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Month: December 2017

Setting Goals for Your Health with PEMF Therapy

Have you focused your efforts on setting goals for your health? Your health is the most important thing that you have. It is the ONLY thing you have that will give you the life you truly desire. Good health means energy and productivity are within your grasp. Have you considered including PEMF therapy into your plan as you set goals for your health? Today, this article will share with you how you can do so, and how you can be sure to encourage others to do the same. How Setting Goals for Your Health Will Change Your Life Setting...

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Using PEMF Therapy as a Complementary Therapy

The field of alternative medicine has many names for therapies, but the most common term you’ll hear is complementary therapy. PEMF therapy is considered a part of alternative medicine, or in other words it is a complementary therapy. While the medical field creates ground rules, it is important to establish that the first and ONLY rule of holistic medicine is that there should be a common goal. That goal is to treat the whole person. This is where conventional medicine and alternative medicine or holistic medicine differ. Conventional medicine focuses on treatment of symptoms. Alternative medicine seeks to get...

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Healing Expectations with PEMF Therapy

Everyone’s expectations of how well PEMF therapy will work are different. There is now a larger community of individuals that believe it will work because they have already used a PEMF device. There are also many individuals who have friends or family members that have used these devices, and they see the results. Seeing PEMF devices at work for someone makes a huge difference in how you’ll feel about it. Doing your own online research and reading books that are available can help you learn more about the science behind it. If someone were to ask you what your...

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How You Can Use PEMF Therapy to Beat Bronchitis

Frigid air can rule the winter season, but you can use PEMF therapy to beat bronchitis. Every individual case of bronchitis is different, some cases starting out with viruses, colds and flu. Bacterial infections may also be the culprit, causing long-term problems with your lungs. When significant coughing spells ensue, and breathing becomes a challenge, a doctor will often lean on the help of a strong antibiotic. Antibiotics are often the first course of treatment, but there are times when they take a long time to be effective. Sometimes the medications fail. This article is going to share with...

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How PEMF Therapy Improves Symptoms of Raynaud’s Phenomenon

Research conducted with PEMF therapy for those suffering from symptoms of Raynaud’s phenomenon have shown that PEMFs can bring comfort during the winter months. There are numerous diseases and conditions that often get worse during the winter months, and Raynaud’s phenomenon is one of them. What is Raynaud’s phenomenon and how does PEMF therapy work to reduce the symptoms for sufferers? This article is going to discuss how PEMFs work effectively to improve quality of life and reduce symptoms alongside other treatment options. Why Symptoms of Raynaud’s Phenomenon Worsen in Winter There are many different diseases and conditions that...

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