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Using PEMF Therapy as a Complementary Therapy

Using PEMF Therapy as a Complementary Therapy

The field of alternative medicine has many names for therapies, but the most common term you’ll hear is complementary therapy.

PEMF therapy is considered a part of alternative medicine, or in other words it is a complementary therapy.

While the medical field creates ground rules, it is important to establish that the first and ONLY rule of holistic medicine is that there should be a common goal.

That goal is to treat the whole person.

This is where conventional medicine and alternative medicine or holistic medicine differ. Conventional medicine focuses on treatment of symptoms.

Alternative medicine seeks to get to the root cause of the health issue at hand. The good news is that any natural or alternative therapy can be used in conjunction with any conventional therapy or holistic therapy.

Let’s take a look at how this might play out in this story from a woman that began using her PEMF mat in October 2016.

How Lynn Used PEMF Therapy as a Complementary Therapy

We changed the name to “Lynn” for the purpose of this article, but she is a real user of PEMF therapy, and her story is a great way of explaining how to use PEMF therapy as a complementary therapy alongside her conventional treatment.

“I first received my PEMF therapy mat the last weekend in October 2016. I had struggled most of my life with joint and muscle pain, but it continued to get worse after having my thyroid removed. Over the course of the next five years, I would discover that my tendons, ligaments, and surrounding tissue would easily tear and cause injury with surgeries to follow. It was discouraging to think I was constantly getting injured like this. The outside world seems to think I wanted attention or that I wanted pain meds. That was not the case at all. However, it is difficult for others to see when they have never had physical injuries like I have, and when they have never had surgery. So, I began to use the mat. I used it for ten minutes as suggested the first day. I used it late at night, so I immediately noticed I had energy. I couldn’t sleep! I busied myself cleaning and straightening the house until I felt sleepy enough to lay down. I slept great but noticed I woke up according my usual schedule, at 5 A.M. This was good news. I had not been able to wake up without feeling as though I were in a fog since I had my thyroid removed. It was incredible. Over the next few days I felt I finally had enough energy to clean on a regular basis, something I had not experienced since before I had my daughter, who is now 3. The next 2 weeks lent itself to proving to me just how effective PEMF therapy is. When I first began to use the mat, I noticed my back still hurt so much I needed my husband to help me get up off the floor. After one week, I was able to get up on my own without pain. Within the second full week, I was having less pain, and I was no longer waking up to hip pain. This was incredible! A year later, and I am more organized, I think clearly, and I can think on my feet. I am also able to keep a schedule for my business that I had not kept in several years. I was an early riser, always getting a lot accomplished before my work day ever started. I was now able to get back to working out before work, and I had energy all day. One year with PEMF therapy, and I could go on and on about other things I’ve noticed. You owe it yourself to try the full body PEMF mat.

Lynn is not the only one who has had this experience. There are still plenty more that have experienced the healing benefits of PEMF devices in their own home.

How can you access this abundance of healing in your own home?

Use This Complementary Therapy on Your Terms

Holistic medicine will continue to thrive as the struggle with health insurance ensues in the United States.

The FDA has made approvals for PEMF therapy that we never thought possible, by approving devices for the healing of brain cancer, non-union fractures, and more.

While this is true, doctors are still reluctant to use this therapy.

A well America is what some may consider a broke America. Doctors rely on the sick to keep them busy.

There are many wonderful doctors who do recommend good supplementation to their patients, but they are still few and far between.

Many doctors are simply doing what they feel is best based upon the training they have received here in the United States.

Those who believe in holistic or alternative medicine can continue to promote the healing benefits as well as the mission to treat the whole person.

You can now access PEMF devices to use in the comfort of your own home and on your own terms.

Do your own research online and compare the benefits and prices of these devices before you decide to purchase them.

You’ll unlock the healing benefits, and soon discover how well-rounded this revolutionary complementary therapy truly is.

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