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Natural Psoriasis Treatment-How PEMF Therapy Can Help

Natural Psoriasis Treatment-How PEMF Therapy Can Help

Natural psoriasis treatment is being heavily researched online as individuals continue to look for ways to avoid the monthly expense of prescription drugs.

There are now more than 60,000 searches per month in Google being conducted by those who are seeking relief from plaque psoriasis.

This condition causes widespread red, scaly and itchy patches on various locations of the body.

You may have found this article because you are one of the many thousands looking for a way to treat psoriasis naturally.

You are unique, and your body will respond differently than someone else’s to ANY treatment or therapy.

This also includes taking nutritional supplements and the trial of prescription drugs.

The symptoms of plaque psoriasis are now more prevalent, and there are numerous commercials promoting prescription treatments for what many refer to as, “an embarrassing condition”.

Can you treat psoriasis naturally?

Yes you can!

You should always seek the advice of your medical doctor before you try anything new, and that includes prescription drugs, natural supplements, and natural psoriasis treatment with PEMF therapy.

This article will give you a deeper understanding of what plaque psoriasis is, as well as how PEMF therapy could benefit you specifically.

If you have been diagnosed with this psoriasis, please read this article in its entirety so you can decide for yourself if PEMF therapy is right for you.

Natural Psoriasis Treatment-What is Plaque Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a skin condition that causes red, flaky, itchy patches to appear on the skin.

These patches can be referred to as “scaly” as well, and they can appear anywhere on the body.

Many individuals have mistaken the onset of psoriasis as a bout of dry skin, and during the winter season it may be difficult to determine if what you are experiencing is psoriasis.

The most common areas to find psoriasis include the elbows, knees, scalp, hands, palms of the hands, and even on the soles of the feet.

Plaque psoriasis is noted as a condition of the skin that shows up as areas of the body that are widespread, covering the torso completely or at least half of the torso.

Psoriasis starts underneath the skin, and it is a long-lasting condition for most individuals.

Psoriasis is believed to be triggered by problems within the immune system. While it can be a mild case you could potentially experience a flare-up.

Medical doctors, including some rheumatologists have suggested that psoriasis can be related to other conditions like:
1. Diabetes.
2. Different types of Arthritis.
3. Cardiovascular disease.

This is not true for everyone, but you may want to see a doctor that works with patients that have a compromised with immune system.

Inflammation is one of the root causes to conditions like psoriasis, and understanding how to reduce inflammation could be the key to reducing your symptoms as well as your flare-ups.

You may wish to treat psoriasis naturally, but talk to your doctor first. A natural psoriasis treatment may work well in conjunction with any medical advice your doctor gives you.

Once you fully understand how psoriasis starts, you can then begin to understand how a complementary therapy like PEMF therapy could reduce your symptoms and flare-ups.

Natural Psoriasis Treatment-How Psoriasis Starts Inside the Body

natural psoriasis treatment
If you have normal skin, you expect it to look and feel smooth and possess that natural flesh-tone.

Skin that becomes inflamed is the result of skin cells that are overactive.

This is what causes skin to eventually become irritated, dry, scaly, red, and sometimes itchy.

Those skin cells that are underlying rise to the surface of your skin, and give you that plaque-like appearance.

Skin cells reproduce each month in a healthy body, but those who may have overactive skin cells will reproduce them every 3 to 4 days.

The scaly appearance of those skin cells comes from the constant layering of dead skin cells on the surface of your skin.

The cause of psoriasis is unknown, but there are many theories on why certain individuals may develop this condition.

Many doctors suggest that psoriasis could be related to certain conditions like diabetes, certain types of arthritis and cardiovascular disease.

Opening dialogue with your medical doctor about your potential causes will give you a greater understanding of the different types of psoriasis and what you can start doing today to improve your skin’s condition.

Every individual is different and will respond differently to the therapies and treatments of modern medicine as well as any natural psoriasis therapy.

The effect that PEMF therapy can have on someone with psoriasis has been widely researched, and research will be funded and supported in the future.

A psoriasis diet could be beneficial upon your doctor’s recommendation, but have you considered PEMF therapy?

If not, this could be the beginning of a wonderful, new journey for you.

PEMF therapy has been proven in clinical studies to reduce inflammation for those with various forms of arthritis, joint and muscle pain, and this also includes psoriasis.

When processes in the body are out of balance, inflammation occurs. There are numerous disruptions in the body that can cause inflammation, but pain and swelling are the most common signs of this.

Natural psoriasis treatment would address the following challenges inside the body that play a role in causing inflammation:
1. Metabolism of leukocytes. Leukocytes when found in high numbers indicate inflammation or infection.
2. Metabolism of macrophils. These can produce cytokines which can encourage tumor growth and inflammation.
3. Metabolism of neutrophils. The cell dies too early, and is evident in conditions like rheumatoid arthritis or RA.
4. Fibroblasts. When these function properly, wounds can heal quickly, and muscle fibers are healthy. When inflammation occurs, this indicates dysfunction of the fibroblasts, and they affect connective tissue.
5. Endothelial cells. When specific proteins are manufactured, and interrupt the proper function of endothelial cells, this triggers inflammation in the body.

The endothelial cells are very specific to skin conditions because the endothelium is what makes up the interior surface of the skin.

This interior is where the blood vessels are in addition to the lymphatic vessels.

PEMF therapy has been shown to reduce inflammation well after the exaggeration of the inflammatory response has begun.

Chronic inflammation can cause tissue damage, and when PEMF therapy works to reduce that inflammatory process it could potentially encourage the growth of healthier tissue.

There are numerous medical conditions that are caused by chronic inflammation, including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and cancer.

There are still many studies being conducted using PEMF therapy, and it’s important that you understand the mechanics of inflammation and how it can impact your overall health.

Low-frequency PEMF therapy has been proven to slowly reduce inflammation by stunting the growth of lymphocytes that cause inflammation.

This is great news, and it’s important that you learn more about how this therapy can produce the desired outcome you are looking for.

If you would like to learn more about how “natural psoriasis treatment” with PEMF therapy can reduce inflammation and help you reduce your flare-ups with psoriasis, please visit

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