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BrainTapping: an amazing booster of the brain’s potential

BrainTapping: an amazing booster of the brain’s potential

Have you heard of Braintapping?

You may be familiar with a spinal tap, but braintapping isn’t a procedure.  It’s a groundbreaking therapy that was designed with keeping the mind sound and fit, just as you would exercise your body for fitness.

Braintapping has been referred to as the new way to boost your brain’s level of fitness.  The method is using what is known as a proprietary neuro-algorithm.  Dr. Patrick K. Porter Ph.D., the creator of the BrainTap device, has a background in neuropsychology.  What is behind his development of the BrainTap headset?

What is BrainTap?

BrainTap Headset On WomanBrainTap was designed to harness the brain’s natural ability to rebalance the brainwaves.  The purpose is to create harmony and balance between mind and body.  The primary goal is to encourage mental fitness and help every individual achieve their full potential.

When Dr. Porter Ph.D. began his study in neuropsychology, he was attempting to find out if the traditional belief system about the brain was true.  This belief system stated that once the brain held all of the information it could fit, there was no longer any room for more information.

Dr. Porter’s research told a very different story.  His research supported the evidence that the brain could hold more information and continue to learn more.  The continuation of app development led him to believe that he could develop an app that everyone could use to continue to improve their mind and ability to keep learning.

How Dr. Porter Harnesses Technology for BrainTap

Finding ways to harness technology to improve on the brain’s natural ability is a win-win for Dr, Porter.  His meeting with entrepreneur Nicholas Zaldastani changed the entire game for BrainTap.

Mr. Zaldastani had the knowledge of technology and the ambition to merge Dr. Porter’s knowledge base in neuroscience and neuropsychology to forge the development of the BrainTap app.

This app has helped countless leaders in all fields as well as students and entrepreneurs to tap into their brain’s natural ability to learn and retrain itself to do more, remember more, and think better.  The question you may want to ask yourself is, “What would it be worth to tap into your brain’s full potential?”


Your Brain on Stress

Braintapping for improve brain potentialStress has become one of the biggest problems in the world since the spring of 2020.  Entering the pandemic, other problems just continued to mount.  Stressors were on people from the beginning regarding what to do about life in general, job loss, and then how to provide for their family.
Whatever the reason, stress will impact every individual at some point during this lifetime.  There are individual stress triggers that anyone may experience, and there are a variety of life circumstances that may occur.

BrainTap offers help with reducing stress, by aiding in reducing sleep problems and helping to correct the body’s circadian rhythm.  The programs that offer help with sleep lead to deeper and more restorative sleep.  This in turn leads to less stress overall and ultimately leads to a more balanced life.

The less stress an individual has, the more productive they can be.  The less stress someone has, the more focused they can be.  What if you could get a deep restorative sleep every night?  Your brain can perform better with less stress, and learning more about how BrainTap can help is worth just a few minutes of your time.

More relevant benefits of Braintapping

Do you know that is possible to increase your levels of serotonin and endorphins? This is a fact using a BrainTap. In addition, these kinds of devices can offer other benefits that will make a difference in your lifestyle. Such as:

  • Improve sleep
  • More mental clarity
  • Increase energy

Learn how you can optimize Your Brain with a BrainTap headset and the BrainTap app!  Learn More

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