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How PEMF Therapy Gives You Healthier Skin

How PEMF Therapy Gives You Healthier Skin

Did you know that PEMF therapy gives you healthier skin?

That’s right. In addition to the numerous benefits that PEMF therapy can have on the mind and body, it can also aid in giving you clearer and healthier skin.

Every individual will experience different results, but some have reported that they noticed clearer and healthier skin within a few months of their first use.

There is some truth to this miracle, although it may not really be a side effect.

The impact that PEMFs have on the body have everything to do with why your skin may have a healthier glow.

This article is going to reveal the inside scoop on how PEMF therapy gives you healthier skin, and at the end, you’ll learn more about how you can choose the right PEMF device for you to use at home.

PEMF Therapy Gives You Healthier Skin with Improved Blood Flow

What do you use PEMF therapy for?

If you aren’t using it yet, you most likely have a list of reasons you would like to purchase a PEMF device.

There are now hundreds to choose from, each with a unique selling proposition.

The good news is that PEMF therapy is good for you, and there is plenty of scientific research to back it up.

What you may not realize is that it is also good for your skin.

This isn’t about just focusing on your complexion, but this is also about your skin as a whole.

This is talking about your skin from head to toe.

How is it possible that PEMF therapy gives you healthier skin?

  1. Oxygenation to the cells and tissues. The cells respond to a specific amount of voltage, specifically 70 to 100 milli-volts. The human body operates throughout with frequencies of 0-30 Hz. This means that when using frequencies of 0-30 Hz the body will operate at its optimal capacity. When the cells and tissues absorb these electromagnetic fields the oxygen levels increase. The appropriate levels of oxygen are needed in order for the skin to thrive and blood vessels to deliver the right amount of blood and nutrients to the skins first layer. Good cellular health is essential for healthy skin and a healthier you!
  2. Clearer complexion/nourished and glowing. Okay, so you want to look as though you have that healthy diet skin glow? You can easily get that by eating right, but PEMF therapy is a wonderful complementary therapy. The combination of eating right, and the effects of improved blood flow/circulation, are what make the difference in a healthier complexion, and the look of nourished and glowing skin. Improved blood flow impacts the blood vessels directly, along with the nerves and tissues. The result is healthy skin, layer upon layer from the very first layer.
  3. Improved blood flow reduces inflammation. You probably already figured this out but improved blood flow means improved circulation throughout the body. This in turn results in reducing inflammation within the skin. Inflammation is believed to be the cause of psoriasis, or at least how it all starts. Once the inflammation accelerates, it comes through the surface of the skin, giving you a scaly, plaque-like appearance. Regardless  of how severe the psoriasis, it can cause you to lose your self-confidence and it can make you feel overly self-conscious. The itching can worsen, causing you to scratch making it worse. PEMF therapy can help.

There are few individuals who choose to use PEMF therapy just for their skin, unless they have an official diagnosis of psoriasis.

Those who have tried medications may find that the medications take too long to work, or the medications have ill side effects.

This is when PEMF therapy wins the patient over, appealing to their desire to improve their overall health, and NOT just their skin.

PEMF Therapy gives you healthier skin is no longer a mystery. 

The circulatory system of blood vessels, capillaries, and veins all explain how blood flow gets to where it’s going.

This also explains what happens when someone blushes, or when someone isn’t feeling well.

Your circulatory system is an important part of who you are and it affects your skin.

Whether you are diabetic or not, at some point you’ll age enough that you’ll begin to see subtle changes in your circulation and blood flow.

A healthy circulatory system means that you’ll have clearer and healthier skin overall.

Reducing inflammation and keeping it at bay are critical in order for you to look and feel your absolute best.

Your skin is the largest organ you have, so why not give it the utmost care?

Your skin needs more than essential oils and cosmetics.

Those who report the greatest amount of success are those who use PEMF therapy on a daily basis, once or twice per day.

If you want to look and feel your best, PEMF therapy can help.

If you would like to learn more about “how PEMF therapy gives you healthier skin”, conduct your own online research today and learn more about which PEMF device is right for you.

how pemf therapy gives you healthier skin

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