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How PEMF Therapy Attack the Root Cause of Psoriasis

How PEMF Therapy Attack the Root Cause of Psoriasis

August is Psoriasis Awareness Month, and today we are discussing how PEMF therapy treats the root cause of psoriasis.

Conventional medicine seeks to reduce symptoms.

This means that the root cause of a health problem is often overlooked.

Even when further testing is completed, medicines are given that only reduce symptoms.

Why is it that conventional medicine does not address the root cause?

There are a number of reasons.

Sometimes, the root cause is not easily detected.

However, thousands of research studies indicated that inflammation is the root cause of most conditions and diseases.

This is also true of cancer and diabetes.

This article is focused on discussing how PEMF therapy treats the root cause of psoriasis.

The primary goal is to treat the root cause.

Ultimately, the result is that you see a reduction in symptoms.

If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with some form of psoriasis, please read this article to the end.

You will learn more about the root causes of psoriasis.

You will also learn more about how PEMF therapy targets the problem at its source to reduce symptoms.

PEMF Therapy Treats the Root Cause of Psoriasis-Inflammation

Inflammation is a common problem these days.

This is because medical research points to inflammation for numerous health conditions and diseases.

Research shows that nearly 130 million people around the world have been diagnosed with psoriasis.

This means that 2 to 3% of the world population has been affected by this disease.

In a world so big, how is it that so many people have received this diagnosis?

It seems that inflammation has become problematic.

Here is what we know from conventional medicine.

  1. The root cause of psoriasis is unknown. 
  2. There is no cure for psoriasis. 
  3. Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease.
  4. Specific proteins are more prevalent in those with psoriasis.
  5. Studies are being conducted to find out how regulation of these proteins could impact treatment of psoriasis

It is true that there is no cure for psoriasis.

However, studies conducted using PEMF therapy show that it can cause a significant reduction in symptoms.

These studies show that PEMF therapy treats the root cause of psoriasis.

That root cause is inflammation.

Many doctors believe that psoriasis is associated with age. There is no doubt that psoriasis is prevalent among individuals that are aging.

However, this is not really a root cause, according to thousands of research studies conducted on PEMF therapy.

The root cause appears to be inflammation.

Inflammation is something you cannot see from the outside, at least initially.

Inflammation that causes psoriasis starts below the skins surface, and ultimately affects the way your skin looks on the outside.

Here is what research on PEMF therapy and psoriasis indicate.

  1. PEMF therapy is NOT a cure for this condition. 
  2. 110 patients were completed healed during a study. (This study was conducted with those who had psoriasis of the scalp).
  3. No side effects were reported. 

The raised scaly patches that itch disappeared without a trace.

Infections like strep throat or otherwise have been known to trigger psoriasis.

The cells that grow within samples of psoriasis grow five times faster than your healthy cells.

If you look at the studies completed on cancer, cell division is quite rapid.

The same is also true when testing blood samples for rheumatic diseases like rheumatoid, lupus, and osteoarthritis.

This points to inflammation.

This is what is evident in the world of holistic medicine.

The cells seem to pile up on the skin, thus causing the scaly patches that are dry and itch severely.

When the immune system is impacted, the body is an outward sign of the manifestation of inflammation.

An injury to the skin may also be a trigger.

A scrape, cut, or other injury in which the skin is broken may cause the onset of a flare up of psoriasis.

Additionally, even respiratory infections like bronchitis, earaches, and other conditions are linked to a flare in psoriasis in adults and children.

How can you get access to PEMF therapy on a consistent basis to help you reduce your symptoms and possibly make the psoriasis go into remission altogether?

PEMF Therapy Treats the Root Cause of Psoriasis at Home

Health professionals like chiropractors and naturopathic physicians may offer PEMF therapy in their office.

The challenge is that no insurance covers PEMF therapy at the time of this writing.

Those health professionals who offer PEMF therapy may charge anywhere from $45 to $60 for just a half hour session.

Those who need about 45 minutes to an hour will expect to pay anywhere from $120 to $150 ore more for each session.

Those who have the greatest success with PEMF therapy use it daily. The use of PEMF therapy twice a day often produces the best results.

Everyone will respond differently.

Today, you can now access affordable PEMF therapy in the comfort of your own when you need it most, for psoriasis treatment.

Those who have psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis may wish to use their PEMF therapy device for about 20 minutes.

This therapy produces gentle pulses that will stimulate the cells well below the skin’s surface and begin working.

This stimulation will help cells get repaired as well as help create newer healthy cells.

The cells, nerves, tissues, muscles and joints may all benefit from each session.

Research has shown that a setting where the frequency is varied has produced the best cellular stimulation related to psoriasis.

If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with psoriasis, and you have not found a medication that works, you may want to try PEMF therapy.

Take a moment right now to visit, and learn more about how PEMF therapy treats the root cause of psoriasis.

pemf therapy treats the root cause of psoriasis

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