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Hypertension Therapy-Why PEMF Therapy Could be a Great Choice

Hypertension Therapy-Why PEMF Therapy Could be a Great Choice

Hypertension or high blood pressure is a growing problem in the United States, and the standard for hypertension therapy consists of numerous prescription medications.

Many doctors also quickly assess a patient’s diet, and rightfully so. Research has shown that the average American eats out nearly 160 times per year.

That is a staggering number, and it would be equivalent to eating out a minimum of three times per week.

When you look at the typical fast food meal, it consists of a burger and fries, and most likely a soda for added convenience.

The number of calories in these meals when added up, could easily reach more than 200,000 calories or a little less.

The bad news is that this type of lifestyle puts Americans at risk of heart attack, high cholesterol, and a bundle of other problems all caused by high blood pressure.

It all comes down to making better choices, and following the instructions of your doctor.

We are not here to dispense medical advice, but we can share with you just some of the details that science and the medical community have already published.

We can also share with you what we know to be true about PEMF therapy, and how it has been shown to improve the lives of those with high blood pressure.

This article is going to share with you the key concerns about high blood pressure, conventional therapies and treatment, and natural approaches for this condition as well as how PEMF therapy works to reduce symptoms and improve the quality of life.

A Conventional Approach to Hypertension Therapy

Hypertension can lead to poor health, and ultimately, it can lead to death.

The conventional approach in America is always to write a prescription first and then to discuss changes in diet.

Diet is how high blood pressure occurs in most cases.

Although many individuals are predisposed to high blood pressure because their parents have it, it is dangerous regardless.

It is also untrue that high blood pressure is a problem that overweight individuals have.

There are many men and women that are not heavy at all, yet they struggle to maintain a healthy blood pressure.

When someone has a high metabolism and they don’t gain weight, this could identify that they have a poor diet.

There is no one right profile for individuals with high blood pressure, and it is no respecter of persons.

Here are some of the most commonly prescribed drugs for high blood pressure.

  1. Lisinopril.
  2. Metoprolol.
  3. Toprol.
  4. Diovan.
  5. Lopressor.
  6. Lopressor injection.

There are also complementary drugs that may be prescribed along with these including:

  1. Diuretics.
  2. Beta blockers.
  3. ACE inhibitors.
  4. Angiotensin II receptor blockers.
  5. Calcium channel blockers.
  6. Alpha blockers.
  7. Alpha-2 receptor agonist.
  8. Vasodilators.

The list of medications out there is voluminous, and mostly because there are many additional health concerns that these patients suffer from, and many of these medications have long-term side effects.

While not all side effects are long-term, some medications can cause other health problems.

The list of problems between medications and other problems patients already may have had as a result of uncontrolled high blood pressure can be dangerous.

Many individuals that have high blood pressure may eventually show symptoms of retinopathy, headaches, heart attack, stroke, and many others.

Regardless of the additional problems that uncontrolled blood pressure leads to, it’s important to follow your doctor’s advice.

There are numerous natural therapies you can take advantage of, but it is not wise to just stop taking medication without the monitoring and guidance from the doctor that is treating this condition.

What approach to natural hypertension therapy is right for you?

What Natural Hypertension Therapy Could do for You

There are natural ways to treat high blood pressure, but outside of what your doctor prescribes for you, your diet is the easiest thing you can change.

It isn’t always fun to eat healthy, but it’s essential for you to reduce your blood pressure and improve your overall health.

Avoid fried and fatty foods, and always reach for grilled options and lean cuts of meat.

Vegetables in their raw form retain their nutrients, versus those vegetables which are boiled, fried, or grilled.

Outside of eating veggies raw, grilling them is still better than boiling them or frying them.

Foods that are known to help reduce blood pressure and are heart healthy include:

  1. Olive oil.
  2. Dark chocolate.
  3. Flaxseed.
  4. Cinnamon.
  5. Pistachios.
  6. Pomegranate.
  7. Beets.
  8. Dairy.
  9. Quinoa.
  10. Cherries.

There are still many more to choose from, but these tend to rank the highest in the health department.

It is also important to add fish rich in omega 3’s to your diet.

Oily fish like salmon, tuna, and even mackerel are all heart healthy and are readily available at your local market.

Outside of eating healthier, it is important that you do your own research on PEMF therapy.

This ground breaking therapy is gaining more notoriety in the United States, and research has shown that this therapy can aid in reducing and stabilizing blood pressure.

This was discovered when PEMF therapy was improving circulation, and it has been proven in generating a process known as angiogenesis.

Angiogenesis is the growth of new blood vessels.

The PEMF therapy was also shown to assist in helping the lymphatic system drain. The vessels within this system are responsible for carrying waste away from the cells, thus giving the immune system a nice boost.

Ultimately, the healing process of the circulatory system happens here, and over time as the vessels become healthier blood pressure becomes stable.

This is great news for the medical community, and although you may not find this in the office of your general practitioner, you may want to see if your local chiropractor offers this type of therapy in their office.

Getting access to PEMF therapy once in awhile isn’t enough to give your body the healing effect it needs.

The only way to see long-term results is to use the therapy at least 2 to 3 times per day.

Most who achieve desired results are using a PEMF device daily, and they are using it multiple times per day.

PEMF therapy is now more affordable than ever with the help of PEMF Supply.

PEMF Supply offers high-quality devices at an affordable investment, and those who would like to take advantage of a payment plan can do so.

Could it be that the right hypertension therapy for you is PEMF therapy?

PEMF therapy should NOT replace the medical advice you receive from your doctor, and it would be wise to speak to all doctors involved in your care.

You should also be aware that devices implanted into the body could prevent you from using this therapy. Please talk to your doctor first.

If you would like to learn more about how you can now access PEMF therapy for use in your own home, please visit to learn more about this natural approach to “PEMF therapy.”

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