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3 Ways PEMF Therapy Can Impact Hidden Organisms In Cells

3 Ways PEMF Therapy Can Impact Hidden Organisms In Cells

The previous article focused on the first major aspect of Lyme Disease, but this article will focus on the hidden organisms in cells, the second most important aspect of this disease.

All disease begins in the cells, but there can be an external force that impacts those cells to initiate a diseased state.

This is true of Lyme Disease as well, but initially most individuals are treated with antibiotics.

While antibiotics can impact bacterial cells, many patients do not improve, or symptoms present again at a later date.

Lyme Disease is deemed a chronic disease, and oftentimes, long-term use of IV antibiotics is needed in order to begin a solid course of treatment.

Now that PEMF therapy is now more affordable and it can be used in the comfort of your own home, is it a viable therapy for your journey with Lyme Disease?

It can be in order to fight the active infection, and it could have a powerful impact on the hidden organisms in cells too.

How PEMF Therapy Addresses the Hidden Organisms in Cells

Cellular damage is chronic in that damaged cells continue to divide and multiply which could in turn cause them to invade the cells around them.

There is activity inside the cells as well, and the organism present in Lyme Disease can cause damage at the intracellular level as well.

Ultimately, the disease can then settle into the tissues and organs, and that is when the chronic symptoms really begin to surface as the hidden organisms in cells rear their ugly head.

The brain, lungs, heart, muscles and joints are all affected by Lyme Disease, but meeting the disease or infection where it starts is the key to getting a jump start on the healing process.

PEMF  therapy MEETS  the disease or infection at the cellular level.

There are 3 things that we know to be true of cells:

  1. They contain energy and eliminate waste.
  2. Each cell performs functions based upon the cell type and the location.
  3. Cells have the ability to repair and regenerate.

There are properties of electromagnetic fields that science and medicine have been able to clearly identify.

  1. These fields increase motion of ions. This is critical because ions fight off mold, and they are the mechanism that helps ward off disease as well.
  2. Electrolytes become balanced in the body. This is important because electrolytes help balance the hydration of the body. Where electrolytes are not present, the body lacks the proper amount of fluid. This can impact the health of tissues and organs, and when PEMF’s stimulate these electrolytes healing is present.
  3. Energy increases in the cells. This is true and it happens as a result of the balance of electrolytes as well the fact that cells are gaining energy and beginning to heal.

The cell is fundamental to life, healing, and above all, it is important that you feed your cells with everything they need.

As you age your body begins to lose the draw to the earth’s natural electromagnetic field.

When you stop playing at the playground you lose the magnetic fields, and if you don’t work in the earth you lose these electromagnetic fields as well.

When the disease settles into the tissues and organs, this is when the disease begins to manifest the “chronic” problems and conditions, and all too often those who suffer from the symptoms do not know for years.

Testing for Lyme Disease can be frustrating, and it leave you wondering if you are really having these symptoms because testing may not be positive for the disease.

The chronic phases of Lyme Disease are MUCH different from those that are treated early on and get better results with antibiotics.

Those who do not get these results still need answers. This is where PEMF therapy comes in.

As the PEMF therapy begins to heal down to the cellular level, inflammation and other chronic problems begin to appear less frequently, and many times the flare-ups do not return for quite some time.

How can you access this therapy for an effective therapy session in the comfort of your own home?

Natural Therapy for the Hidden Organisms in Cells

There are numerous natural therapies for chronic conditions that you may try, and PEMF therapy is a wonderful complimentary therapy as well.

PEMF therapy is often found in chiropractor’s offices, naturopathic physician’s offices, and in the offices of other medical professionals.

However, the expense is often great for a short session, or even up to one hour is costly.

Those who get the BEST results with PEMF therapy, are those who use it every day at least twice per day.

The more exposure the body can get to PEMF’s the more likely the body is to heal.

Promoting therapies that stimulate cells to function at their optimum level is important and it is vital to good long-term health.

Restoring cellular function and maintaining the proper level of oxygen in the body is essential for good health and a long life.

If you would like to learn more about how you can access affordable PEMF therapy for a powerful healing effect on hidden organisms in cells, please visit

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