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How PEMF Therapy Can Heal Hypertension and Regulate Blood Pressure

How PEMF Therapy Can Heal Hypertension and Regulate Blood Pressure

Americans should make it their mission now to learn more about how PEMF therapy can heal hypertension. 

There are more than 80 million Americans on prescription medication for hypertension, and that makes high blood pressure the number one chronic condition.

There is a long list of chronic conditions in America that are not even considered problematic in other countries.

Most Asian and European countries rely heavily on what we call “alternative medicine”, before they will revert to prescription medications.

This is very telling of how our country views overall health, as well as the emphasis that our country puts on the pharmacology industry.

There are numerous reasons that an individual can have high blood pressure, and there are also numerous ways that an individual can reduce their blood pressure.

What if you were able to find a non-invasive, non-prescription drug method of reducing your blood pressure and healing your body from the inside out?

Today in this article, you will learn what causes high blood pressure, and how PEMF therapy can heal hypertension painlessly and safely.

It is important to understand what causes hypertension so that you can understand the effects PEMF therapy has on the body from the initial therapy session and as you continue to use this therapy.

This article is not intended to give medical advice, and it is not intended to replace any treatment plan or advice that you have been given by your physician.

Please note that everyone will react differently to this therapy just as they would to ANY medication.

Learning How PEMF Therapy Can Heal Hypertension from the Very First Session

PEMF therapy is becoming more popular in the field of holistic medicine, but it is also getting the attention of medical doctors that are struggling to find a real long-term improvement in their patients with conventional treatment.

High blood pressure can be very dangerous, but sadly, many individuals do not present with symptoms until their blood pressure has reached a very high level.

The following is a guide for what is considered normal, elevated, and dangerous at best.

  • Normal blood pressure-The systolic pressure or top number is 120 or lower, and the diastolic or lower number should be 60-79.
  • Pre-hypertension or individuals that are considered “predisposed”-The systolic pressure or top number is 120-139, and the lower number or diastolic pressure is 80-89.
  • Elevated or stage 1- This means that systolic pressure is 140-159, and the diastolic pressure is 90-99.
  • Elevated but considered stage 2-This means that the systolic pressure is 160, with a diastolic over 100.

The symptoms can vary from headaches to dizziness to nosebleeds, and feelings of anxiety.

The causes of high blood pressure are important to study for your own knowledge, and so that you know your risk.

  1. Age. There are numerous diseases and conditions that are related to age, but high blood pressure is no exception.
  2. Family history. It is not accurate to say that high blood pressure is genetic, but family history has much to do with it. This is mainly related to habits that are formed early in life. Those who eat a fast food diet tend to encourage that habit to form in their children. Creating healthy habits early on means that your children are likely to follow in your footsteps with healthy eating.
  3. Obesity. Your health starts in your kitchen, and this is especially true when it comes to blood pressure. When an individual is overweight, it is easier for them to develop high blood pressure because the organs and systems in the body have to work harder. When the body works harder, it can cause the pressure on the walls of the blood vessels to get too much pressure.
  4. Lack of physical activity. Good health is ALWAYS improved when individuals keep moving. Those who do not get physical activity on a regular basis have a tendency to gain weight as well as to experience an increase in blood pressure over time. Keep moving, even if you get in a good walk three times per week.
  5. Smoking and alcohol consumption. Smoking itself causes a narrowing of the blood vessels. This is when high blood pressure creeps in. The blood has to increase pressure to fight through the vessels to get to where it needs to go. Although alcohol is considered a depressant, it can cause an increase in blood pressure. The way in which alcohol causes that increase in blood pressure is not certain.
  6. Diabetes. Diabetes is often misconstrued as being tied to a high fat diet, but there are several reasons diabetes occurs in the body. Controlling the proper amount of insulin is essential to keeping your blood pressure in check.
  7. Mental stress. There is no doubt that stress plays an important role in blood pressure. It is essential to learn how to cope with stress in life and in work in a very healthy way, otherwise it can have a poor impact on your health.

These 7 reasons are just a few of the top reasons doctors have noted as causes of high blood pressure, but there may be several factors that play a role in high blood pressure.

Now that you have read these 7 reasons, you will now learn more about why this was important to cover in this article.

