to become dealers so that their patients can get the benefit of a high quality mat without the hefty price. PEMF therapy is absolutely compatible with chiropractic. It is wonderful that you offer those plans to your patients, as well as the PEMF mat treatment at no extra charge. It sounds like you know how to actually take care of people. I am sure your practice thrives. Thanks again for stopping by our website.

      Kind Regards,
      The PEMF Supply Team

  2. SkinSage

    I would want to purchase something like this to use at home If it is anything that could improve my health condition, I’m willing to try it.

    • Tammy Coffin

      Many have been helped by PEMF therapy. If you have any questions, please give us a call, or you may order through the website.

      Kind regards,
      The Team at PEMF Supply


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