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PEMF Therapy Boosts Energy for MS Patients

PEMF Therapy Boosts Energy for MS Patients

Fatigue can plague those who suffer from multiple sclerosis (MS), but a study shows that PEMF therapy boosts energy for MS patients.

There is also a syndrome known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Those who get this diagnosis often fail to get a long-term resolution.

This month, the focus is on MS and similar topics.

This article today is focused on helping those who suffer from MS to find a natural and non-invasive way to regain their energy.

Those who long for an improvement in their overall quality of life can now wake up to a new day feeling refreshed.

You will also learn how to use your PEMF device to help prepare for your day each morning.

How PEMF Therapy Boosts Energy for MS Patients

One of the most common reasons individuals research PEMF devices is to improve their energy.

Those same individuals also realize that their PEMF device can help them sleep better too.

Although some folks do suffer from fatigue because they don’t sleep well, a study was conducted on 117 MS patients that had an official clinical diagnosis.

The goal of the study was to address multiple symptoms of MS patients, including bladder problems, spasticity (muscle spasms), fatigue, and their overall quality of life.

These patients received daily exposure to a PEMF device that was portable. This device was most likely a small, hand-held device.

The study does not indicate what settings were used, and for how long. However, lower settings between 3-5 Hz for about 10 minutes are good for relaxation.

Ideally, if someone suffers from muscle spasms, that would be a good setting to use.

The results of the study were the following:

The MS Quality of Life Inventory was used to measure the results. This showed that 81% of those who completed their sessions, said that PEMF therapy boosts energy.

The study did not seem to indicate the same for other symptoms.

It is difficult to say why this was the case, but it could be that they were using a portable device.

A full-body mat is generally a better choice.

These mats are still easy to transport as they fold up easily, but they also aid in giving the body therapy in all systems of the body simultaneously.

Would you rather use a small, portable device, or one that can help you experience better results throughout the body?

While the study does not give any further information, there are still other studies that have been shared online and in publications.

It is important to note, that because MS is the result of damage to the myelin sheath, that the nerve cells can become inflamed around the brain, spinal cord, and elsewhere.

Letting the entire body have a taste of PEMF therapy throughout may well result in improvement in other symptoms.

The very fact that PEMF therapy boosts energy is encouraging.

When a patient feels better and they have more energy, they are more likely to get up in the morning and start their day.

They may want to walk and get some exercise, and they are more apt to have a sense of accomplishment on their job when they are productive.

Consistent use of a PEMF device will result in positive changes and a reduction in symptoms.

This will be up to the individual to track results because MS can come in waves.

Some have reported fewer flare-ups when using their PEMF device on a consistent basis. Improving your sense of well-being overall may be your goal.

This makes it worth trying PEMF therapy.

PEMF Therapy Boosts Energy for MS Patients with Daily Use

Studies generally have patients using their PEMF devices on a daily basis.

Those who use them daily, twice per day seem to get the most out of their PEMF therapy sessions at home.

The ability to use a PEMF device in the comfort of your own home makes it easier for you to use it.

Oftentimes, MS patients may struggle during the winter months and really hot days during the summer.

Using a PEMF mat daily may improve your tolerance to the temperatures as well as your energy level.

There is no need to remain frustrated by your symptoms. There is hope for you today.

Research PEMF devices online to learn more about what they offer, and compare them along with pricing before you make a final decision.

You will learn how this revolutionary therapy has helped many, and you’ll learn more about how PEMF therapy boosts energy” for those who struggle with fatigue. ”

PEMF therapy boosts energy

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