If you want to understand how PEMF therapy can heal hypertension, then it is important to know the key or main causes for the increase in blood pressure.

The Research that Supports How PEMF Therapy Can Heal Hypertension

There are thousands of European studies that have been conducted using PEMF therapy to help heal many conditions or diseases and ease symptoms as well.

The studies are not only numerous but they are also detailed and targeted towards the most chronic diseases and conditions of our time.

Hypertension has ranked at the TOP of the list for decades, and it is number one today, even above other chronic conditions and diseases like diabetes and depression.

Let’s address each factor that contributes to high blood pressure above. Age was the first factor mentioned in this article, and it isn’t surprising that as the body ages the immune system weakens and it is more prone to age-related diseases.

Poor circulation is one of them just as it is for those with diabetes.

PEMF therapy has been proven to improve circulation when used on a consistent basis.

The stimulation cause by earth-based EMF’s can regenerate damaged blood vessels and it has been proven to grow new ones.

This is altogether fascinating as it improves life for diabetics and those who have high blood pressure.

Family history is another factor, and because that is often taken into account for those with diseases like diabetes as well as obesity, it is important to look at how to work on what causes those symptoms.

Those who are obese or have a family history of diabetes or high blood pressure may have a poor diet or lack of physical activity.

As a result, circulation is poor and inflammation sets in to the joints, muscles and tissues.

PEMF therapy has been proven to reduce inflammation in thousands of studies, all directed at relieving chronic pain for joint and muscle problems.

Earth-based EMF’s have a healthy and positive effect on nerves, muscles, joints, and tissues with gentle, pulsed stimulation, and over time energy is also increased.

When blood pressure is high or low the individual will be fatigued.

When using PEMF therapy, a natural boost in energy occurs without the constant need for coffee or other stimulants.

Additionally, those who are under stress can benefit from PEMF therapy because it induces relaxation.

Decreasing the heart rate is also positive, in that the heart can work without stress from the constant pumping and also do it’s job to fill.

There is significant research to backup how PEMF therapy can heal hypertension, as well as many related conditions.

Are you satisfied with the advice that you have been given by your physician? Why not ask about PEMF therapy.

You can share this information with your doctor by directing them to to learn more how PEMF therapy can heal hypertension and many other chronic conditions in the United States.

how PEMF therapy can heal hypertension


  1. John Ludden

    What is the correct
    Amount of time and intensity to use the mat for hypertension?

    • Tammy Coffin

      Hi John,

      Thank you for your comment. Research studies have shown that 20 minutes at 1-5 Hz is recommended. A little longer time spent on the mat is okay for chronic cases. Here is the link for the frequency chart on our website. Please let us know if you have any further questions. Be well.

      PEMF Supply Team

  2. Mark Thogmartin

    Could you point me to the research or source data for the statements in your videos about the human body pulsing 3 to 5 times per minute, about these pulsations decreasing with age, etc.? I’ve done a good bit of reading on PEMF, but I’ve not run across these statements (about the body pulsing 3 to 5 times per minute) anywhere but here. In the research I’ve done, it talks about the human body resonating at the same basic frequencies as the earth, and they talk about the pulsations in Hertz, or cycles per second. Bryan Meyers says research shows our bodies resonate in the 1 to 30 Hertz range, which would be 60 to 1800 pulsations per minute. Can you supply the answer to my email address below as well as here on this site? Thanks for helping me with this question!

    • Tammy Coffin

      Hi Mark,

      Thank you for your comment. We will post those references shortly. Thank you for your patience.

      Kind regards,
      The Team at PEMF Supply

      • Mark Thogmartin

        Tammy have you been able to come across any references for my question above?

        • Tammy Coffin

          Good morning Mark,

          So sorry that it is taking so long to gather this information for you. We are trying to locate the researcher for this information. We will follow-up with you to your email and we will post here when available.

          Many thanks,

        • Tammy Coffin


          I am the copywriter, so you may want to reach out to Tasnim and see if she can get it for you quickly. You can email her at [email protected]. She works for PEMF Supply there in PA. I have been trying to locate it as well, but perhaps she can also ask the owner.

          Many thanks,

          • Mark Thogmartin

            Thanks Tammy!



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